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General Discussion / Re: How often do you swear?
« on: January 04, 2010, 06:50:15 pm »
I swear often-ish

but now to something random that shocked me so much i had to say something

Sajainta, one of your random-avatar pics was of two of my friends from delaware and shocked the hell out of me.

just so you know.

edit:  (upon doing a refresh fest... i saw the pic again but no live pics of anyone else...  kinda creeped out. )

Um....really..  ?  Because I only have three real-life pictures in my rotating avatars, and all three of them are either of me or of me and my boyfriend.  0_0

Which picture were you talking about?  Here's the entire gallery::  link.

And I've never been to Delaware so I'm probably not the friend you're talking about.

Yea i realized it wasnt them after remembering her hair was dirty blonde and not that dark, but your bf looks exactly like my friend back in DE, I can't even see a slight difference.   I showed it to a mutual friend when I was home and he thought it was them at first too.  Just one of those crazy things i guess  :)

General Discussion / Re: Don't count your blessings
« on: January 04, 2010, 05:53:58 pm »
Zeality, I can appreciate the wisdom of your words, but you've got to bear in mind that the human race is...well...human. We have limitations, we have problems and overall we can't deal with all of them in a broad straightforward fashion like you want without breaking.

Why?  Yes, we are human and therefore have limitations.  I can't spontaneously grow wings and fly.  I can't hold my breath for 2 hours.  I can't speak with other great apes.  I can't see the rings around Saturn.

I can, however, get on an airplane and fly around the world. I can wear a scuba suit or ride in a submarine.  I can teach sign language to and use symbol blocks with great apes for basic communication.  I can use a telescope on earth or ones floating in space to view the beauty of the cosmos.

We ARE human: bogged down with limitations and yet laughing in the face of mother nature for we have conquered so many of them!  Given enough time and minds, we can solve almost any problem, and breach almost any boundary!

So, when you say the "human race is...well...human", you make it seem like its a bad thing.  Like, "aw shucks, we are just humans and we can't help it sometimes...oh well."   

The Springtime of Youth represents another vehicle which humans can use to break through yet another boundary.
It shows that there is no need for some of these unproductive, hindering emotional reactions and crutches when one can simply control them.

Is it hard to do that sometimes?  Yes.  The more crippling emotions associated with loss and failure are so close to "home" that we may have a hard time discarding them or transforming them into something more useful.  But in our neverending quest for human improvement, it has to be done eventually.  Why not start now?

General Discussion / Re: How often do you swear?
« on: December 20, 2009, 01:18:06 am »
I swear often-ish

but now to something random that shocked me so much i had to say something

Sajainta, one of your random-avatar pics was of two of my friends from delaware and shocked the hell out of me.

just so you know.

edit:  (upon doing a refresh fest... i saw the pic again but no live pics of anyone else...  kinda creeped out. )

General Discussion / Re: The $%*! frustration thread
« on: December 19, 2009, 08:19:52 pm »
worried my flight to the east coast will be cancelled tomorrow morning.  i only have 2 weeks of leave and i dont want to spend anymore time in texas than I have to....   le sad   :(

General Discussion / Premarital Sex
« on: December 19, 2009, 02:42:12 am »
Wow this really blew up in just a few hours, gotta love the Compendium!  8)
Thanks for the re-welcoming Thought, I've been pretty busy with military matters lol.

Oh yea, staying on topic.....

I cannot argue nearly as well as Lord J or some others here, but I don't really need to....

It is obvious that any elevated value associated with sex that is pushed beyond the individual to the community with implications of lower worth or punishment for noncompliance is simply a means of control.  Sex is for making babies, pleasure, and social bonding sometimes  :D - oh and its fun.    That's it, complications not required.

General Discussion / Premarital Sex
« on: December 18, 2009, 03:50:03 pm »

So you're totally for premarital sex?

If you're so ready to devote yourself, then your body should be the last barrier in a relationship that your significant other should work to overcome, not the first.

That is a pretty bold If/Then statement there.  Since when was that a rule?  People can have sex whenever they want in a relationship and there is no rule that says it has anything to do with that relationship's value or how much those within that relationship appreciate eachother.

I've always felt that men worldwide have spent most of history shaping culture/religion in such a way as to restrict female sexual activity for our own benefits. Those days are coming to an end now so men should just learn to deal with women being on equal sexual footing.

Guy sleeps with Sara on Friday and then Tiff on Saturday, way to go!
Girls sleeps with Marc on Friday and then Jason on Saturday, way to be whore!

^ I'm sure plenty of men still hold that mentality, but it's time to let it go.

Site Updates / Re: Cease & Desist Letter
« on: May 24, 2009, 02:47:27 pm »
Shouldn't this topic be locked until further developments have been made?  I haven't seen a real update for several pages now, just spam.  Though it is a real shame that we lost CT:CE, it's an even bigger shame that all of our attention is focused on it - even without updates.

