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Besides, else could Mayuri have yuri flags with her?

The thing about Mayuri, though, is that everybody seems to be attracted to her besides Okabe. Even without romance, she seems to be the reason why Hokyo even has friends, and WITH romance you get people like Daru simping over her sometimes, Fubuki (her friend) sexually harassing her, and even Fubuki's brother (in LBP) willing to give his heart and soul to her.

But SHE, on the other hand... er... well, you'll see. Let's just say she's only interested in one particular person's D-Mail.

I dunno, man. I've always seen Ayla's appreciation for strength (physical, mental, etc.) as more of a sign of respect than an actual sexual attraction, even if "respect" often leads to sexual attraction (besides, I doubt anybody in her tribe is even stronger than her, physically, mentally or by character). Otherwise she probably wouldn't pair-bond with Kino of all people.

Besides, I generally don't give a rat's ass about a character's sexual orientation unless it's relevant to the plot or their development as a character (for example: Luka's development as he learns to weigh personal satisfaction and responsibility, a point in the story that gets overlooked by most fans, but is also what makes me admire the character, especially thanks to his extended development in SG0). Otherwise it only seems to matter to me if it's hentai.

Lukako LongJapaneseLastName. Must be her name.
Daga otoko da!

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: II. High Priestess - Schala
« on: August 30, 2020, 05:42:49 pm »
The composition came out quite nice. The sketch... eh... Not so much. Just hope I can smooth it all out in the inking phase. And I hope I can stay true to the coloring-style of the last entry I made.

I love how we just straight up hijacked Boo's thread, lol.

There was an image of Part-Time Warrior and Christina the Pervert as Seiryu and Byakko at one point, which made me wonder who the other gods were. I'd say Mayuri is Suzaku for plot related reasons. Maybe Lukako for Genbu? Let's just get her to come out of her shell.

Nah, Suzaku is Hokyo. I mean, he literally calls himself "Hououin", a Chinese Phoenix. While Suzaku and Houou are two different creatures altogether, they do share common symbolism with the Phoenix. Plus, just like Crono in CT experiences a death and rebirth, Okabe also experiences a (metaphorical) death and rebirth in SG0 in the Dr Jordan B Peterson sense.

That would probably make Mayuri "Genbu" for metaphorical and symbolic purposes. Or Lukako for the shell metaphor. Or Daru because looks like a turtle.

Fan Art / Re: Chrono Cross Finale: Starky, Glenn, Norris
« on: August 28, 2020, 02:11:52 am »
Omae wa mou follow-and-retweet-deiru.

Fan Art / Re: Recent original CT art
« on: August 27, 2020, 10:49:33 am »
Dayum, son! Those are some good artworks. I'mma follow you on the Twit.

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: II. High Priestess - Schala
« on: August 27, 2020, 10:39:38 am »
See attachment. I didn't feel like experimenting much while drawing the Zealian architectural set, because I'd have to set up perspective lines and shit for every complex detail, so decided to do the set in 3D instead, which I'll trace and modify later.

Is this an unprecedented level of laziness for me? Hell, yeah! Do I give a shit? Hell, no!

Anywho, now that this is done, I'll do draw the statues by hand because I'm too lazy to sculpt / model them. (I wonder why I made the window-side pillars considering they'll be obscured by the statues anyway.)

EDIT: I wish I had somebody to ink the drawings, so that I can only focus on drawing, composition and coloring.

I need to play more to get to this Lesbomagnetic field. Or will I need the anime for that bit?
I've played the original, as well as SG0, but I completely forgot if the game actually had the Lesbomagnetic Field statement. I only know that the subbed-version of the anime had it (the dub changed it).

I do know that the game is filled to the brim with JoJo memes, from the Rohan Kishibe meme you used, to Kurisu messaging "ROAD ROLLAH" to you, to Daru pulling a Bucciarati in one of the endings.

There's even a Za Warudo when one of the characters is introduced.

EDIT: I just remembered that Hokyo even does a Joseph Joestar in the future in SG0.

I'm in the middle of playing CT3. Christina the pervert has lots of sass for Hokyo. Gotta love that sass.

Also her erotic explanation of time travel was great.  :)
Meanwhile Hokyo being all:

I have no idea who Christina is or what she's from, haha...
She's from a certain show called "Chrono Trigger 3 -- The Steins;Gate", where Lavos resurrects Queen Zeal to create the Illuminati in order to stop a bunch of engineering students from creating a the Epoch in the modern day.

Fight me.

Gladly. Meet me at 12 at noon, in the middle of Greenwich. You can get your barbed club, while I get the cops.

Because obviously nobody can deny that Christina is the Best Girl in Chrono Trigger.

I mean, she likes Kino, and he looks like he's 12, right? So I am a shoe-in!

........Boo is into Shota hentai, confirmed.

Trails in the Sky was BOSS. That said, I haven't been able to play anything recently -- still, my memories for the trilogy still remains fresh.

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Re: General Tarot Discussion thread
« on: August 24, 2020, 05:27:13 pm »
update, I haven't forgotten about this. I'm doing more tarot doctor work, assigning suit cards. I now have about a third of them filled out in the official guide sticky, and I plan to add rationales once it's complete.
Oh, shit, I forgot about this! Thanks for pinging me (and good thing I got the notification). And at the right time too -- I've practically finished most of my other work, and am largely free (minus figuring out where to get my next batch of money).

Let's get one more card off the ground. Which one do you think would be cool?

EDIT: I'll start with the High-Priestess tomorrow, maybe. I have an interesting idea about it, although feel free to got me with your ideas too.

Chrono News / Re: Masato Kato is working on another time-travel based game
« on: February 16, 2019, 03:19:02 am »
What the fuck? XD

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