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Quote from: ZeaLitY
There is an article planned to resolve all this, since its really hard to figure out what is going on at the end.

Whew, that's good. I sure hope Chrono Brake is realized too and is released someday, and maybe clears up all of these mysteries. It's even harder for me since I've never even gotten the Good Ending..instead I had some extras and the Bad Ending (if it can be considered as one; it was the one with Schala/Kid/whoever walking in Japan..I think...).

Alright, from what I've heard (I've never gotten this ending) when you free Schala in CC and beat it, that gives you the Good Ending. I also hear that she takes ALL the dimensions and timelines and such and she merges them all together into one true timeline existence. This would include the dimensions that were mentioned in all of the Chrono games. CT for SNES, CT for PSX, RD, and CC and dimensions that you don't visit such as the dimensions where the Reptites are the superior race and such. So we are left with one true timeline existence, right??

And now that we have one existence, I also heard that Schala and Kid merge into one true entity so there is only Schala, right?

And after all this, I hear that Schala goes back to find Janus and then will come back to find Serge. Now, I would understand her finding Janus since they were separated and how Janus was also searching for Schala. But something else bothers me. How does Schala know Serge and how does Serge know Schala, for Schala to be searching for someone who is from the Present while she was from the Dark Ages??

Quote from: Oswego del Fuego
The Kid quote is exactly as Teflon gave it.  It isn't a rumor.

As for what it means, I don't know.  Kid says that Serge and Magil are her "old mates."  Does this mean she knew Magus when she was on the Zenan Continent?


That's a good question. Kid came from the Zenan Continent Mainland and she is from Radical Dreamers, even in Chrono Cross. People in Arni Village (I think, and possibly more places in El Nido) mention how Radical Dreamers was a notorious gang of thieves on the mainland, or something like that.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Questions about Lynx
« on: December 29, 2004, 07:41:15 pm »
Yeah, in the Ideal Timeline when everything is cleared up and such, the Time Devourer is finally gone and Schala is freed. Without FATE's power source, El Nido would be free from its grasp and since there is no Time Devourer, there isn't any dragons either. From what I remember hearing, the seven dragons (seventh being created from the original six) all form the Dragon God which was consumed long ago by the Time Devourer, and with no Time Devourer/Dragon God/Seven Dragons, there's nothing for FATE to have power over and nothing to worry about if FATE lost its power source since there are no dragons, no Dragon God, and no Time Devourer to worry about. Schala is freed and the timelines are back in order and El Nido can live in peace without FATE's hold on them. Also, since FATE loses its power, I think it would die and shit and that would also eliminate Lynx too I think.

Simple. :)

Man, I seriously hope that Square makes Chrono Brake a reality and that it answers these mysterious questions and such. I'm tired of being confused.. :x  :?  :(

General Discussion / A Mailbag?
« on: December 29, 2004, 07:22:15 pm »
Yeah dude, go for it. Have a Mailbag for the Compendium. I dunno how often you'd check it, but the once in awhile thing sounds cool. As long as it actually gets checked though...some sites seem to not check their's, but yeah. As to who reads and replies to the e-mails, I leave that up to you.

Other than all that, go for it.

Polling / 1/1/05 - Who is your favorite Chrono Trigger character?
« on: December 29, 2004, 07:17:16 pm »
Magus. Without a doubt.

Quote from: Leebot
Within the game's universe, I would say that this all really happened, but that the mechanics of this universe allow dreams to affect reality in certain circumstances (Turnip and the Black Dragon).

Yeah, that would explain the Black Dragon and Turnip. That would probably fit the, "Dreams can be both dreams and reality in the Chrono world." And the, "...dreams and reality cross themselves in the Chrono world."

But there are still two things that concern me. What about the red time gate that Lucca accessed? And this..

-Belthasar's notebook in Zeal states humanity first became conscious thanks to a Red Rock which made them able to dream (Dreamstone).

