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Polling / Dream Splash VI
« on: April 02, 2018, 08:29:57 pm »
So I'm toying with the idea of hosting a new Dream Splash -- we are now up to part VI!

For those unfamiliar, Dream Splash is just a focused, time-based creative outlet for Chrono Trigger fanon. Submissions can include any form of art (paintings, graphic design, sculptures, etc), music, fan fiction, essays, etc.

Despite having been a previous theme, I think we should keep the Dream of Zeal alive and it could serve as a potential theme.

I'm more than happy to run it and keep things moving, including trying to drive participation from outside the Compendium due to current activity levels. But first I need to gauge internal participation, if any.


Chrono Compendium Discussion / The Springtime of Youth
« on: April 01, 2018, 01:18:56 pm »
Many days I wonder if the Springtime of Youth is gone for me. I'm older, with more burdens of responsibility, and yet I still strive for change. For my own growth, for the world, for my children. And sometimes it's out of my grasp, but sometimes there's that flicker, that desire of Spring within me.

This was a philosophy I found enthralling; I wonder if it can be recaptured.

For a time there was a sub-board dedicated solely to the cult surrounding the Springtime of Youth. For the life of me I can't find it; would it be possible for the mods to revive that board?

If it was moved amongst forum reshuffle (I know we lost the entire Angelus Errare: Heroes Unsung subboard), I'd love to see it revived.

General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving for Those in the States
« on: November 24, 2016, 10:34:37 am »
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!

I was on a hike yesterday and I was thinking... Before the internet, places like this didn't exist. One couldn't connect with other members of fandom unless they were quite literally in the same town/school/etc. There was no internet, no way for fandom members to easily find each other. Then, the internet came.

I'd like to give a hearty "thank you!" to Zeality and Ramsus for creating and maintaining this forum for us (don't forget that Ramsus pays out of pocket for the server/website hosting).

That being said...

Wherever you are in life, whether in the United States or not, you rock. Stay strong, be excellent to each other and treat everyone with kindness and respect. Keep rocking that love for Chrono Trigger. Perhaps one day Square Enix will remember just how amazing the fandom is for this gem.

Specifically for those here celebrating Thanksgiving with me, be thankful. Be thankful for democracy and freedom, even if it is currently challenged (at the end of the day, we could have it so much worse). Be thankful for science and medicine and the advancements that have only been made because of the human spirit and tenacity. Be thankful for those willing to be pioneers, whether that is literal, or with technology, or with concepts of the future (self-driving cars are going to shake our culture to the car once they are truly here!). Be thankful that we can actually have entertainment avenues like Chrono Trigger.

Always fight for what is true, what is right. Never settle. Keep the Springtime of Youth alive.


EDIT: A typo.

Submissions / Help Identifying 600AD Remix
« on: November 14, 2016, 02:24:45 pm »
Hey all,

So I've been scouring over an old archive of my and found a remix that I can't identify, and a preliminary investigation here at the Compendium revealed nothing. It's a "Yearnings of the Wind" remix and the file creation shows a modified/creation date of September 30th, 1999.

Here's the file...

General Discussion / God, I Miss This Place
« on: November 14, 2016, 02:02:31 pm »
To My Dear Friends,

I was cleaning out some old boxes in my basement in the Depths of the Night and found a burned CD with the simple text "CT Archive" -- the Sealed Door of nostalgia washed over me. This was a CD archive I had made back in 2003 of all the remixes I'd collected over the years; I've since backed it up to my computer and have been further washed over with bittersweet nostalgia while listening to it (my god, I forgot how good the Zeal Love OC Remix was).

It made me miss the old days. I didn't create this account until around 2007/2008, but before that I lurked for several years beforehand, so even though I wasn't contributing to conversation, I still "felt" like part of the community in a werid way. It wasn't until after *Prophet's Guile* I finally broke down and created an account (I think I was trying to get help with it or something). Anyway...

