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The population of El Nido is racially and culturally diverse because Belthesar specifically recruited scientists-of-color for Project Kid - he's a big ol' racist and thought removing them from the future would have less of an impact.

Masa, Mune, Doreen, and the Mammon Machine are all made from Dreamstone - fragments of Lavos's shell, as they are all used to commune with or control the power of Lavos. The Red Knife was originally intended to be used by Janus, but he rejected that specific power, so the "Demon Sword" Masamune is particularly effective against Magus because of that grudge and also seeks out any willful master it can, for good (Frog) or evil (Dalton). This could also tie in with a theme of working with one's own history (Lavos' influence on humanity) instead of trying to eradicate it (Cross Bad End).

The Einlanzer is a dumb idea and I hate it.

If Schala was able to clone herself, she probably could have made a pendant just for Kid and passed a different one down the Guardia line. I call it my "a necklace is probably easier to make than a clone" theory

Excellent interview and an interesting twist (how the heck do you level up Crono though?),  but I think it's important to note for future screaming matches that this is definitive proof that Kato's ideas were too depressing for Trigger... and they let him write the sequel.

I'm not gonna make you go and find out how all 40-some characters refer to themselves, but that is actually pretty interesting. Gives some insight into story differences in translations... I always wonder if the Japanese audience had the same complaints as Western ones.

Sorry for the thread res/double post, but what's the significance of Magus using "ore" instead of "watashi" in this ending, and what was the other time this happened in CT?

I don't know Japanese, but ctrl+f shows it in the "if history is to change" line, is that right?

Fan Art / Re: some doodles
« on: March 07, 2013, 06:33:09 pm »
I've been on tumblr too much, I was looking for the "like" button...

Time and space travel rhythm based RPG

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Lucca and Belthesar
« on: January 06, 2013, 05:11:35 pm »
How does recruiting a whole troop of orphans to set on fire set up in that


Lucca is sexually aroused by roasted children

Steve Blum is good, but his standard dude voice is used to much, so I'ma cast him as Spekkio and incidental monsters.

Gregg Berger for Magus, or someone with a good vaguely gravelly and deep radio type voice. You get that feel from RD I think. Or maybe Chris Sabat to keep with the Toriyama goodness (though leaning more to Piccolo/Zoro performance than Vegeta).

Dan Green for Frog. Trust me.

The range needed for the female characters is a little harder to pick. They need to sound like cute young girls, but Lucca has to be boisterous and geeky but also able to do the more serious isolated parts she has. Marle should be sweet and graceful, something that makes you tear up in her sweeter parts, but also loud and commanding. The hardest part with Schala is picturing her as Kid as well, even though I can think of some singers that might fit, acting is different.

I guess I don't watch much animes lately!

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Draw Marle with her Hair Down
« on: January 06, 2013, 12:47:35 pm »
you could just about pose that challenge to most of the chrono trigger cast, just about every dbz character and about everything meant to resemble akira toriyama's style; hair styles are the biggest distinguishing feature for those style of characters :/
I think it's hardest for Marle. Characters with wild red hair look like Crono, characters with dark hair and glasses look like Lucca, but pretty much all cute blonde characters paradoxically look all the same and nothing alike.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Lucca and Belthesar
« on: January 05, 2013, 01:49:14 am »
How involved was Lucca in Belthesar's plan in Chrono Cross? How much did she know and contribute?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Mind Blown Thread
« on: December 13, 2012, 10:28:24 am »
you have to say them out loud

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Mind Blown Thread
« on: December 13, 2012, 01:05:34 am »
Catalack = Cadillac

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