Quote from: Leebot
Those points can be countered in one of the following ways:

-It's just philosophy put into the game (Doreen's dreams, Schala's quote)
-Whoever wrote this theory was grasping at straws to explain some as a dream. Saying it was a "wish" would have explained the same circumstances.
-The designers/translators just chose to use the term "dream" in item names to evoke a certain feel (Dreamstone, Green Dream).
-"Dream" is used as a metaphor (Melchior's dreams -> Masa and Mune)

The only exceptions are Turnip and the Black Dragon. It would seem that the strange connections between Home and Another allow certain dreams to manifest as reality in the alternate dimension, but this is the only definitive case of dreams altering reality.

Aside from that, this whole theory seems to be grasping at straws.

Hmm, you bring up very interesting points there. I must say that I am relieved that this all could be countered.

So I ask you. Was it all a dream, were parts if it merely dreams, or was it all reality and events that truly occurred?

That question, which has been bothering me, has been asked before and now I think I can finally find the answer to it...

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Fate of Robo [Finalized]
« on: December 26, 2004, 11:08:32 pm »
I just realized that all of the evidence for the fate of Robo is right here in this thread. All the evidence and answers, I think, are all right here.

Did Robo die in Chronopolis in 1020 A.D. upon Serge's entrance into the Frozen Flame terminal? Was he literally the Prometheus Circuit?

Well, let's look over the given evidence that is presented to us in this thread...

It might be difficult for Robo to relegate himself to the status of integrated circuit if Atropos were still alive, as he'd have a reason to continue living. However, it is obvious that in some way Belthasar recruited him for the job; due to machine logic and Robo's having saved the world once, he might be likely to answer the call of higher duty once more.

Since Robo's data can be copied, I don't think that the Prometheus in FATE is Robo himself, but rather a circuit named after Robo/Prometheus. Lucca did make a 'mini-me' copy of Robo, after all. Also, the circuit was 'based on the initial Ashtear model circuit board, with extra logic added.' This leads me to believe that there may have been varying brands of Ashtear model circuit boards available in 2400 AD. The Ashtear models were probably based off of her little Robo copy.

Just look at this direct quote from Lynx:   LYNX: That hidden circuit was based on the initial Ashtear model circuit board, with extra logic added by another scientist.

Well, if it were Lucca's design, it couldn't have been Robo. Robo was *not* built by Lucca.

I didn't add the refutation for the first one because not all writers would kill off their heroes to make a story more tragic. Some do and some don't and in my opinion, I don't think there's enough evidence to show this. Also, I didn't add the Prometheus-Ultimania Theory and its refutation because of just that, the refutation theory proves that the Prometheus-Ultimania Theory is null even though Ultimania guides, from what I hear, aren't always wrong but they aren't always right either, so yeah.

Proof of the fact that Lucca couldn't have possible created a new Robo was that she had already stated that making a humanoid robot was too difficult, no matter how hard she tried. The Prometheus that was integrated with the FATE system was a joint effort of Lucca Ashtear and Belthasar, and thusly wasn't Robo, however perhaps the name could have been chosen to honor Robo's memory, as it had been seen that he was called this by all his "friends" in his own time.

Oops, almost forgot to state that fixing something is far different from making a new one. Lucca knew some basic fundamentals of humanoid robots, having already progressed in the endever herself, which probably would have been enough to fix Robo, but making a new one was stated to be beyond her grasp.

Hmm, well there were other statements about Lucca gaining the knowledge to actually make another humanoid robot or that she was just being modest about actually being able to make one, but...

It wasn't just Lucca's modesty, as she was muttering it to herself. Also, while it is possible that she might have learned somehow, I seriously doubt it. The game never foreshadowed this at all, and knowledge doesn't create itself, it is created out of a true need for itself. While it could also be a possibility that she did go to the future, and then gain knowledge on the subject, the game hints against this in what is considered the "true" ending, whereupon Crono's mother is lost in time, but just before that Lucca spoke of disabling it. If this was their intent, after finding Crono's mother she wouldn't have gone to any other time period other than her own. Most evidence points that she did indeed not build Robo, and that the Prometheus was indeed something else... But what, and through what means was this insight attained...  I feel that Lucca might have at least MAYBE had a glimpse of the future through some other means, and the not too distant future at that, that the FATE system could be a problem...

