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My first time through Trigger I nearly flipped out when seeing that little Lavos on Death Peak. I felt Like I was walking by a sleeping Bear. O.o;

Then I fought it and I was like, "This is easy..."

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Is Magus really all that cool?
« on: April 16, 2008, 05:12:29 pm »
I'm really getting tired of everyone saying that magus is the best character in either of the Chrono games.

I'm really getting tired of how out of every 5 CT fanfics I read, at least 3 center around him.

Am I really the only one who isn't freaking obsessed with Magus? I mean, come on! Sure, he's cool and all, and he's Schala's little brother, but in the end he's just BORING. He has very little Personal Development, and he always acts all stuck up, like he's better than everyone else.


General Discussion / Anyone know a good stain remover for syrup?
« on: April 15, 2008, 05:45:47 pm »
I have to eat breakfast at school, right? Well, I was I was carrying my Toast... Pancake... Substance? Back to my table to meet my friends, a few kids ran by and one accidentally ran into me, causing me to stain my awesome Iron Maiden jacket. ;_;

I tried washing it when I got home today, but nothing works. Does anyone know an effective syrup remover?

Seriously, that jacket was damn expensive.

Polling / Crono vs. Serge
« on: April 14, 2008, 08:10:33 pm »
Crono and Serge, allies unkown to eachother across time. I don't know How or Why they would fight, but let's just say that they did. Who would win?

Im sorry if this has already been posted before :p

Retranslation of Chrono Trigger / Can't get the game to start.
« on: April 14, 2008, 12:02:16 am »
When I upload the rom to my ZSNES, I can get to the opening screen with the Frozen Flame and some text, and then I press the X key and it just fades to black. :/

What do I do?

Something just bothered me:

Lynx (Or Wazuki) Switches bodies with Serge to gain access to the Frozen Flame in Chronopolis. He does this by using the Dragon's Tear. Afterwards he shatters the Tear, creating The Tear of Love and the Tear of Hate. But, When Serge  and friends gather the two shards and place them on the pedestals at Divine Dragon Falls, they Form the Chrono Cross.

 My first question, is if the dragon's tear was in tact previously, why wasn't it already the Chrono Cross? And how would it become the Chrono Cross if shattered? Of course, the simple answer would be to bring them To DD Falls and join them topgether, but how does that happen? What causes it? On my first playthrough of the game, I simply wrote it off as being the power of the Mastermune, but the I realized that the Mastermunhe is obtained during a side quest, meaning it has no actually necessity in the story at all!

 Secondly, How would whoever put the pedestals at the Falls know to put two? Why would they even put the pedestals there? Did they know that this would happen? And who are "They"? The Dragoinians, or possibly Belthasar or another Guru?

I recently discovered a secret weapon you can get for Crono by opening one of those black boxes, and it is called a Swallow.

I'm sure you all know that Serge weilds a numerous amount of Swallows in Cross. But I have a theory:

The black treasure boxes are branded with the insignia of Zeal, which you open with The Pendant.

However, you cannot actually open the boxes until Schala dissapeared, correct? No one knows where Schala went, and It isn't explained until Chrono Cross when she was saved by Serge and fused with Kid.

Perhaps seeing the events of Chrono Cross, Schala traveled to the past sometime after CC and placed various sealed boxes in every era in order to Help Crono and the rest of the party on their quest. And one would be Serge's Swallow.

But why then would it be the second most powerful weapon in the game? one answer: It's the Mastermune.

The Mastermune is the second most powerful weapon you can use in Cross, right below the Spectra Swallow. This is the same with "Crono's" Swalloe, right under the Rainbow Sword which is also forged from Rainbow Shell like the Spectra Swallow. However, after all that hard work defeating Dario, you can't take it into a new game plus.

Why? Simply because Schala (the fused being) takes the Mastermune to give it to Crono.

But that doesn't explain why the Swallow in Trigger was the shape of a Katana. My conclusion to this is that Schala reformed it in order to fit Croo's fighting style.

But what doe severyone else think?

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Frog/Glenn theory
« on: April 13, 2008, 01:02:53 pm »
While fighting Dario in chrono cross I realized that Frog also wielded the Masamune. This could definetely be a wrong assumption but do you think That Glenn (Frog) is an ancestor to Garai, the father of Dario and Glenn?