I miss the days of V_Translanka and his forum naziism. The days of unabashed conversation about whether or not Zeality was a megalomaniac. Of Faust_Wolf's optimism for fanon. Of Kyronea and Lifawolf (I'm still rocking her hekran art) and satoh and sajaintah and justin_3009 and magil and Mauron and Thought and tushantin and themage and alfador and Kebrel and Chrono'99 and maggiekarp and Radical_Dreamer and Romana and Zakyrus and Tact and Vehek and utunnels and TemporalKnight and Shadow Darkman and grey_the_angel and MrBekkler and Lord_J and a thousand others I can't remember off the top of my head. Good times and bad, I miss it all.

I miss Chrono Trigger. These days I can barely get through a playthrough. I am old. I am now a dad with a career... and very little time for fan projects let alone actually playing video games. I used to sit on here and refresh the tab to see what new posts would come in. I'd wake up early and check the forum for new posts. I would scour for new remixes archived here that I may have missed.

It's bittersweet and I miss it dearly. I'm nostalgic. I have Yearnings for the Wind. Time is slipping as it does, the Light of Silence upon my heart.

Thanks to all for the memories. I love and miss you all.

I'm not deactivating my account or anything, just had to get that off my chest.

General Discussion / Happy Liberty Day!
« on: July 04, 2013, 01:25:18 pm »
Hey all!

Just wanted to say Happy Fourth of July to those of us here in the States. Happy Canada Day, too, for our Canadian friends (sorry, I know it's a few days late).

Those of us here in the States... Please remember your constitutional rights. I encourage you to challenge the ways that your rights are being circumvented (Fourth Amendment rights, in particular, considering all the recent NSA leaks; although this includes First Amendment rights as well).

There are a variety of peaceful protests going on today, the supposed day of Liberty, all across the nation: "Restore the Fourth." If you feel up to standing and representing your distaste and disappointment with the current political affairs, I encourage you to participate. Better yet, I encourage you to contact your local Congressperson and politely tell them your thoughts. A quick Google search will give you their office number(s) so you can do so.

Please do not sit idly at the computer and complain online; this activity will do little to project your voice. Rather, take matters into your own hands and be an active agent of change. I'm not saying to do anything stupid, I'm just saying, well... change requires action.

Let your voice be heard.


I've been wanting to create this post for some time now. I've scoured the old boards and, although I'm sure there is a thread like this one, I couldn't find one in a reasonable amount of time and decided to create my own. Every spring I begin to get that itch to play Chrono Trigger. I first played it in the Spring of 1996 and ever since I get this nostalgic feeling as the weather warms and my heart begins to thaw from the winter. I have so many fond memories - memories that are fond, yet bittersweet - that remind me just how far away my childhood is. I've been wanting to share my own memories of Chrono Trigger for some time, and I'm sure many of you have memories that you'd like to contribute to the community. With no further adieu, I begin my own tale...

What is a "Chrono Trigger?"
I first heard about Chrono Trigger in the winter of 1995. I was 11 years old any my best friend David had been playing the game with his older cousin. We sort of looked up to this older cousin, who was an RPG aficionado. I had never played an RPG before, so David's descriptions of the game were far from my own mental image. I remember riding in the back of his parents mini-van as he described the events of 2300AD: "And you find this robot named Robo, and the future is all dark with acid rain and all the people live in these giant, rusty domes. When you find Robo he's all messed up but you fix him and he joins your team." I couldn't comprehend a 3/4 point of view, so I was picturing a Castevania/Mega Man-esque sidescroller with a more in-depth storyline. The more David told me about this game the more my interest grew.

In early 1996 my mother and I were at the local Giant Eagle grocery store. They had a small movie rental section, and lo and behold! There I saw Chrono Trigger for the first time. The game looked amazing and, seeing that I had just borrowed a friends SNES, I begged my mom to rent it for me. It was a Thursday, and the rental was for 5 days. I begged my mom to let me play it that night but she refused, telling me only that I could play it on the weekend.