Sorry, forgot to say what "it" was. I meant the Epoch, of course. BTW, funny thing, for some reason I've always named the Epoch the "Notch". Just a weird lil' bit of info.

Maybe she gained knowledge and I missed it somewhere, but this is explaining how she couldn't have had the knowledge. I mean, twenty years is a long time, and plenty of time to gain that knowledge, but whether she made a duplicate or not, that also shows that the Prometheus that was integrated into FATE is not Robo.

And I thought that Prometheus in FATE being Robo stuff was obvious...In Chronopolis it says that Lucca (& later Belthasar) was responsible for the creation of FATE.

If Lucca could make a Time Egg, I don't see why she would have trouble with a Robo clone. Hey! I never even thought of that...She could even go to Norstein Bekkler and get a Robo clone from him, bingo! Instant robot duplicate.

They may have been responsible for FATE's creation, but neither of them created Robo. And if Lucca was able to make a Robo clone some way or another, this also proves that it wasn't Robo who was integrated into FATE and who was terminated.

Also, the meer fact that Robo did integrate into the system makes this a possibility that it was done as an act of honoring his memory. Any thoughts?

It sounds good, however, all evidence is showing that Robo was indeed not integrated into the system of FATE.

It's a strange coincidence that "Prometheus" is placed within FATE. I remember while playing Crono Cross that I instantly thought it was Robo.   Whether this version was created by Lucca, I don't know.

Evidence has cleared up the matter of whether this version of Prometheus was created by Lucca or not. Also, just because it may seem to be a coincidence that "Prometheus" is placed within FATE, doesn't mean that, that is Robo just because the Mother Brain system had called Robo, Prometheus. I also remember Robo stating his actual cereal number but I can't remember what it exactly was. I thought it was instantly Robo too when I had gotten to that part of Chrono Cross, but evidence is showing that this is not true.

So, with all of that said, let us return to the questions at hand. Did Robo die in Chronopolis in 1020 A.D. upon Serge's entrance into the Frozen Flame terminal? No, Robo did not die in Chronopolis in 1020 A.D. upon Serge's entrance into the Frozen Flame terminal, because Robo was never integrated in the system of FATE, and thus couldn't have died at Chronopolis in 1020 A.D. Was he literally the Prometheus Circuit? No, he was not. Evidence has shown that he truly wasn't integrated into the system of FATE, thus, Robo can't literally be the Prometheus Circuit. Whether Lucca created a clone of Robo by what ever means or whether it was some circuit, or whatever; we do know, by showing all the evidence, that it wasn't Robo.

Let's move on to the next issue presented to us in this thread.

How can Lucca fix Robo? She only has experience with Gato.

So, how could Lucca fix Robo while only having experience with Gato?

While I'm hardly suggesting that Lucca could repair damage to Robo's central logic circuitry, I'm reasonably sure she could tighten a few bolts and plug the green wire into the green port. I do believe that Robo was minamally damaged during the Day of Lavos, since it only seemed to take Lucca a few hours to fix him. He was pretty far removed from Ground Zero, so I'm guessing some of his internals just got knocked loose, but nothing was seriously damaged, except perhaps a few wires, etc. And while technology advances, a wire is a wire, and some things are pretty constant. She did have experience building robots, after all. It also took her quite some time to get him working the first time.   As for the R-Y Series [incident], I'm guessing that was mostly damage to his shell, which I'm sure could be fixed, or, failing that replaced. It's not like there were no other deactive R-Y Series robots lying around...

Oops, almost forgot to state that fixing something is far different from making a new one. Lucca knew some basic fundamentals of humanoid robots, having already progressed in the endever herself, which probably would have been enough to fix Robo, but making a new one was stated to be beyond her grasp.