I always found this site to be special because it was comparatively spam-free.  I thought it was amazing that the forums never broke down into useless debates over "omg who would win this fight" but actually attempted to understand the game while producing and displaying amazing artwork, fan fiction, and displaying a strong community of mature fans.

While I understand that the C&D is important, most of us cannot add to the discussion, which reduces the thread to spam. 

Let's move on and keep the site alive and active!

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Temporal Relativity
« on: May 23, 2009, 01:36:28 am »
This theory exists to address the Telepod Paradox (and the Ayla Paradox, in a sense). Enjoy.

The main idea is that changes to the timeline do not affect everything in the future all at once - the changes move at the same pace as the march of time.  So, when Crono changes something in 600AD, it will take 400 years for that change to affect 1000AD. But by then, all things in 1000AD will now exist in 1400AD, so they will never be able to experience the change.

Temporal Relativity.

"Changes to the timeline move at the same rate as time. Therefore, changes at Point A on a timeline will take N amount of time to reach Point B, but all bodies previously at Point B are now at Point B+N, and will remain unaffected indefinitely."

The Compendium has long held that any change to the timeline will result in an instantaneous change across all points on the timeline beyond the point of change.

This has been accepted because of the observation that making changes to the past and immediately time traveling allows the observer to see the effects of his change to the timeline.

There is a special example in Chrono Trigger that makes this conclusion impossible: The Telepod Paradox. If you are not familiar with this, it can be found in the Articles under "Principles of Time and Dimensional Travel". The Ayla Paradox also suggests this view of time is flawed.

Just because Crono can make 5D movements and witness his changes to the past immediately after he time travels back to 1000AD does not mean that the changes manifest instantly. It just means that he is able to skip ahead to after the changes have manifest - much like the way he can skip thousands of years in seconds.

Temporal Relativity at work:

First, recall Time Error:  Crono spends one day in 600AD and returns to 1000AD.  There, he will see that one day has also passed. 
Using this, I will give you an example of Temporal Relativity.

Marle uses the Telepod, which interacts with her pendant and sends her to 600AD.  Crono and Lucca are just standing there, bewildered, wondering what to do.

For them, 5 minutes pass before Crono decides to follow Marle.  For Marle in 600AD, 5 minutes have also passed.  Crono and Lucca can choose to do nothing and get on with their lives, and the changes to the Guardia line (death of Leene) in the past will never ever catch up to them.

Why? Because...

Those 400 years don't just instantly occur. The changes cannot possibly move that fast because time itself only moves at a certain rate.  Furthermore, the changes are "in dimension" - they are not 5D events like time traveling.  That means that the rate at which time passes acts as a speed limit for changes to the timeline as well.

Here is a 3D space analogy:

If I were some cosmic godlike being and I reach in and pull the Sun away from the Earth, Earth would still continue to orbit as if the Sun were there for a few minutes because the effects of the change cannot move faster than the speed of light and light from the Sun does not reach us instantly.
I would think the same concept works for changes to the timeline.

Let's look at a hypothetical using Temporal Relativity.

Imagine if the we, the gamers, were looking at 1001AD "before" (Time Error-wise) the Entity opened the gates in 1000AD.  We would see Crono chatting with his mother or Lucca.  Now, it is still 1001AD but the Entity has opened the first gate in 1000AD, and Crono has entered it.   What happens to  1001AD??

The Compendium says it will be cast to the wind in the Darkness Beyond Time, replaced by a new 1001AD where Crono is absent.

But the Telepod example shows that is bogus.  1001AD Crono is just fine and dandy, living out his life.  The changes to the timeline that collapse the causality leading to this lifestyle will never ever ever catch up to him. He is moving away from the Point of Change at the same rate the wave of change is moving toward him.

Conclusion:  It's all relative.  To "Time Traveler Crono", he is married in 1001AD to Marle and is living the prince lifestyle, but to "1001AD Crono", he is enjoying long summer days with Lucca, just like he always does.

What about the Marle Paradox?  I'll get to that later with Part 2. But I only really addressed the Telepod Paradox here.  So,

I've only covered how non-time travelers experience changes to the timeline:  they don't.

For Time Travelers it is a completely different story,  more on that later...  8)

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Re: The Dreamline (slightly updated)
« on: May 21, 2009, 03:19:41 am »
After further thought, I'm not sure if the "Entity" frame is still required.

So, I'm still keeping the name, Dreamline, in case I change my mind, but the nature of this idea may change dramatically in the next few days  (or not!)

Hopefully this is me making more headway, I'm so busy these days that I only have time to think about this right before I go to sleep.  :(

The Dreamline: Mechanics

The Dreamline is unique in that it avoids direct causality, but only for objects that actually time travel.

