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General Discussion / Do you draw?
« on: December 13, 2003, 04:43:56 am »
I draw quite a bit, but have no scanner. I would like to say my style is more along the lines of Amano, but sadly it isn't so. I guess I'm more Joe Mad (of X-Men & Battlechasers fame) then anyone...But even that's pushin' it. I've been drawing since as far back as I can remember. I'm fairly good at duplicating styles and anything I see, but my main weakpoint is that I regularly take too long (another Joe-ism?). Normally I do my own characters, but I do a comic character here and there as well.

General Discussion / FFVI Re-Translation
« on: December 10, 2003, 06:53:47 am »
FFVI Re-Translation

Okay, since I noticed all the FFVI fans here already, I might as well put up this lil site that deals with plenty of Japanese-English Translations of various games. It's called RPGOne Translations. They're currently working with Neo Demiforce on the re-translation of FFVI. I normally don't post things like this when they aren't finished, but they're real close, and they say it (the Beta that is) should be completed around this December some time (probably a little later though).

Check out the main site too, they've got projects working on various other classic Final Fantasies, Dragon Warrior/Quests, and many games I've...never heard of.

I check back every month or so normally (that's about how often they update stuff), but now I'll probably check back each week to see if the Beta of FFVI is up yet.

Edit: Oops! Sorry folks, I didn't mean Neo Demiforce, I meant Sky Render.

General Discussion / FFXI
« on: December 10, 2003, 06:37:10 am »
I said "no" for several reasons that I'll get into in a bit.

I for one have always been a supporter of Square(-Enix)'s idea to go online with their (Final Fantasy) games. It will prove to broaden their horizons to the MMORPG players, increase revenue due to online charges, and heck, it's just a plain slick new "Online" age idea fer Christmas sake.

Although I know I'll probably never play it. I for one DON'T like MMORPGs. They take away everything I admire about RPGs. The stories and the character development. Although I've heard plenty about FFXI doing good on those fronts, I still have my doubts.

Online charges ain't my kick. Heck I'm on a free 56k right now (Primitive? Yes. Effective? Yes, cost and basic online support.)!

I admire Square-Enix trying new things though. That has always been what I've seen them doing with their Final Fantasy series. Constant innovation of every sort they could muster. I don't condone them for putting this game online, I applaud them. Although I'm one of the people that thinks it would have been better (albeit not MUCH) if it were simply FF: Online and not an actual part of the series. I mean, it's a whole new genre fer cryin' out loud!

Oh yeah...I guess my not having a PS2 might fit into the mix somewhere too...

General Discussion / chrono trigger novel
« on: December 10, 2003, 06:25:16 am »
I've seen this scattered throughout every Chrono Forum I've ever graced (which is quite a few, although never in OCR). I'm also one of the only people who choses NOT to condone it at all.

1. I don't like most Fanfiction at all, almost enough to make it a rule.

2. It's not sponsered or condoned by Square-Enix, and they have absolutely NOTHING to do with it (outside of the obvioius links to their game).

3. This "Mysterious First Chapter" he talks about, if it IS what he says, should ONLY be created by the original creators, or at least the company that created it/liscenced the creators.

4. Being an artist and a writer (two-bit as I may be), I don't like the idea of ANYONE taking ANYONE elses creations and messing with it in ANY WAY, no matter how it's pulled off or how well it's done.

I just don't think it's right is all.

General Discussion / The F Word(s) - I'm Sayin' It!!!
« on: December 10, 2003, 06:13:42 am »
Quote from: ZeaLitY
That is an excellent idea, though. Fates of the Chrono Cross Team, a huge follow-up to the Fates of the Chrono Trigger Team article.

There's a "Fate of the Chrono Team Article"? I'm guessing this was in an older forum? Or is it floating around here somewhere?

Anyhoo...I suppose I shouldn't have been suprised that people here are classic fans, as it's a Chrono series site, and in that I also shouldn't have been suprised that the most liked classic FF, FFVI was in fact the most liked so far here...So...I wasn't...haha

Oh, and as for that Chrono Cross Team Fate Artical...Easy. They all die due to their own realization of their tremendous lack of character.

Talk about short & sweet! Boo-ya!

General Discussion / The F Word(s) - I'm Sayin' It!!!
« on: December 09, 2003, 06:02:59 am »
Final Fantasy

What? Where'd you THINK I was goin'? Okay, so I've seen one FF thread in this heap, and it's about FFXI...So, I was wondering, of all the CT Gurus and such, what are your opinions on the series? On specific games? Do you like them at all? Y'know...Maybe some kind of "Favorites" Thread, only...More better about it? More thoughtful (I'd expect no less of these boards)? Ah hell...I'll give my rundown of Final Fantasy.

-probably some SPOILERS-

As a series, it's practically impossible to judge, because although there are sequals, there are no "sequals" (outside of the upcoming FFX-2 of course). Each game has a basic set of principles, but aside from that, each is unique and must be regarded as such.

I personally prefer FFs IV, VI, VIII, IX, & T (not in that order). I never refer to VI as III, although I note that FFIIus is different from BOTH FFIIj AND FFIV. If I were to order those favorites it would be VI, T, VIII/IX, and then IV. I tie VIII & IX because I'm one of the oddities that enjoyed both equally, although for much different reasons.