Well, now let's return to the original question. How can Lucca fix Robo? Indeed, how could Lucca fix Robo when she only has experience with Gato? Well, evidence is showing that Robo was minimally damaged during the Day of Lavos since it only seemed to take Lucca a few hours to fix him. It also seems like that no major damage was inflicted upon Robo. Lucca's experience with robots and her knowledge of the fundamental basics of humanoid robots was what aided her in repairing Robo all those times. When I say all those times, I mean times such as; when she first discovers Robo, after Robo is pounded by the other R-Y Series robots, and after Robo helps replant Fiona's Forest.

Now, with all that taken care of, I noticed another issue in the thread that was addressed and even resolved, in regards to Robo's existence.

Since Robo was from the future, and returned to the future...Doesn't his existence get erased via the DBT (or whatever?)? Anything we see in Cross or even the ending in Trigger are just representations of Robo or variations, not the original.

Interesting. Robo's original existence would have been altered after the altercations to the timeline and dimensions occurred. And it would appear that his existence would be erased. However...

Actually, under Time Traveler's immunity, Prometheus should have been the same Robo that helped Crono. This time, however, he'll come in to 2300 A.D. and be able to live his own life, as Project Kid is no longer necessary.

So now, after observing all of this and giving my thoughts on the matter, I think that Robo is still existing as his original self and is alive and well in the peaceful Future with Atropos.

On to the matter of Atropos..I seemed to have noticed something.

Many moons ago, I posted that Atropos symbolized a FATE. The fates were known to "cut" the strings of someones life. When Atropos gives Robo the "Ribbon", she, in a sense, extends his life, as opposed to shortening it or cutting it.

Atropos = Fate

While that sounds reasonable, I just don't see how Atropos, who is with Robo, in the peaceful Future, could end up being one of those three fates statues at Chronopolis that was all sent back to 1020 A.D. due to the Time Crash. Robo and Atropos had each other to live for so why would they bother to be involved with Chronopolis? Besides, Atropos gave that Ribbon to Robo way before FATE was built. Back then it had been the old Mother Brain system while Atropos gave that Ribbon to Robo. FATE has the knowledge of the past, present, and future and probably created them for some reason relating to that or for some other reason. In another thread I had posted how they were the defenses to Chronopolis and my theory on all of that. Also, when you go to those islands to do battle with the fates, it also says, "Past", "Present", and "Future". FATE has the knowledge of the Past, Present, and Future. Just like the name Prometheus being a Circuit that was integrated with FATE, I think Atropos was just another name for one of the three fates. Maybe since Atropos represented the Future Fate Statue, I think, it was named after the Atropos from the Future. So, I beg to differ when you say that Atropos = Fate because Atropos = Atropos and Fate = Fate, and they are two separate entities.

I also agree with Chrono'99 and Radical_Dreamer in regards to Lucca's full name and name's in the Chrono series.

That is my opinion on all of this.

Quote from: Chrono'99
Quote from: Hiroshino
As to how Fate could have done it. I think Fate might have still been partially active in Home World..but then again I'm not entirely sure.

It was probably FATE, or at least "the Fates". The 3 flaming stuff which appear and destroy the Dead Sea come from the same spot where the Fates statues (Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos) are located in Another World. These spots are named "Fate distortions" and Serge use them to go to Another Sea of Eden.

I like that, because it fits perfectly in with my other theory of how Fate could destroy the Dead Sea from another dimension if Fate had some control over the other three dragons in that same dimension while Fate is in a separate dimension.

