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Small note, but we don't know if the map we see in Chrono Trigger is the entire world or not. We assume it is, but just as there are probably more people than we ever see in any given time period (else inbreeding would be a problem), there could be a lot more land that we don't see.

Quite possibly yes.  It also doesn't make sense that when you fly north, you show up on the south side of the map.  East to West makes sense.  But when you fly to the north pole, you don't show up in antarctica seconds later.

As for a planet-wide Ice age lasting 64,988,000 years...  maybe it did, maybe it didn't. Climate cycles in the real world don't last that long, so it could very well have had numerous other ice ages during that time period.
That was my point...

However, even if not, an ice age doesn't prevent any life, but it does limit it. During "summer" months, some regions might thaw enough to produce plant life, allowing some animals to survive.
  There would also be some places near the equator that were still tropical and plant life abundant.  

The Zealeans were familiar with the oceans, so fish could provide significant food resources, etc.

I'm not debating that. 

Two things to note:

1) The original analysis was written before CTDS was even mentioned, let alone released. Speaks a little of my abilities to analyze, since I thought Dalton was the least likely but he turns out to be the cause (though I am curious if Kato might have been retconning a bit there).

2) We don't know in what time period Dalton began the downfall of Guardia. Might have been in 1000, might have been in 600, he might have traveled between the two, etc. Thus, he might have taken over Porre before the Mayor we saw in CT ever came to power.

1) yea... ok  makes sense

2) Dalton is found in the dimensional vortex, 1000AD, which we know exits to 1000AD.  Guardia ends in 1005AD.  It's pretty clear that he starts in 1000AD or sometime after. 

One might say(to argue against me).. how did he get there in the first place?  Doesn't his presence in 1000AD prove that he knows how to time travel? 

Sure, but it certainly wouldn't be hard to explain (that he's stuck in 1000AD).  He was standing on the epoch when he was sucked into his portal, and originall that's the last we saw of him.  Perhaps his proximity with the epoch, Lucca's gate key or the pendant, or all three made the portal end up there.  It wouldn't be so difficult to suggest that he was stranded in 1000AD. 

But then again, if the makers want him to be able to travel time at will, then that won't be too hard either.

I don't know what all the speculation is about.  If someone from the new happy 2300 AD kills Crono, at any time before Crono decides to kill Lavos, there will be an endless time loop.

We'll call the 2300 in which Lavos has destroyed the world 2300A, the one that results because Crono kills Lavos is 2300B, and this time traveller we'll call assassin.

A. The time traveler from 2300B wants to kill Crono so he goes back in time.. (let's say to 1000 AD)
B.  Crono dies.
C.  Lavos lives.
D.  2300 A occurs, thus the assassin either 1. does not exist, or 2.  has no idea who Crono is, thus has no reason (or means perhaps) to travel back to 1000 AD.
E. Crono lives.
F.  Lavos dies.
G.  2300B occurs, go to A.

You've now destroyed the universe!

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Zeal is based off of Austrailia?
« on: December 11, 2008, 11:15:52 am »
The accents were dumb.  And entirely chauvanistic...  or.. like, America Centered.

Imagine if you actually were Australian and you played this game.  Everything you read would be in an Australian accent in your head.  Then when Kid comes along, you'd be all.. What's this?  Or.. "Wot's iss?"  HAAHA j/k

But seriously.. by putting all those accents in there, it is saying that American English is standard, and all else is not.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: I don't understand King Guardia
« on: December 11, 2008, 10:47:20 am »
The game is fairly consistent in having people not aware to changes in the timeline unless they are Gaspar, or one of the time travelers.

The soldier noticing the stairway is simply a hint for the player as to the location of the shell.  It perhaps would have been better if he had said, the stairway to the left has been off limits because it holds the secrets of the royal family.

I don't think it's a problem that the King doesn't know about the shell, because a lot can happen in 400 years.  We're talking about 13 generations later and revealing the shell at the millenial fair couldn't have been the focus of the court's existence for those 400 years.  It's a long lost secret that wasn't given national priority. 

As for when the trial takes place.   The king is in trouble for not revealing it at the Millenial Fair.  The Millenial Fair had to happen in order for the King to go on trial.  We know that Yakra was impersonating the Chancelor sometime before the trial of Crono.  So technically he could have sued the King the minute the Fair kicked off.  (That very day that Crono wakes up... (the first day of the Fair.)  However it would make more sense that he waits for the fair to start... then when the excitement goes down... perhaps 3 or 4 days later, he springs the trial.. this way the citizens are more focused on it, rather than on the Millenial Fair itself.

I always thought the game would have been better if the Black Omen were in 1000 AD, 600 AD and 2300 AD before it rises in Zeal.

Wouldn't really be hard for Dalton, who can use magic and summon golems to gain control of Porre, population 12, now would it?


Oh, and your original statement of "nothing surviving a 65 M year ice age" is incorrect.

That was figurative.  I didn't mean absolutely nothing, I meant most terrestrial species.

The people in 600 AD weren't greedy, so he didn't learn that from them before.

It's his innate nature.  Sure he gave the sunstone but that's cuz he doesn't know how to use it.

He talks about some traveler taking it to his house.  It was DALTON!


Do you really think free Jerky given to someone who lived in the same house 400 years before would have that much effect?


Well I started the thread talking about the unliklihood of anything surviving a 65,988,000 year Ice Age.  Then I also said it makes no sense that it covers the whole planet.  So I was talking about the real world.

Well, the mayor was a greedy bastard, and Dalton may have had some scientific knowledge, etc.  He recognizes the Epoch on sight and says it matched Balthazar's design.


On what are you basing that an ice age doesn't cover the entire planet?

Science.  Ice ages occur when there is a cooling period in the Earth's climate.  These can be caused by a number of things, but most importantly it occurs because of the slowing of the ocean's current, whereupon colder polar water does not travel as fast to the equator, and warmer equatorial water is thus not travel toward the poles.  This makes areas near the polar regions colder The colder regions allow the growth of the polar caps, and the growth of glaciers. (as either an extension of the cap itself, or forming on mountains and spreading from there).  The equatorial regions however, are warm, and all the animals who need warm climate would be safe there..  It's really common sense.

I'm not an ice age specialist, but imo it'd make sense if it was all over the planet.
  HAHAHA  I don't know anything about math, but in my opinion 1 plus 1 isn't 2!  Listen to yourself!

Otherwise you could just move to a different part of the planet without anyone dieing.

We do have reptiles today yes?  Did they evolve after the last ice age or were there reptiles before that ice age?


WTF? What's the point behind this?

The thread title is speculation on the fall of Guardia and rise of Porre.  In CT DS, Dalton is responsible for that.

Polling / Re: If you could change Chrono Cross, how would you do it?
« on: December 10, 2008, 08:49:46 am »
1.  Change the name to something that doesn't contain Chrono in it, and remove all the references to Chrono Trigger.  How about Beachwarper or something?
First of all, that sounds stupid.  Second, if you look deeper into the plot than what you just described it's amazing just how much the two games connect.  So if it were to not be Chrono there would be some very major changes.

Sure sure, there are references to the first game all over it. I remember, I played the game, but they all seemed contrived.

It wouldn't be anything major at all except changing some text, removing the kids from the game, and change Schala to Serge from the other world...

I don't mean that they should actually do this, but it would have been very easily not a game related to chrono trigger.

But then again, the Final Fantasies aren't related either, but nobody complains..

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