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That is the most subtly charming avatar ever. Saved.
Thank you, I worked very hard on it. :D

So far it seems that doing the Fiona quest last is working and I'm having no trouble going through time.
Also, when I talked to the chef in 1000 AF, the game apeared to keep going but Crono refused to move.

Don't want to double post so I'm editing this again.
I did all the quests, and it turns out that after you do Fiona's quest, you can't go back to 600 AF any more.

Shouldn't Marle be infront of the king?

The wording for this one just seemed off.

And I edit it again!
When I go through that door, I get the Black Screen of Doom!

I have been trying to go to 600 AF but I get the Black Screen of Death. This is after I finished the Fiona quest. I'm going to try doing all my 600 AD quests before that one and see if that makes any differance. Unfortionitly this means I have to go all the way back to Death Peak again.

I'm using the Snes9X, not for Mac though.

I found a couple bugs that haven't been mentioned. When I went to the fair to get the Crono clone, the whole front end and Gato had messed up text.

I took these after I got Crono back.

Concerning what FalconHit said earlier about the silver points. I was able to get the clone after fighting Gato a couple times. Even though the guy who trades silver points for money said I had none.

So far, the game is awesome! I found a few other bugs, most of which I forgot. When I started Fiona's quest to save the forest, and went into the sunken desert, the game froze for the first battle. Tried it again and it worked fine. Note: I went down the first time then went left the second try.

I'll probably play it again and try to catch the bugs I had found before.

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