I also think that Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos are all controlled by Fate. Remember how the magnetic storm temporarily shuts down Fate which caused Chronopolis' defenses to open, which allowed Wazuki, Serge, and Miguel entrence to Chronopolis? Well, exactly what defenses were there to be that would block entrence to Chronopolis? I think that, that defense was the Fates statues; Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos which are controlled by Fate itself since Fate pretty much controls all of Chronopolis. When the magnetic storm ebbs away, Fate comes back online and the defenses go back up. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos which are those same defenses of Chronopolis, come back up since Fate was online again. Also note that when you defeat Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, that you opened up Chronopolis' defenses once again since you couldn't access Chronopolis before defeating Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Fate's defenses were defeated which allowed you access to Chronopolis. That magnetic storm just temporarily shut Fate down which is the source of Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, which is the defense, which were the defenses that were also left opened temporarily.

Now, with that theory said, I can fit it perfectly into how Fate was able to destroy the Dead Sea.

Assuming that my above stated theory is correct about Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos being controlled by Fate, and having Fate being able to influence the destruction of something that is in a separate dimension since Fate is obviously influencing control over three of the six dragons that are also in a separate dimension; Fate used Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos to destroy the Dead Sea since as you stated, Chrono '99, the three flaming stuff that was used for the Dead Sea's destruction, came from the same locations as Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. They were able to use those distortions that Serge later uses to reach Chronopolis, to destroy the Dead Sea from.

Now with that said, we can also assume that it was indeed Fate who destroyed the Dead Sea, and that it was indeed Fate who said, "I love you so much. That is why I sometimes desire to smash you to bits!!!"

I think there was only one Frozen Flame but if there were two, Fate probably destroyed the Dead Sea to also destroy the Frozen Flame in Home World, and to destroy Serge. But, if there is only one Frozen Flame, then Fate destroyed the Dead Sea to try and destroy Serge. I don't need to point out any further evidence of why Fate would want to destroy Serge since I'm sure you all know why.

Quote from: Darmani
Its possible the Entity is the creature born of the dream made 'real' by the pendant that would be called Doreen.

The Entity is the Planet, so how would the Planet have been born from a dream made "real" by the pendant that would be called Doreen, if it hadn't been for the Planet that all of these events take place on?

Quote from: Darmani
She would be connected/present with the Guardia line (from Ayla's red rock to even the Director of the Dome's who probably has it them as a keepsake much like Marle does). She acts continously and subtly to destroy Lavos regretting the world he would create.

The Guardia line didn't even really start until 1 A.D. even though Marle's ancestor from the Dark Ages is most likely the Elder of Algetty/Terra Cave, so Ayla's red rock has nothing to do with this if Doreen was born of the Pendant like Masa and Mune were born of the Red Knife that becomes the Masamune. Also, Ayla isn't Marle's distant ancestor from the Prehistoric times, Kino is. And that would mean that Doreen was "born" in the Dark Ages, not the Prehistoric times. But other than that, yeah, Doreen is pretty much connected with the Guardia line up until the Present time and possibly the future if the Dome Director in 1999 A.D. still has it and if Doan in 2300 A.D. still has it.

Quote from: Darmani
The MasterMune is the unity of the amulet and the sword.

I'm not quite sure about that. In Chrono Cross, play New Game + so you have the Time Egg, and go and get the MasterMune later on. You'll have the Time Egg, the Astral Amulet, and the MasterMune all at the same time. The Time Egg and the Astral Amulet will be separate from each other and at that same time, the MasterMune will also be separate from those items because while you have the MasterMune equipped, you can still use the Astral Amulet to cross dimensions and still use the Time Egg to go to the Darkness Beyond Time. I added the Time Egg in this because sometimes I notice that some people say that the Time Egg is the Astral Amulet or something like that, so I wanted to kind of clear that up too. And you're basically saying that Kid's amulet, the Astral Amulet, the same as Schala's Pendant that was given to Kid after she was cloned/copied/whatever from Schala, was the unity between itself and the MasaMune. Also, the MasaMune ends up being completely destroyed and Masa and Mune find a new home in Serge's weapon which becomes the MasterMune. Whether Doreen joins them or not, or remains in the Pendant, I do not know, I leave that up to the facts.

