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Please send me too some material to translate

I don't think Kato wanted it.
Though I want to see RD be added as an extra product of the DS version, but, wasn't there even a plan for it?

I might be wrong though.

The exact translation really depends of the context, that's one of the problems with the japanese translation. You are right, that could be that the person that is doing the interview wanted that game as an extra, but it could also be that he is referring to something kato wanted. We would need to know the answer to know the real context of the question.

Quick translation:

No, I think you overlooked the picture, the monster man is the guy under Robo.
O you are right, my fault.

@_@, I think I see "Monster Man"(怪獸男), not "Old Man"...
Actually 怪獸 is a Chinese word. It says 怪獣男, and yes, it would be like "Monster man", but I translated it that way because you would not understand that it refers to the old man. The "Monster" like character is robo, It reads "Brake Robo" in the sketch.

A quick translation I made. (Thanks to utunnels for the fix)

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« on: January 21, 2009, 07:53:28 am »
Hey, that's a great remix! Superb work.

Thanks  :D

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