Now I shall go into each FF seperately.

FFI - A groundbreaking achievement on Squares front. In their darkest hour they create the piece of history that allowed them to cling to life a little longer. Very basic on almost every ground. But one thing it has that almost no other RPG has is a good replay value (I state here that CT also has a good replay value, although for different reasons). You could pick your team, and the game's difficulty changed accordingly (try four White Mages! >_< ). It was practically revolutionary. Although a couple of Enix's Dragon Quest/Warriors have had similer designs in terms of this psuedo-class system. In compairison to DQ/DW, it was much easier. You didn't have to do all the arguous leveling up required in the Enix games, and thusly the flow of the game came much easier. It was faster, it was more American, and Americans began to take notice of Square.

FFII - Although unreleased in the US until it's recent FFOrigins, it too was somewhat groundbreaking, albeit somewhat dissapointing; mainly due to a some-say flawed leveling up system. No more EXP. No more leveling up? Nope, almost MORE leveling up really...There's more of a storyline, even a betrayal and re-intigration (possibly what influenced FFIV's Kain?). I put it on the same, or possibly a slightly lower level then FFI.

FFIII - Groundbreaking. Even though it's yet to hit American shores outside of ROMs, it is clearly obvious to anyone that's played most of the FF games that this game brought about the Class System as we know it today (later in FFV & FFT). Although Character Development was brought back down to FFI's level, gameplay was upped and replay value was easily doubled that of FFI's. I regard this game higher then FFI, FFII, and possibly even FFV.

FFIV - It took every possible RPG "stereotype" (I use the word loosly, as back then, they weren't really stereotypes yet) and used them good. This game can quite easily be seen as the Star Wars of RPGs (I often note the sybolisms and story patterns used in both). Conflicted Hero, the betraying friend, and of course a prince(ss). Definately one of the best FFs to date. The essence of the Classic RPG.

FFV - Most see it as the black sheep of the SNES-Era. I personally don't feel to bad. Like all the Class System based games, it focused more on gameplay, customization, and replay value then on Character Development or Storyline. The Storyline I often get confused with parts of FFIV, but NEVER the characters. Also, it was the beginning of the easy bosses. Mimes kick 'em to the curb like none-other!

FFVI - Quite easily in my top 3 favorite RPGs to date (Chrono Trigger's probably always fighting this one for that ever elusive No. 1 spot in my heart). A great, engrossing storyline, yes, really good character development (for the most part), yes, customization? Hell yes! Probably one of the FFs you can do the most stuff in. Although almost everyone can use all Magic, it fits the storyline, if not the characters themselves, and isn't even as used as each of the characters special abilites (outside of Celes & Terra). In the end everything that can be bad about the game can be argued because in the end almost everything is optional. It's VERY open-ended. Most noteable to me has always been Kefka. Even though he falls like a pansey to Ultima & Bum Rush, he was always a good motivation to complete the game. He was annoyingly evil, supremely so even. Hands down one of my favorite villains this side of Lavos (an all-together different villain).

FFVII - Quite easily one of my least favorite RPGs to date (and I've played SaGa Frontier 1 AND 2!). I can sum in up in these words "Lens Flares, Twisty Storyline, Lens Flares, Negative Character Development, Lens Flares, Two OK Songs". Not to mention the songs were in outdated Midi, but if you listen to them orchestrated, they're good (I only like Aeris Theme & One Winged Angel though). It was simply all flash and no heart. Omnislash & Knights of the Round proved to be a weakness Sepheroth could not afford for more (probably less now that I think about it) than 4 rounds

FFVIII - I think the main reason I liked this game was because it was a breath of fresh air after the displeasing FFVII. Though the Character Development outside of Laguna, Squall, Rinoa, & Sifer was nil, the love-story of the game was very nice, if not also a little twistily done. The Junctioning System made for a far too easy game. Although it made using Magic an obvious no-brainer not to use, it thusly made you use Summons & Attacks more. It's a HEAVILY Summon based game, although it knows it, and makes the player do more then just sit and watch the Summons (and even Squalls Attack). Auras & Holy Wars made for Ultimecia's head on a platter, although it took much more time then Sephiroth.

FFIX - Often shunned by just enough n00bs and long-time players of the series alike. I took it for what it was, a tribute to the classics (the whole series so far really). In the whole game you can find bits and pieces relating to almost every FF before it. The Character Development is byfar the best of any FF I've yet to play (outside of the hero Zidane). The storyline is a bit vague, and seemingly jumps to and fro, especially near the last disk. It was clearly made in response to people taking a displeasure towards FFVIII. It's almost FFVIII's antithesis. The end boss (who really had time to catch his name?) was simply one of the easiest though, all it had were a few status attacks that ever did any harm, all of the party had at least ONE 9999HP damage attack. Although it was still a longer battle then Sephiroth (minusing time for kotr & omnislash which I took to go to the bathroom once).

FFT - The Class System to the max! Although few developed characters, I happened to enjoy Ramza & Delita's plights. Delita too is up in my top favorite villains (reminds me very much of Magus). Not much else can be said outside of it's great and nearly unmatched gameplay and replay value.

I'm...not going to bother with Mystic Quest...So...There ya have it! If you actually read all that clap-trap, I congradulate you! Kinda like the Chrono Discussion Threads no? LOL

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