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I'm extremely excited about this, but I think it's better to not have any expectations. No matter what it is, be it a port or a remake, I'll buy it. If anything, to add it to my collection and show my support. Hell, I'll buy the Japanese version the day it comes out, or preorder it somehow. (I did it for Xenosaga I&2 for DS so I'll sure as hell do it for this.)

I have a feeling that the new dungeon will be completely original. They must know that their Prerelease has been leaked out and that people are aware of it, so I see them making something completely new in order for the new dungeon to actually be new.

I'm still confused as to what "wireless play" is supposed to be?

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: Chrono Crisis March Update
« on: March 28, 2008, 09:31:39 pm »
Yes, RPG Maker XP games are joypad compatible.

Fan Project News/Updates / Chrono Crisis March Update
« on: March 28, 2008, 04:33:10 pm »
Hello all! Lots of good news, so let's get right to it!

The artwork for Raia Ashtear (Formerly named Lutania) has been finalized and completed!

Her info here on the forum has also been updated.

In addition to Raia's finalized artwork, a finalized design has been made by DodgingTires for Calypso. It will later be redrawn by Dice to match the Crisis style, but I'd really like to show off this amazing art of Calypso in her concert attire.

Check out her cute little sprite, too!

I signed a new Ruby coder onto the team and he's gotten right to work on the battle system! That said, I decided it was time to finalize its layout and structure. We decided to stick with the smaller sprite size, BUT battles will take place on the map just like in Chrono Trigger. Lena created a mock up which you can see below.

Keep in mind that it has NOT been skinned yet and this is just a basic layout. However, there will be several different themed skins that you can change at will for both the battle system and message window. Onto the mechanics!

"How will it work?" you might ask. Well, it's pretty simple. Battles are fought in ATB (hence the gauges). Once a character's turn comes up, a ring of commands (Attack, Item, Support Tech, and Tech List) will appear around them. You select your choice by pressing up, left, right, or down, whichever commands corresponds to that direction. If Attack is chosen, you will choose an enemy and that character will run up to them and you will then have to enter button commands consisting of A, B, and Y (Space, Shift, and Enter for you keyboard users). Each attack will reduce your Stamina, indicated by the number in the circle on each character's info box.

Simple enough, eh? Things get a little more fun with techs. In Crisis, techs work just like a combo attack (as they always have). Each one has a combination of keys you have to hit. Techs consume more stamina than a normal attack (each has a base cost on top of the cost of reaching the tech with your successive attacks). If you don't have enough stamina left to perform the tech after you've built it up, it won't happen.

The "tech list" button is a list of your available techs. Scroll down to the tech you want to view and press accept. This list also tells you the base cost of each tech. If you hit left or right on this screen, you will be taken to your learned double and triple techs. Clicking accept on these items will display who the techs are to be preformed with, what each combination is, and how much it will cost with each character.

How do dual and triple techs work, anyway? Just like in Trigger (and Cross), double and triple techs become available when two or three characters have all learned certain prerequisite techniques that they can combine into a coordinated strike. Also, in order to activate this move, both characters have to have turns available at the time. In Crisis, the idea is the same, but the payoff is a little higher. Of course, because of this, it's a little more difficult than just picking what you want to do out of a list.

Basically, your techs build on each other. Say you want to perform a double tech that requires Xavier and Matison. First, you'd take your lead character (we'll say it's Xavier. It could be either one, really), and begin your attack. Your first goal is to set off the single tech that builds into the dual tech. Once you do that successfully, Xavier will perform the single tech. This is your chance! During the single tech, if a dual is possible, you will see a "L" or "R" over your character's head. If you press L (or R), you'll get a notification that you've set a dual strike. The action will freeze, and you will have a set time limit to enter the command for the second character. If you can't remember your tech, you can call up the tech menu (probably with select, L or R) and view the list. There's a time limit though, so don't dawdle too long. Enter it correctly, and your dual tech will begin after the damage from the single is dealt.

Triples are the same as this, only you have two characters involved. You would see "L" over the head of one character, and "R" over the head of the other during your single. First you'd select a character just as though you were going to do a dual tech (and enter the commands). During the dual tech, you have to select your third character in the same way, enter their commands, and sit back and enjoy the chaos that ensues.

It's sort of complicated sounding when written out, but it'll make for battles that are a little more interesting than the everyday "point and click" variety. It should also make for some really cool combination attacks as you're literally attacking 3 times (single, dual, and finally triple).

Aside from Attack and Tech List, Item is of course selected in order to use whatever items you possess in your inventory, and Support Tech is for using healing Techs/Magic and stat raising Techs/Magic. These don't require button inputs like weapon based techs. And there you have it! There will be a more in depth explanation with pictures on the forum sometime soon, so if you're confused on something be sure to check for that in the near future.