Quote from: Leebot
The important isn't that we don't want it to be a dream, it's that the writers wouldn't want it to be a dream. This is kind of using a metagame argument here: The writers would have been stupid to make it a dream, so they probably didn't.

Yeah but, examine those quotes that I posted. How can we explains those?

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Psychological Disorders and Janus
« on: December 26, 2004, 02:08:53 am »
Quote from: War
Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Marked by an exagerrated sense of self importance, self centeredness, an exploitive attitude, and lack of empathy.

Janus does show some sense of self importance and self centeredness with his arrogant ways as a prince, does he not? He does have a lack of empathy which has gone on throughout his entire life, and that's telling us something too.

Quote from: War
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Persistant, recurring, involuntary thoughts (obsessions) or behaviors (compulsions), or both.

Janus' vengeance against Lavos plays a key factor role in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Janus is obviously peristant in avenging his sister and wanting to kill Lavos. This leads me to also believe that he may have persistant, recurring, and involuntary thoughts that lead to involuntary behaviors that play a role in his desire for revenge. All his life he's wanted this, do you think Janus is going to stop after losing everything but the clothes on his back and his own life? I think not.

Quote from: War
Major Depressive Disorder: Refers to overwhelming feelings of sadness, despair, worthlessness, and hopelessness, and in extreme cases, suicide.

I'm sure that Janus has had this happen. I'm sure that he didn't start out all gung-ho on killing Lavos and shit. I bet when he started out surviving that he was having overwhelming feelings of sadness and despair over the loss of his sister and everything that he had. He may have felt overwhelming feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness in allowing such an event to happen and such a thing to happen to his sister, and might have thought things such as, "If only I had done this.." But I'm not sure, but it would make sense in my opinion. I doubt Janus was suicidal though since he was obviously hellbent on revenge and finding his sister. But, I'm sure there may have been times that he thought of ending it never know.

Quote from: War
Dystymia: A milder form of depression than Major Depressive Disorder; none the less is chronic.

If the above disorder does not fit Janus as severe, this would, in my opinion.

Quote from: War
Disorganized Schizophrenia: Is marked by extreme social withdrawel, hallucinations, delusions, and bizarre behavior.

I don't know if Janus had hallucinations or delusions but it would seem obvious that he was extremely socially withdrawn and I doubt that some of his behavior was seen as "normal" and may have been considered bizarre, but I do not truly know.

My opinion; if Janus doesn't privately and publicly express all the symptoms of these disorders, he at least expresses one or more symptoms of each said disorders including Asperger's Syndrome. And as I have stated before, whether he has knowledge of his disorders or not, I would highly doubt that he would ever seek help or even pay the disorders a second thought.

This is all just in my opinion and from my inferences on the matter.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Plausible way of saving Schala in CT
« on: December 25, 2004, 11:39:21 pm »
About the whole theory, I mean, it's nice and all but there are some things to consider. For one, after the incident at the Ocean Palace and all that, you never see Schala again, right? To get a clone, wouldn't you need the original person to see (ahh I can't spell his name, the face and hands dude at the fair in that tent where you get the clone of Crono from) whoever to get the clone from?

But let's say that you do manage to get yourself a clone, you could actually do this after destroying the Black Omen and doing all of those quests and shit, but before actually beating Lavos. The reason why I say you should do everything, including the destruction of the Black Omen but not Lavos is because; one, Schala also became one with the Black Omen or something or another...I think, and the other obvious reason is because as long as Lavos is alive in 1999 A.D. to cause the Apocalypse, you'll have a bleak Future to go to and a Death Peak to go to, to do the whole Time Egg/Clone switchy/Revive/Thingy.

Now, when all you have to do is beat Lavos, and you have yourself the clone, however you managed to pull this all off, let us continue. Go to the End of Time and consult with Gaspar, and you'll all talk, yada yada yada, you know the drill. If Gaspar can make Chrono Trigger/Time Egg, he can definately make another one with the same effects. So, however long it takes, and when you finally have yourself the the Chrono Trigger/Time Egg, take the Epoch and go to the Future so you can go to Death Peak.

