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Submissions / Re: Chronicle
« on: May 09, 2008, 09:51:34 am »
The Chronoverse as presented in your fanwork simply has all the technological characteristics of our world, but is still separate from "Earth 2008"?

that is exactly what i mean  :lee:, technologies from our world are in it, followed by the magical attribute and properties of the chrono chross   

got a psp here with the chrono chross CD's help me out here because i have no idea what to do and i want that game on my psp!!!! <3 :lee:

Submissions / Re: Chronicle
« on: May 04, 2008, 12:36:24 pm »
yes that ending is exactly what sparked this fan fiction.

Faustwolf as to the metaphysical, i gave it thought and have figured" ok so schala is freed? so now after she is freed where does the original timeline (not involving any of this happening) start anew. in other words, in what era does time start all over again anew before everything went wrong? Well i figured, when lavos landed thats where time was just screwed over and thats what sparked all the events throughout time. so after schala is free, time would have to start from that particular point in time all over again, giving birth to a completely new timeline. meaning that none of the charaters would meet through time because of the sequence of the new timeline. such as this obvious example, if lavos would never have fallen from the sky, serge would never have met kid, because schala would've never been cloned. also chornopolis would never have been destroyed because it would have never been created. ALSO there could've been a possibility that the reptites could have dominated over the humans and eventually ended up as the dominant species on the planet. so there is an imfinete amount of storylines that can spark with that ending. so now in my story the world is our current day world, but lets just say physics *cough cough magic* from the past have not been altered. Also since schala does find serge in the end and marries him, she obviously kept the memories and found some way to stay alive and keep her young age (and not die of old age) for all the generations until the birth of serge. So i explain this with the magic. she uses some form of magic to stay alive throughout all of time, all those years. thus meaning that the humans in the ending of chrono cross probably are all magically infused. So that short clip in the mordern world in the ending is actually her standing in an intersection of a world where humans use magic and technology together to make an amazing universe. (i explain this with lucca who basically sparks the the first mecha/magic corp. Now on the other hand the other side of the planet is infested with the monsters, and the overpopulated cities of reptites. (they can not stand the humans, like in chrono trigger. and so they are basically going at it with the humans, using their powerful magic and huge monsters as weapons to annialate the humans.)

phew! i got to go, but i will elaborate more on this fan fiction later. Tell me what ya think so far.         

Submissions / Chronicle
« on: May 01, 2008, 08:17:33 pm »
so i have finally decied to write a fanfiction on the chrono series (basically a part three). Abandonment is not an option. any way i'd like this story to be amazing so im going to make it a graphic novel. the storyline goes like this. At the end of chrono chross we see kid standing in an intersection probably somewhere in a city in japan preferably tokyo. So i plan on writing a novel that deals with Serge and kid, when they go to find each other after the chrono chross game. But it turns out after time was fixed when serge freed schala, none of the memories of the past had gone to rest and grudges against the humans returned years later. At the end of chrono cross it doesnt state that the monsters were wiped of the face of the earth....heheheh... so what happens....when the dragons....and the reptites....and many more decide to attack....a modern day world like ours is today? Armies will move in with guns and technology and old friends will reunite, to bring this destruction to a final end. But the good guys arent the only ones who reunite....

what more choas can happen before the ultimate ending of serge and kid getting married? this story will tell you. (will feature monsters fiends and friends from CT and CC) what do you guys think? :lee: :lol:       

Submissions / Re: my first dojinshi fanart work
« on: April 27, 2008, 01:22:16 pm »
lol sorry for my lateness, the sig was never mine, and i never got the chance to explain it. i found it on photobucket and put it as my sig because i liked it, but never once did i say the sig was mine, please dont be mad

Submissions / Re: my first dojinshi fanart work
« on: April 21, 2008, 08:13:57 pm »
lol probably so

General Discussion / Re: The Chrono Compendium - <you fill the slogan>
« on: April 20, 2008, 10:56:37 pm »
The Chrono Compendium-  600AD was like yesterday to us 

Submissions / my first dojinshi fanart work
« on: April 20, 2008, 10:52:21 pm »
 :lee:  first submittion by me! it is a "modern day" serge with an older Draggy on his back. Plain yes, but yeah, draggy looks hardcore lol. as i should remeber the picture took 25 minutes to draw.   what do you guys think? was making a modern day serge and evolved draggy a bit to much. did it completely take away from serge's original charater. tell me what you like and dislike (other than it being a sketched peice of work; i dont have a tablet or photoediting software yet sorry.) :D

lol my deviant art isnt a place i like to post my good work because i found that lots of people like to steal my art and use it against me (*cough cough* the hentai i drew there was used against my as blackmail, so now the site only recieves my crap). im not looking for citiques, i just wanna post chrono cross stuff somewhere because no one really appreciates the games awesomeness anymore. They're up with their annoying next generation systems and forgot about the good games.  :?

uh sorry about the "top quality" crap lol, i was a bit insane at the moment of my first post, im a moderate artist though. and as for fan arts i havent submitted any but i am eager to join the spring gift contest. n_n thanks for the nice welcome. :D

so i had encountered this site many times before and i have finally decided to join up with this site, i am a top quality artist and was inspired alot by the art of the chrono chross series. so i will be posting fan arts and such here. yayZ :lee:

(and thats awesomne that theres a rock lee smiley face, i will be using that alot in my posts! lmao!)

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