Think About it:

600 A.D, Frog is turned to his original form after defeating Lavos with Crono
Late 900's A.D., After about 3 generations, Garai is born, Glenn (frog) is his Great Great Grandfather.
Late 1020's A.D, Glenn And Dario are born, thus being the latest generation in the bloodline.

But that's just my opinion.

Submissions / Chrono Floss - An Old Zoah Fanfic
« on: April 12, 2008, 10:20:29 pm »
I was browsing through some documents on my computer and found this fanfic froma while ago. I remembered how funny I thought it was when i wrote it, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Chrono Floss

A fan fiction by Tehstrongsauce

Zoah calmly sauntered through the front door of the Termina Wal-Mart. A short, feeble looking old man quickly waddled over to him. “Hello, Sir! Welcome to Wal-Mar--Aggh!!” the senior citizen yelled in fright as Zoah used one hand to grab the man and bring him up to eye level.

“I HAVE COME FOR DENTAL FLOSS. WHERE IS IT!?” He bellowed menacingly. The man squirmed and flailed about, struggling to free himself from Zoah’s cold, dead kung-fu grip. “P-p-p-please, s-sir! Don’t kill me!” He pleaded. “UGH…” Zoah sighed, rolling his eyes. “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.” He said bluntly as he flung him across the building, knocking down easily shattered glassware and breaking the spines of many innocent bystanders in the process. He then dusted off his hands and continued on his trek.

Zoah covered his brow with his right hand and grumbled some swears under his breath as the one in front of him proceeded to take a lifetime to move, forever trapping him in the “Women’s Intimate Apparel” Isle. She was a paraplegic, morbidly obese, Hispanic woman in her late 40’s. She was obviously mentally handicapped in some way, for she rode in a turtle-paced scooter/wheelchair mechanism. Ironically, the breast area of her shirt read “Tasty” in sparkling text. She rode at what seemed to be the speed of One tenth of a mile per decade and Zoah was getting fed-up. He finally lost it and kicked the back of the scooter’s seat with great force. The “Special” customer (along with her wheelchair) flew through the air, sticking a painful landing somewhere in the Frozen Food section. “HOW’S THAT FOR TASTY!?” Zoah yelled in triumph. He proceeded to laugh maniacally, but stopped when he saw the judgeful stares of others. “UH… I’LL JUST… GO OVER THERE…” he said, embarrassed, and ran off like a frightened prepubescent girl.

He stopped running when he reached the dental hygiene isle. “FINALLY! THE END OF MY QUEST IS NIGH!” He announced, relieved. He looked at a lone package of dental floss hanging from a stark looking hook, and then to his archenemy…

… Spiderman!

“THE DENTAL FLOSS IS MINE!” Zoah barked. Spiderman tried to say something, but only muffles were heard. Why? Because he never cut a mouth hole. Zoah pulled out a furled-up newspaper and brandished it at the Arachnically-modified superhero.”Fwish!” Some random guy yelled from afar, and a battle began.

Bystanders gasped in awe as dynamic camera angles flashed around Zoah and Spiderman. Zoah attacked first by using the element “Furled-Up Newspaper” (as mentioned previously) and caused a plentiful sum of 800 damage. Spiderman quickly retaliated and a long, fierce struggle for Dental Floss ensued. In the midst of the fight, Zoah simply grabbed the floss and proceeded to flee. Spiderman made some more muffles and shook his fist angrily. He kicked up some dust, tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes.

Zoah gleefully pranced up to the checkout line, slamming the floss down on the conveyer belt. The teenage, acne-ridden, headgear touting cashier scanned it and looked up to him. “That’ll be 1.99, sir” he said squeakily. Zoah yanked out a small, hot pink coin purse and furiously opened the zipper. Only three quarters lay inside.

Zoah stuttered for a little bit, letting out some child-like cries.


Ahh... memories xD

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Hello!
« on: April 12, 2008, 09:16:56 pm »
Hey, my Name's Tact. I've always loved the Chrono games, but I've never actually thought it had a big enough fanbase (thus I had only one friend, my older brother, who also played them), so finding this site was like amiracle for me.

Chrono Trigger was the first game I truly "Played" (I guess you can't really understand anything until you're at least 3, so yeah) and Trigger/Cross are my favorites games.

So... I guess i'll be here often! :3

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