In other news...

Roe has completed a nice heap of songs, and a new clip has been uploaded! It's a remake of a previous clip representing the "Boss 2" theme, The Enemy Intensifies. Feast your ears on "Good Will Triumph" below:

Lena has made good progress on the battle sprites as well as other in-game sprites! (Also redoing the whole character section without breaking the site! Wooo! -Lena)

I've made significant progress on the game script as well as finalized the lyrics for the song to be performed by Calypso during the Millennial Celebration!

Xenith has made progress on designing and coloring more weapons!

That's all for now! Be sure to check out the forum for a lot of new information on the 1999 AD characters as well as profiles and sprites for newly revealed minor characters!

That last comment makes me cry on the inside.

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: Chrono Crisis Halloween Update!
« on: October 31, 2007, 10:53:07 pm »
Oh no worries Legacy, I'm not angry. ^^ Just let me know around Christmas time when you're free!

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: Chrono Crisis Halloween Update!
« on: October 31, 2007, 10:30:01 pm »
Glad everyone's enjoying the update! ^^ We're working very hard, and don't worry, as long as there's life in these bones, Crisis shall live!

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: Chrono Crisis Halloween Update!
« on: October 31, 2007, 04:19:56 pm »
Ah yes, the title is "Dreaming By Your Side" somehow I misnamed the clip last night, though it was like 3 AM... >.> I'll probably be removing that clip since the full version is available... I just wanted to see if anyone could find it. XD

Fan Project News/Updates / Chrono Crisis Halloween Update!
« on: October 31, 2007, 05:25:08 am »
Special update today! Be sure to check out too!
Firstly, something I'm sure everyone will be excited to see... finalized artwork for Xavier, Matison, and Celia! All done by our wonderful new artist, Dice. I'm sure you'll notice that Matison's outfit is different, this is because I felt the old design didn't really catch Matison's personality and battle style perfectly. I also wanted to give her a more futuristic look and a cool accessory. (Headphones! XD)

Here's the new artwork of Xavier, Matison, and Celia:

Secondly, there's a new screenshot available in the Gallery. Don't you just love convenience stores?


Next up, a new music clip has been put up in Downloads, "Forward to the Past." It's an old version of the intro that has made it's way to be used in a different way. Where though, is a secret. ^__~

Roe's Cross remix, "Dreaming By Your Side," is going to be featured in Crisis. To give it a listen, find it in Roe's Soundclick:

Finally, I had our second new artist prepare a teaser poster for this occasion. Check out it: (Click for bigger size!)

This poster is an ad for an upcoming concert in the Crisis world, featuring the hottest music artist in Guardia, Calypso. Calypso used to be a somewhat different character who went by another name. Hardcore fans may remember the old version of her, do you?
Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this update! Happy Halloween! Now go out and do something fun!

I'd just like to thank everyone for their interest and help recently. ^__^ I have two amazing artists working on beautiful artwork which everyone will see soon, and things are definitely going smoothly again. Keep up the support! ^__~

The dictionary feature in the game is very low priority right now and I haven't had the time to get the basic information together yet. I asked you to do samples and never received any.  I've also had a lot of real life crises to attend to, so sorry for not getting back to you.

No worries. XD

General Discussion / Re: Best female character of all time?
« on: August 15, 2007, 02:28:18 pm »
I find it rather funny how this turned into a conversation about breasts. XD

Anywho, about the topic at hand... I would have to say Bulma Briefs and Lucca are the best female characters of all time. : D

Kajar Laboratories / Re: Marle's Theme
« on: August 15, 2007, 02:21:29 pm »
I have a very pretty waltz remix of Marle's theme I stumbled upon in Limewire one day if you would like it. ^^

Actually, Lena, I got the system requirements from RPG Maker XP itself in the help file. XD

This is what it says:

Minimum System Requirements

Operating system Microsoft® Windows® 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
Processor PC with 800MHz Intel® Pentium® III or higher
RAM At least 128 MB
Video adapter 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
Sound card DirectSound-compatible sound card
Free hard disk space At least 100 MB

* These specifications may not be sufficient to play some games comfortably.

Recommended System RequirementsOperating system Microsoft® Windows® XP
Processor PC with 1.5GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 equivalent or higher processor
RAM At least 256 MB
Video adapter 1024×768 or better video resolution in True Color mode
Sound card DirectSound-compatible sound card
Free hard disk space At least 500MB

Thank you for your good wishes, Lord J Esq. ^^ It's so cool to see my project reaching such heights!

Fan Project News/Updates / Logo Contest Winner!
« on: April 30, 2007, 02:13:20 pm »
And the winner is...

Fortis! Thank you to all of you who submitted an entry. It was a tough decision.

Congratulations to Fortis for his awesome entry. The background of the logo will pan, so we'll also have an animated logo.

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