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General Discussion / Re: Ask A Liberal
« on: March 10, 2010, 01:20:43 am »
Elections should be publicly financed.

I've considered this before myself. Elaborate on your own considerations, if you would.

Also: 'bona fide liberal'. Very good!

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« on: March 06, 2010, 10:11:17 pm »

To find a song from the lyrics, just punch 'em into The Google with suitable double quotes.

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you hate
« on: March 03, 2010, 04:30:35 pm »
'We should've stopped the Holocaust but we didn't. Well, we learned at least. Never again.'
'Rwanda, eh? We'll know for next time. Never again.'
'Darfur too? Third time's the charm, right? Never again.'

Never again?!

What the fuck?!

Explain yourself.

General Discussion / Re: Park Your Amusements Here
« on: February 09, 2010, 04:11:37 pm »
I also remember having some sort of fish when I was younger. I want to say it was dolphin or porpoise, but I don't think that's right...

You think right. Both are mammals!

Interesting, though, how all 'significantly' intelligent terran life are mammals. Guess we drew the evolutionary longstraw.

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« on: February 07, 2010, 11:51:25 am »

What a beautiful, charming, worldly video. TMBG know where it's at!


Quote from: theneonfire
And atoms like to become ions when they feel like making gcse chemistry difficult :(

Don't get me started. =(

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you hate
« on: February 06, 2010, 04:16:55 pm »
=/= ≡ !=

General Discussion / Re: Park Your Amusements Here
« on: January 31, 2010, 07:56:01 pm »
Shameless clichés that are too bad to surely be true. Particularly in police procedurals.

Or perhaps just CSI.


Fortunately Red Dwarf gave them a good what-for:

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough:

General Discussion / Re: Quote Digest
« on: January 31, 2010, 11:06:12 am »
Quote from: Bruce Hornsby
Said, "Hey old man how can you stand to think that way?
Did you really think about it before you made the rules?"
He said, "Son...

That's just the way it is.
Some things will never change.
That's just the way it is."
Ah, but don't you believe them!

Quote from: They Might Be Giants
Now it's over, I'm dead, and I haven't
Done anything that I want
Or, I'm still alive and there's nothing I want to do.

Quote from: They Might Be Giants
I know politics bore you.
But I feel like a hypocrite talking to you
And your racist friend.

Quote from: They Might Be Giants
Your friend apologizes, he could see it my way
He let the contents of the bottle do the thinking
Can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding.

General Discussion / Re: Park Your Amusements Here
« on: January 24, 2010, 08:07:55 pm »
I find it amusing when people (including myself) marvel at wonderful technology and then change their tone completely when it fails their expectations. I'm thinking, of course:

"Ah, personal computers! What incredible feats of engineering and technological mastery, I—What the fuck?! Fuck you, Firefox! Computerz are teh suck! >=|"

General Discussion / Re: The "WTF? Check this link out!" thread!
« on: January 24, 2010, 07:39:52 pm »

They're just lucky they didn't pick on them!

General Discussion / Re: The Criosphinx's Riddles
« on: January 12, 2010, 04:07:05 pm »
Hah, you fiend. I was kinda nearly there with 'hair' after all, you! *Hat tip*

J: Was it a problem with the riddle or is this just another point for me to add to the tally?

General Discussion / Re: The Criosphinx's Riddles
« on: January 12, 2010, 03:25:19 pm »
Here's one I just made up:

Up, down, left, right
Fathoming here too is the fight
Eight, seven, six and five
My unitless units bring me to life
If you could see me perhaps you'd die;
Vector riddles I'd bring: Ten, twenty or more
But their directions just two of four—
Their magnitudes naturally limited
For now just tell me what I am!

I'm referring to a specific sub-form. If you get the more general form, I shan't tell you so.

The answer: A cryptic crossword! It's a grid, with letters up, down, left and right. Fathoming clues is the aim of the game. The white squares in the grid are what it's all about. If you figured it out and saw a cryptic crossword, you'd 'die' upon being presented with further brainteasing. The cryptic clues are vector riddles in that they have a direction and a magnitude (e.g. 'Five down' or 'Two across'), or because the words are written in a particular direction and are of a given length in the grid. However, there are always exactly two directions out of the four used--down and right in English crosswords. They're "naturally limited" because only natural numbers are used in numbering the clues (or, if you like, the words are always of natural length).

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