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I came across this page several days ago:

Then I gave it a try, and found that was just a reflection of one of the 3 Goddesses of

Well, it is hinted in Chrono Cross that FATE computer can simulate possible timelines. So perhaps that record is just a from an experiment or such, for Project Kid?

Your point being?
Read the last 2 lines.
Maybe that's the official explanation why RD and CC tell different stories.

Or, that's just an easter egg or such thing, but I'm not quite sure.
Perhaps those scientists in Chronopolis use FATE to observe events in different time lines?

Hmm, if you've played Chrono Cross and read the archive on the 4th floor of Chronopolis...
If not, here's the scripts(notice that these names depend on who're currently in the party)

It all began with a
notebook my mother
handed me...

She told me she found
it while cleaning out
the closet.

This old notebook, covered
with mold, was a diary that
belonged to my grandfather,
who passed away years ago.

It contained my grandfather's
distant memories...

Does this device play back archives?

Looks like someone's memoirs.

I wonder if you still

How we first met...
and our many adventures...

It all seemed like a dream...
We ran like the wind during those
warm, summer days...long ago...

You were a piece of star,
that fell from the sky...

I can still relive the memories
of those days long past...

Just by closing my eyes like
such, and whispering your name
into the desolate night...


Radical Dreamers
- Le Trésor Interdit -
What's this...!?

Radical Dreamers...!?
What does this mean?

There's a conversation with a comrade.

Are you ready, Kidd?

I know you're anxious,
but stay on your toes.

Yeah, likewise, mate!
You mess up, and I'm
leavin' you behind!

Got that, Serge?

C'mon, Magil, let's go.

That bastard Lynx is gonna
get what he deserves!

Say your prayers!
...Not that it'll
do ya any good!!!

This seems to be an archive from a different time than our own.

Aside from the two worlds we already know about...
other worlds and times may also exist...

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