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Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Kino and Azala
« on: August 18, 2007, 05:32:37 pm »
...Unless you're talking about the "she" bit CM, I think it's safe to say that Marle's mom(Aliza, IIRC) is a chick.

I can't seem to find any references to Azala using pronouns, but since Azala is a fairly feminine-sounding name and most fan interpretation seems to go that way, let's just keep on calling it a chick-lizard

Submissions / ARTINGS
« on: August 18, 2007, 05:21:50 pm »
Bored, decided to post some of my better (read: less perverted) CT fanarts here for possible approval :o

Old Marle sketch with a different outfit
ChibiMagus wallpaper with one of my favorite sayings found on the Internets
I'm not 100% pleased with this one, but it's kinda cute.
My greatest shame, I am in fact a MARGUS SHIPPER

I've also got a ton of silly drawings and comics all over my photobucket. A great many (it might even be safe to say MOST)are NSFW, though, and have little to do with CT after a while besides character rape D:

I'm working on a story that I'd like to do in webcomic form at the moment, though. It'll have a little bit more to do with the Chronoverse than my silly perv comics, but even though I vowed to not make any NEW characters, I'm gonna take a ton of creative license with certain designs and characterization. I'll try not to hit it too far off the mark... but what is a Chrono fanwork without a bit of personal interpretation and crackpot theories?

General Discussion / Re: The $%*! frustration thread
« on: August 18, 2007, 04:10:53 pm »
Tell the chick you think she's been avoiding you and ask her what's up. TALK, PEOPLE! Maybe she just needs space or something.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Kino and Azala
« on: August 18, 2007, 04:04:22 pm »
   You came that mountain?
   Many mystery things happen that mountain.
   So called Mystery Mountain.

   Kino same too.
   Was crying at mountain one day.
   Chief raised Kino.
   Now Kino chief's right arm.

Well, by saying that Kino was crying there and was raised by the chief, we can only assume that he was young when he was found there.
And I'm assuming by Chief, it might have been Ayla's predecessor? Otherwise, what, Ayla is like 10 years older than Kino, at least. We have to assume that their life expectancies were still short, like 30 years. That way Ayla maybe was a chief since she was 5 or something.

Kino was definitely raised by Ayla. She's the only chief ever mentioned in the game, and I'd certainly define Kino has her "right hand." You have to remember that this is Chrono land, so life expectancies and such in our times don't necessarily effect those in the game.

Ayla is depicted as a sexy older woman, too, so it's not too unbelievable to think of her as being in her thirties. Plus, she's a freaky strong cavewoman, and could have easily become cheif in her late teens, and even if someone could overpower her, they like her way of thinking and leading so probably wouldn't have. She chief long time.

General Discussion / Re: The $%*! frustration thread
« on: August 18, 2007, 12:36:14 am »
I am frustrated by my comic ideas not doing themselves :<

Kajar Laboratories / Re: Marle's Theme
« on: August 15, 2007, 04:16:41 pm »
I would like that very much, thanks :D

Kajar Laboratories / Re: To be direct or loose?
« on: August 15, 2007, 02:39:46 am »
One of the things that delights me the most about the Chrono fandom is that they can take little elements of the games and just roll with them to god knows where. Although it's a good idea to ask fellow fans about what they like and what they would like to see more of, it's good to use mostly your own ideas and theories to make something really unique.

I read more stories with the summary "Marle breaks her legs" than "A new threat challenges a new generation of time warriors!" But that's more of a personal preference sort of thing...

Good luck!

Honestly Rizzo, I think your idea sounds kinda retarded as it is. However, with a skillful enough writer, any idea can turn out grand.

Hell, wouldn't be anymore nonsensical than the normal CC plot. HAHA ICEBURN TO THAT GAME

I read the entire retranslated script of CT. Woolsey's work was not THAT BAD. In fact, if you were a thinking person, you could typically see through most of the stuff he changed. "Too much lemonade" and whatnot.

You wanna talk messed-up, try looking at your typing.

Time Traveler's Immunity only works in the process of time traveling and should only be applied to stuff like memories. Marle didn't have this apply to her when she was a child and got the pendant in the first place. TTI only works for light paradoxes.

Your analysis on the Pendant's personal time acts like the pendant can exist in two radically different timelines at once.

Sentient Lavos is more creepy. Do that instead.

I dunno, still stinks of bullshit to me. I realize that the pendant wasn't the thing making them travel through time, but it's still a hell of a plot device to just retcon out. Plus, the phrasing in those theories isn't exactly clear.

[edit] The Time Bastard theory seems to say that even though Marle wouldn't have her pendant in 1000 AD, she'd suddenly have it when she travels back in time? That doesn't make sense even with the wonky time laws of these games.

Chrono Trigger could have done with some more interpersonal relationships between characters. It had One Piece levels of potential dynamics but it didn't roll with it. I think that's more of a time and game mechanics issue, though, rather than a translation one.

Chrono Cross is the only game in the series that would really benefit from a remake. Less player characters, more development of said characters and story. I started a topic on another forum that dealt specifically with the CC characters and which ones should be kept in such a remake, but I think certain game mechanics should have been changed as well. Also, the ability to transport characters in ANY place, like CT, would be nice.

The pendant is the biggest plot hole I can think of at the moment. If Schala gave it to her freaky daughter-clone, how could Marle have it as well?
[edit]I know there's an article on this already, but I'm not really satisfied by that answer.

Kajar Laboratories / Re: Marle's Theme
« on: August 11, 2007, 12:41:11 am »
Ah, thanks so much!

(I browsed OCremix's whole CT section and didn't find squat, but I'm keeping my hopes up >>)

Kajar Laboratories / Marle's Theme
« on: August 11, 2007, 12:29:58 am »
So uh, I was wondering if there are any remixes of Marle's theme out there ("To Good Friends" or "Crono and Marle ~ Far Off Promise" to be exact). I realize there's much better songs out there that should be remixed (*cough*TyranoLair*cough*) but I can't seem to find a version of this anywhere. I know there's a big list of remixes on the Music section, but it doesn't say which song is remixed and I don't feel like going through every one.

Any help?

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Fabulous Mystic Style
« on: June 14, 2007, 04:17:08 pm »
Flamer came from the Internet concept of a "flame war" wherein people no longer argue coherently, instead choosing to hurl insults at or "burn" one another. A flamer is a lamer what likes flame wars.

Flaming homosexuals are a different thing, although the line has been crossed many times due to the word "gay" taking on a more "it sucks" kind of meaning.

If I rephrase the question it could make for decent discussion, huh? Did Magus design his castle or was it someone else?

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