This was the piece I was missing.   Using Time Error (hopefully in the correct way), I can explain how Marle is able to remain alive while Ayla time travels. But first, a visual!

 O   <--- this is a ball
--------O--------     <--- the ball is moving on a path
----O----O----O----   <--- the ball knocks into the others on the path
----OO----O----   <--- The "knocking" represents the Critical Moment, aka Time X, explained in posts above

If I push the ball at point A, I can wait 10 minutes and watch it reach the ball at point B.   I can also time travel to point B and see that the ball I pushed indeed reached point B. 

^This is what happens with the Sun Stone, Black Omen, Sewer Diary (if you save Fritz), etc

But, if I am the ball, everything seems to be different. In the Chronoverse, if I am "pushed" from point A towards the "ball" at point B, and if I were to time travel beyond the 10 minutes needed to reach the ball at point B, I could witness a different ball approaching point Q.  This ball's motion rests on the apparent fact that I actually reached and hit the ball at point B in the past.

^ This is what happens with Ayla and Marle.

So how can this work?  For awhile, I had some issues, but then Time Error crossed my mind.  The idea relies on some faith (for now), so bear with me.

Perhaps time travelling creates a sort of "stretch" on the path between the Time X events.  This stretch could be infinite: you have unlimited time to do what you want and causality will never catch up, OR it could be limited by a form of Time Error:  Ayla's Time X for Marle comes up in 64milBC, so she has to return and conceive her child before a year on her personal timeline is up or Marle will vanish, regardless of Ayla's time travel status.  (Remember that if you spend X amount of time error in a different time period, that same amount of time will have passed in all other eras).

Why would this stretch occur?  Not 100% on it yet, but here is something I'll leave you with to think about:

Causality is a funny thing in CT.  Marle ceases to exist because Leene isn't saved at Time X.  But, unlike what would happen in the Grandfather Paradox, everyone still remembers that she did exist.  She was eradicated from 3D space, but not from the Timeline.

So, despite a change, some information from the "original version" still remains.
The nature of causality is certainly different from our own universe.   :o

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Re: CTSD/CTTO announcement
« on: May 20, 2009, 09:44:43 pm »
Yea, I'm pretty sure its real people who check them and then just choose from a list of pre-written or mostly pre-written emails to reply.    If I were working there, I would just scan the emails for the gist and then choose the most appropriate premade reply so that I could work through several emails per minute.

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Re: Chrono Trigger DS Sprites
« on: May 20, 2009, 01:01:29 am »
Then can you tell me where you encounter the Master-at-Arms in the original game?  I don't think I've seen that sprite before.

Its the Cyrus ghost sprite from the northern ruins in 1000AD

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Re: The Dreamline (slightly updated)
« on: May 19, 2009, 03:13:30 am »
check out my post over here,6596.msg158128.html#msg158128

if you want to see my opinion on the marle effect, and the way time works... in my opinion.

Its a chaotic post... and it was kinda late when I made it, but none the less

(oh yeah, and there is no TL;DR version)

I've read that post before, and I like it.  Dreamline is a bit different though.  It isn't supposed to be purely based upon physics, but gives the power to the Entity while still using TTI TB and TE.  I just thought it would be fun to say "The Entity did it!" and then explain why.  8)

And, although I just posted my issue with the Sun Stone, I'm going to scrap that problem and simply make the assumption that the Porre Mayor explored the Sun Shrine in the original timeline (before the moon stone was ever placed) so that its "Time X" events intersected with the Mayor's Time Y events, looking something like this:

Original Timeline:

All Points on Timeline X: "Moon Stone is not in Sun Shrine"
1000AD Time Y: "Mayor explores Sun Shrine, finds nothing"
All Points on Timeline X (cont.) : "Moon Stone is not in Sun Shrine"

New Timeline (after dream):

All Points on Timeline X post 65mil BC: "Moon Stone IS in Sun Shrine"
1000AD Time Y: "Mayor explores Sun Shrine, takes Moon Stone"
From that point on Timeline X and onward "Moon Stone is not in Sun Shrine"

So, even without Entity observation, things can take their natural course.  In this case, the "natural course" is represented by countless Event (or Time) Ys that intersect Timeline X.  As long as none of these Event Y's create a new or change the nature of Time X, causality can be averted.

On Timeline X, Ayla has her child at  X=10.    At X=1 she time travels, "pausing" Timeline X relative to herself, but the static timeline is preserved for all others in the future. In other words, enough Time Error has to pass so that X=10 in order for Ayla to change history. Right now, Marle's existence is secure, but if some Event Y were to disrupt that, say, the village is attacked at X=3 and only Ayla can defend it, Marle would still vanish as with the Leene example.  When would she vanish though?  Probably after an amount of Time Error has passed so that X now = 3.