That Friday after school my sister was cheering at a basketball game. I begged my parents to let me stay home and finally start playing Chrono Trigger, and finally they relented. I fixed myself a pizza pocket-like snack (my school sold these half-circle pockets of thin dough full of diced pepperoni and cheese, it was similar to a pizza pocket but much greasier; I loved them and my mom found them at a local super market, but they only came in bulk bags of about 20 or 30), and sat down to play the game.

Day One
The introductory scene blew my mind. The sound of the gulls and the ocean, and Morning Sunlight gave my a strange feeling that even now returns (in nostalgic form) when I hear it. It was a mystical melody, and I played that game well into the night. By the time the night had ended, I had spent hours on end in the Millennial Fair and has gotten to the Crono's imprisonment. The next day I played again and, upon reaching the 2300AD, I found myself frustrated by my own inability to catch the darned rat. I grew frustrated and put the game down for a few hours. When I came back I easily caught the rat, but found myself once again stumped: the Guardian in 2300AD was the first boss I was unable to tackle. It took me dozens of tries before I finally defeated him. I remember both Lucca and Marle were dead and Crono was on the verge of death the time I finally won.

Day Two
By Saturday evening I was in the Factory and it took hours. Between the XABY puzzle (which pushed the limits of my logic) and the conveyor belt/moving barrels puzzle, I was exhausted and sick of the Future by the time I reached the boss battle against the R-Series brethren. I then continued on and reached the End of Time. There I remember having to go around the room three times and I was completely incapable of doing it correctly. An hour or more passed, and even after my mom confirmed my understanding of clockwise and counter-clockwise, I couldn't do it. I was on the verge of tears and gave up for the night.

Day Three
I figured it out the following morning. It was Sunday. I don't remember how far I got, but I remember that my mom made me go to bed because it was late, and I left the game on because I couldn't get to a save point. The next morning was  Monday, as before I left for school my mom was helping my make my bed and she nearly kicked my SNES. I asked her to be careful. She ended up accidentally tossing a pillow onto the SNES, which caused the cartridge to become dislodged. It not only reset the game, but I lost my save file. I was devastated (and a bit mad at my mom).

From Then On...
She let me re-rent it time and time again. Finally, that summer, she surprised me. The Giant Eagle supermarket was going out of business, and she bought Chrono Trigger from the store for a measly $5. The game was used but the box was in mint condition and sealed in plastic wrap (although the instruction booklet was quite messy with wear and tear). I returned from a week-long summer camp to this wonderful surprise.

Best. Mom. Ever.

General Discussion / The Surreal Beauty of Life
« on: October 02, 2011, 11:39:02 pm »
I have no explanation for my recent behavior; I guess it's a mixture of nostalgia, the growing desire to truly live every moment, and the joy that comes when you bring a child into this world. Life is full of wonder and so often the things we see in passing are glimmers of something pure, wholesome, beautiful - yet we rarely notice them for what they are. I spent an hour today walking around downtown Chattanooga and found myself in awe of the little things. The way porches and building edges align, sunlight through swaying leaves, the sound of a car passing under the bridge - they are the truest essence of life's little moments of loveliness.

This is a thread to share the simple moments of surreal beauty. Whether it be a song, a photograph, a video, a piece of art, a memory, or anything else of simple value, let it be shared amongst our friends... Here. Even on the internet, despite the miles and the differences in our real-world lives, we are together. Let us celebrate in whatever life we find ourselves in.



