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Assuming all the ones labeled as the same Chapter do belong to the same issue, then it goes as follows:

October 1996 is already labeled as such.
Chapter 7 is November 1996
Chapter 8 is December 1996
Chapter 9 is January 1997
Chapter 10 is February 1997
Chapter 12 is April 1997
Chapter 13 is May 1997
July 1997 is already labeled as such, which by the numbering means that pic labeled Next Gate 25 would belong to it too
Chapter 16 is August 1997
September 1997 already labeled like so, corresponding to Next Gate 27
Chapter 18 is October 1997

In any case, the covers should be correct at least. Doesn't look that Next Gate skipped issues, in any case.

Fan Art / Re: Scha-La! Head Schala!
« on: September 04, 2020, 03:29:49 am »
Now I got reminded of that pronunciation conundrum....

Anyway, that's a good artwork. Nice.

I would think they were.

Remember, one of the reasons FATE wiped the memories of the future inhabitants of El Nido, and continues to control them through the Records of Fate, is that it's following the directive of avoid altering the time line more than it needs to.

The sudden influx of Reptites/Dragonians would be such a timeline contamination, and it would be easier to just brainwash them than to keep them restrained or imprisoned.

Last ones.

There, done.

And the next.

Next batch.

Okay, will be uploading them.

Okay, testing this...

Just reviving this -- anyone take a look through the local installed files directory to try and get at these?

I may buy CT and poke around to see if they're hidden somewhere easy to access.

Hmm, may be possible they're in the resources.bin file. Found this:

If they truly have a tool to extract things from the file, and the illustrations are there, then maybe...

No problem. It's unfortunate they don't have full archives, but it's something.

Ah, I see, there's the picture too.


I can track down the Dr. Slump and Crono cover, but the other two ("Cover" and Marle, Ayla, and Lucca) are proving more difficult. Does anyone know what issue those correspond to, or if they're also from the same V-Jump issues and just missed by that original scanner?

Throwing them under an Unknown header for now on the page.

Cover is easy. 3月号 means "March Issue". So March 1995 issue.

Also, I found this:

Has scans of a few issues. March 1995 included. There could something there not yet here. Like, there's this from the November 1994 issues:

That I don't see in the section here:

As for the other picture... well, the picture next to it seems to be from the May issue. So unless they're unrelated, it might be also from May 1995.

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« on: August 21, 2020, 07:53:53 pm »
I'd say, I'll probably be a bit contrarian here and say I would prefer Tifa over Aerith. Though it's an interesting comparison to make nonetheless, considering how both are meant to be foils/opposites.

I haven't played FF7R, and I hear she has a little more umph (such as saying "shit" at some point). Not sure how she compares to her FF7 counterpart, but I imagine she isn't that far off.

You could say that she is returning to form. She was always meant to have that tough, spirited side that would show itself through that gentle outward appearance she has. The Compilation, however, mostly strayed from that, making her a straight play instead of a subversion. It was the same to some extent with Tifa as well, who in her case it was the opposite direction.

    [/li][li]A different early overworld - from context of where it's placed, apparently prehistoric or assumed as such by the magazine (page 2)[/li][/list]

    You mean second to the right? Looks more like the Future than Prehistory.

    In fact, I got curious by what looks to be explosion effects used for Lavos's attack. I looked up what the last sentence of the text said:

    Just walking outside is likely to damage you.

    Admittedly, I Google Translate it, but I think it is correct.

    In fact, wasn't the whole "Walking outside for long in the Future will damage you" thing an often-brought up rumor for years? Maybe this is where it originated from after all this time?

    General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
    « on: August 15, 2020, 12:32:42 am »
    Oh, right, I also tried Anamnesis.

    Only for about a month. I'll be honest, games like those that require daily play and stuff just become a chore to me eventually. Stops being fun and I'm like, "Why even bother to continue if it becomes more tiresome than its worth".

    Game itself was fun to play, though. At least, I found it fun to.

    General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
    « on: August 14, 2020, 01:44:43 am »
    When it comes to Star Ocean, I only have Till the End of Time. Liked the game, been wishing I could play the others.

    However, for the first two I'd need a PSP, fourth game is on Steam I believe but I don't think my laptop could handle it.

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