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Like, if you're level ** when you face it, is it possible to defeat Lavos the first time, in the Ocean Palace?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum...

None of the links in the Zeal Dream Splash page are working. ALL of them lead to a 404 error page, no matter which computer I use to view them.

Thank you for reading.

Just something that was bothering me about time-travel...

As Gaspar stated, if more than three people travel through time, they will end up at the time period of least resistance--the End of Time.

Okay, fine. So no one can travel in groups greater than three. What is keeping the party from sending three people to the desired time period--say, 600 AD--and then having another three follow? Even if the Gate Key was needed to bring people through the time warps, it would still be possible. We'll just say Lucca holds the Gate Key (as she invented it). Crono, Lucca, and Marle warp to 600 AD using the pillar of light. Lucca returns alone thorugh the gate and grabs Frog and Ayla. She leaves them with Crono and Marle. She returns to the EoT and takes Robo and Magus to 600 AD...

It's already known that Lucca can time-travel alone, as she returned to 600 AD when Marle was pulled into that era (alone) and Crono followed her (alone). She invented the gate key and went to 600 AD alone to rescue Crono and Marle, so obviously it's possible to time-travel alone, though probably only with the Gate Key.

Also, switching out party members is possible at any time, so there must be some sort of teleporter/portable EoT gate that allows the party to switch out at any location in any time. It's not as if they have to run to the nearest gate every time they want to switch.

So what makes it impossible to have more than three people present in the given time period? It seems rather illogical...

I didn't see a poll like this I decided it was up to me to post it!

There's a lot of options (perhaps too many?), and I'm pretty sure I covered every enemy. Just in case, I provided that nifty 'Other' option!

My personal favorites are the Naga-Ettes...obviously.

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