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General Discussion / Can Videogames be considered as art?
« on: January 13, 2010, 03:24:48 pm »
Can Videogames really be considered as art? I have stuff to say but I'll wait a while to see what goes down.


Read that. You know why they will have low sales and Capcom won't? Because Capcom is making the games the fans want. Squenix is not.

Capcom is making, Super Street Fighter IV with everything the fans asked for, and it's not just an update it's a sequel with over 8 more characters and a butt load of new modes. Not to mention its $20 less than a completely new game. Square is making FF13 and FF14. Everything else is them trying to hit the mark with the most weird and stupid games ever. Capcom caters to their fans. Square Enix has decided unless it's Final Fantasy screw them. So that is why Capcom is better than Squenix. And why we should have Chrono Brake!

Chrono Compendium Discussion / So fan art anf fiction only?
« on: September 25, 2009, 05:13:08 pm »
I was wondering if we could start programming things again. Now I don't mean hacks or anything of the Chrono series, but I mean could we have in Kajar Labs a place for programming, like original fan video games. I mean we only got shut down for Chrono hacks right?

General Discussion / So just thought on Mitsuda's future works
« on: September 03, 2009, 09:23:07 pm »
Anyone think he has a chance to compose a main FF game? We know he'll do Chrono always, but I still think that he should be doing XIII and even though he worked on XI they are giving XIV to Uematsu, which means that money is no issue. Anyone think he has a chance at XV or greater? I only ask because due to 14 and 13 coming out next year I suspect 15 will be announced at TGS or the next E3.

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Encyclopedia down?
« on: August 25, 2009, 10:07:33 pm »
I just tried accessing it and it wont work.

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:

    (SQL query hidden)

from within function "MediaWikiBagOStuff::_doquery". MySQL returned error "145: Table './ccuser_wiki/objectcache' is marked as crashed and should be repaired (localhost)".

Administrators know anything about this?


I know it's small and at the end, but he has much power in SE. Plus Crystal Tools sound like it would be easy to make more games with.


I just posted this but I guess I'll put it on the first page also.

Polling / Shakespeare vs. Chrono
« on: August 01, 2009, 02:03:02 pm »
I don't know how to make it so you can actually vote, but anyway. People love Shakespeare, particularly English teachers, but to me the Chrono Series's story was much more worth while. Most of the time I hear that his writing wasn't great he just knew his audience, which was retarded. Not that he couldn't write he has some great poems, but his plays usually suffered from plots that I thought were stupid (like Othello's motivation was some black guy got the job he wanted and the plot was like Gossip Girl Extreme). In Chrono Trigger Lavos is a biological creature who has to do that. And in Cross it was a thing of war but in an extremely unique way. Plus the romance of Romeo and Juliet can't compare to Schala and Serge,even if you don't think Serge and Kid were in love just role with it. Romeo and Juliet couldn't be in love because of their countries' war, probably something extremely new for western literature (I say that because my friend took Middle Eastern Lit and found stories of the same nature written before Shakespeare). But in Cross Kid and Serge couldn't be toghter for many reasons. 1. different time periods 2. Different time lines 3. Schala's a princess and he's a fisherman 4. he dies before she can meet him so on and so on. I'll admit it's not really the same thing being two different genres. But still I'd rather watch the story of someone's playthrough on Chrono Cross or Chrono Trigger than any Shakespeare play. Anyone else feel the same way?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Chronoholic?
« on: June 22, 2009, 03:56:17 pm »

No seriously now you can get drunk on Frog and Gato style drinks! Don't know if anyone's posted this but still awesome! I don't drink but still BA!

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Rapture?
« on: May 10, 2009, 02:34:43 pm »
In case you don't know what rapture is...

So whats this got to do with the Chrono series? Well the team who made this is made of many of those who work on FFXI much of the Chrono Team. Either this is something new, unlikely to SE's money grubby milking hands, or it could be some sort of MMO for a current series. Maybe the Chrono series? Of course this wouldn't explain the bunny person in the screens.

I don't know if people have seen the Gamefaqs voting thing going on, but I'm quite certain that this would be great attention for the series, especially this far from Chrono Trigger DS's release. So this is kinda just saying we should all probably vote for it on Wednesday.

General Discussion / What anime should I watch next?
« on: March 30, 2009, 08:54:08 pm »
I don't know if anyone else has been watching Gundam 00, but due to Sunrise being total A-holes(you'd get that if you watched Gundam 00) I can't get anymore of that until 2010. So I need to know what anime I should watch now, the only things I want to stay away from are things like Bleach! and Naruto, just because they have like 200+ episodes and I will never catch up with that. What other animes are good? I was thinking of watching Code Geass because some people say it's like Gundam, but the question still stands, what animes are really good to watch?

General Discussion / Street Fighter 4
« on: February 17, 2009, 06:02:17 pm »
I'm surprised nothing has been posted about it coming out today. It looks so awesome! I want it! Sakura is in it now so I'm excited. We must discuss the importance of it, and maybe other fighting games.

General Discussion / OMG BLINK!
« on: February 09, 2009, 07:13:33 pm »
I thought it would be important for everyone to know that Blink-182 (THE BEST BAND EVER) is back together and is having a tour this summer!!!!!!!!

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