General Discussion / Computer Trade - Help Wanted
« on: June 26, 2011, 10:24:06 pm »
Hiya crew,

So I've been real into Bethesda games recently. I've been playing Morrowind since it came out, Oblivion, too. However, I'm really starting to get into the whole modding scene quite heavily. That being the case, I'm wanting to upgrade my PC in order to handle some of the higher end graphic-capabilities of these mods and MGE (Morrowind Graphics Extender, which is a separate program from the normal Morrowind game engine, which is more powerful and capable of shaders, extended draw distances, highly detailed scripts, etc). Here's what I have:

Dell Dimension 4700...
It's running on a Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
2.79 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM.
80 Gig hard drive.
Windows XP
nDivia Verto 9600GT graphics card

And this is what I may be trading it for:

Gateway custom or another of...
4 GB of memory
750 GB hard drive (it's actually 3 250GB hard drives)
He said that "the board is loaded and Intel's top of the line server board"
Case "includes 120 mm fans and 3 small one's"
2.4 TRUE dual core processor
nDivia GeForce 7650 GS
Windows 7
He also mentioned that it has slots for about 10 hard drives and and 4 5.25 drive bays...

This sounds like a good deal, although I think the video card is actually a step back from what I can tell. Granted, I'm not a techie guy in the least.

I am trading the computer plus $100 plus a few games for the computer and $150.

Is this a good deal for me to do?

The main problem is that I can't get the games to run properly on my computer. The textures are constantly jacking up during gameplay (the game will start randomly inputting the wrong textures in on the meshes). I don't know if this is a problem with the video card (which I doubt), the game being too much for the CPU to handle, perhaps some kind of overheating (which I also doubt), or maybe even a faulty hookup somewhere.

Any help from those with more computer/technology knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

General Discussion / Square Enix Hurting!
« on: May 16, 2011, 10:40:08 pm »

The company responsible for both aforementioned games -- Square Enix -- released its financial details for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011. The information doesn't bode well for the company. I'll let Square Enix's president Yoichi Wada tell you himself with the truncated version of what's going on. "[Square Enix] experienced significantly lower sales and profit during the fiscal year mainly due to weak performance of console game titles released during the year as well as the impact of a continued delay in billing for a key online title, which was newly launched during the year."


It doesn't even have to be on the PS3/Wii/Wii2/Xbox360... Heck, I'd be more than happy for Trigger-equivalent graphics on the 3DS or PSP.

Kajar Laboratories / Chrono Trigger 2 Intro (RM2K3-espaņol)
« on: May 16, 2011, 01:01:45 am »
I found this and thought it was worth sharing...

It appears to be a Chrono Trigger sequel made in RM2k3... in Spanish! Translation, please!

Site Updates / Chrono Trigger on Playstation Network (Finally)
« on: April 22, 2011, 07:01:11 pm »
This just in from

"With so many PSX-era Square titles getting dumped onto the PlayStation Network recently, many gamers were left wondering when an SNES-era favorite might join the party.

We're of course talking about Chrono Trigger. Originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1995, Chrono Trigger saw re-release on the PlayStation in 2001, packaged Stateside with Final Fantasy IV in the compilation known as Final Fantasy Chronicles. Other SNES-turned-PlayStation Square RPGs have recently been announced, such as Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, adding fuel to the fire that Chrono Trigger had to be right around the corner.

Well, now we have confirmation. The ESRB has rated Chrono Trigger for release on PlayStation 3 and PSP, signifying that Chrono Trigger will arrive sometime soon on the PlayStation Store as a PSone Classic.

Unfortunately, there's no word yet on a release date for Chrono Trigger on the PSN."

General Discussion / A warm round of applause for... Wiz Khalifa!
« on: February 22, 2011, 02:05:44 pm »
So we all remember "Never Been" by professional musician / rapper Wiz Khalifa, right? This song sampled Chrono Trigger's "Schala Theme" and created a buzz in the Chrono fan circle, seeing as how it's a professional shout out to the game. If your memory needs jolted, you can see it here...

Wiz Khalifa has been hitting the charts, especially with his best known and most recent hit, Black and Yellow:

Either way, I would like to personally welcome Wiz Khalifa to the forums! He recently registered and has been quietly posting here and there. Not to put the spotlight on him, but I thought this was awesome-worthy!

Welcome to the Chrono Compendium, Wiz Khalifa!

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Faustwolf's Birthday...
« on: January 24, 2011, 01:36:14 am »
Today is Faustwolf's burfday! Happy burfday, Faust!!!!!!!

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