Now, with business taken care of, you would need a certain point in which to go to, so you can freeze that moment and make the switch with Schala's real body and the clone of Schala, and it all has to fit in accordingly so as to not mess up the Space Time Continuum Theory or whatever it's called and not to cause any possible paradoxes. A good time would be after Schala teleports the remainder of Crono's party and Magus to a safe place, but before anything else major happens. With this moment frozen, make the switch, and get the hell out of there.

No before you try and contradict this, let me explain some more stuff out. How could this happen if Schala supposedly becomes part of the Black Omen or whatever? Well, quite simple, the clone of Schala would go and become part of it or whatever or be sent to wherever the real Schala was intended to be sent. Nobody would know what happened because nobody would witness Schala out of no where, becoming some stiff clone of herself. And besides, the Black Omen gets destroyed and Queen Zeal was too busy with immortality and ultimate power to care what was going on with the remains of the Ocean Palace, during and after the Ocean Palace incident.

Now, back at Death Peak, Schala is back. Return to the End of Time, have your little get together reunion and all, and go beat Lavos since that would be the last task to do. Once Lavos is defeated, the world is at peace, and Belthasar, in the peaceful Future, would discover the Frozen Flame but Schala would have nothing to do with it since she was saved..unless her fake clone was intigrated with the Frozen Flame..or something. Well, now needing no project to free Schala, since she would technically be free, there's no Time Crash, and the future can continue on as it is.

If there's anything wrong with this, don't be surprised, because I expect there to be HUGE mistakes in this, but it was something I had just came up with and thought I'd share it for the topic at hand.

BTW: Why in the hell would you call somebody a "newb" just because they are sharing a possible theory with the Compendium? I don't see the logic...who cares if the theory is crazy or whatever you want to call it? Oh, so now we can't post off the wall theories for fun without somebody judging us by calling us a "newb" to try and make us feel stupid?? Wow, you must feel really cool now. Well, whatever. There's my two cents.

Magic, Elements, and Technology / Spekkio...
« on: December 25, 2004, 09:45:45 pm »
Quote from: V_Translanka
Well, you also have to take in account that the End of Time is mostly empty space...You have no idea what Gaspar did when he arrived...or where in the End of Time he came in...So he could have just as likely stumbled upon it. Maybe it was all Spekkio's creation...Maybe it was remnants from whatever happened to Time to make it the "End of Time". Or, then again, maybe Gaspar just hawked stuff from various time periods...

I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but notice how when Janus, Belthasar, and Melchior arrive, they appear out of Time Gates right? And how Gaspar just kind of falls from the top of the screen? Well, then notice how Crono and company do the same when they are accessing the Time Gates/Buckets at the End of Time. When they leave they seem to ascend to the top of the screen and when they arrive, they seem to fall from the top of the screen just like Gaspar did. My whole point in explaining that is, is that maybe Gaspar had truly landed in the same location as to where those Time Gates/Buckets are located, at the End of Time. And then I'm guessing that when Gaspar had gotten his bearings straight, and being the Guru of Time and all, he, like you stated, probably hawked some stuff from various time periods to give him a solid ground and such, and had made that area that you now see at the End of Time. And since Spekkio wasn't around the same area where Gaspar landed, which would supposedly be the same area where the Time Gates/Buckets is, Spekkio was embodied from Gaspar's dream(s).

This is all just a theory of mine, but your statements do bring up interesting points.

Quote from: V_Translanka
For the second time...Someone has taken my own opinion as some kind of personal attack...Or maybe people are just getting overly defensive about their own (and, of course, others') beliefs. I was just stating my own opinion, which others may (or may not...I'm not so big-headed) believe one way or the other...Just providing the other side of the coin, as they say...Or as some people might say? Whatever...

Yes, I had apologized in another thread about that. I was most likely uptight or defensive and took things the wrong way. Again, I apologize for that.

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