So to re-answer chrono eric's question, The Dreamline and the Normal Timeline play a game of "temporal tag" with one another.  They directly effect eachother continuously.

So, using Time Error, I think I accidentally cut out the need for the Entity to begin with. lol. I'll need to think about this more.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Re: The Dreamline (slightly updated)
« on: May 19, 2009, 02:26:37 am »
Ah, I miss the epic discussions we used to have here.  :D I've just been too damned busy to put any effort into them lately.

This is much more concise than your original post, but there is one thing about this Dreamline theory of yours that confuses me, so maybe you could clarify?

Are you saying that the Dreamline, which is composed of the memories of the Entity in the order that they are recalled, influences the timeline directly and vice versa? As in, Marle doesn't disappear when Ayla time travels because the Entity still remembers her, since "Time X" of her ancestors birth wasn't reached yet, while Marle does disappear during the Queen Leene fiasco because Time X was reached and history was (for the moment) inevitably changed so that Marle is never born?

This is the idea, exactly.   

As for your question, its hard to say sometimes. Usually the Dreamline effects the normal timeline.  The theory works really well when it comes to preserving the characters, but the Sun Stone gives me some difficulties.  If I can figure that one out, I should be able to complete the theory.

General Discussion / Re: Summer Plans
« on: May 17, 2009, 09:13:08 pm »
In cali right now so Ill probably just chill at the beach or movies between tests (yes, my school is all year round).  Other than that, the bar scene here is decent so I'll be doing a round for ya guys every weekend or so   8)   I'll probably end up buying seasons 4-8 of scrubs at some point since my friend and i are really into that show (and ive been taking the dvds from her before she even finishes them hehe).

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Re: The Dreamline (slightly updated)
« on: May 17, 2009, 08:36:21 pm »
This theory is still not complete.  This is the second major edit - the purpose of reediting this time is to increase clarity while keeping explanations to the point, so forgive me if keypoints do not flow well into eachother.

The Dreamline

The Dreamline is the view of the adventure from the perspective of the Entity. It is the Entity's subjective interpretation of events while "revisiting" and "predicting" them in an effort to save itself from it's eventual death due to Lavos in 1999AD.

It works like a timeline, but in order of memories
recalled/predictions made, rather than chronological order:

Normal timeline :

65milBC   12000BC   600AD   1000AD   1999AD   2300AD          EoT

Dreamline (segment) :

1000AD 600AD 1000AD 2300AD EoT 1000AD EoT 600AD EoT ...

As such, causality is treated very differently, for example:

   "Person A" conceives "Child B" at Time X.
Time travellers from X+1000 disrupt this by convincing A,    currently at Time X-10, to come back with   them.  It turns out that one of the time travellers is a descendant of A. They hang around for a bit and then A returns to her own time at X-9.

Causality on a normal timeline would make this troublesome. If Time X never produces B, how can the time traveller from X+1000 still exist? 

TTI seems like it would save the time traveller from vanishing, but we see in the game that Marle vanishes when Queen Leene remains kidnapped, so obviously TTI cannot function this way. 

Normal Timeline:

 X-10 X-9            X             X+1000

Here we have the 3 important positions "A" holds.  A reaches P2 before A can experience Time X, and is therefore meeting with her descendant before it is even sure that he can ever be born. Marle is not spared, so why should he be spared?

The Dreamline avoids all of these nasty little complications, watch:


X-10  X+1000   X-9                   

Now take the above and "unfold" it over the normal, chronological timeline:

Normal Timeline (after dream) :

  P1   P3                               P2
 X-10  X-9            X           X+1000

This is (or was) the Ayla Paradox. Now let's look at the Marle Paradox, where again she has ancestor-descendant issues, yet we have the opposite result this time.

Marle Paradox:

Time X is the point of no return. The period in which it is no longer possible for Frog to save Leene on his own.  After Chrono witnesses Marle vanish, he and Lucca aid Frog, creating a new Time X and helping the Entity recall Marle once again.

Normal Timeline:

       600AD  Time X      601AD              1000AD


1000AD   600AD   Time X   1000AD

Normal Timeline (after dream) :

  P2   P3                                       P1       P4
 600AD TX                               1000AD    ""

Notice the key difference from the Ayla example, Time X is within the scope of the Dreamline.  So let's go over this:

Critical Moment Time X within Dreamline, Marle's ancestral chain is broken, so the Entity forgets her where she stands, to Crono's dismay.

Critical Moment Time X outside Dreamline, Marle's ancestral chain is preserved, so the Entity recalls her, despite the apparent break in physical causality.

I will edit this post again soon to re-include the "Crono, Clone and the Time Egg"  and "Doan Paradox" sections.

 I am posting this here and replacing the original post.  I will clean it up even further after feedback or just later on. 8)

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