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I am wondering now if anyone actually listen to the Pod cast, or if I listened to the same one. I just finished it, and thought he had some valid points, but never did any of them said it was a bad game. In fact, all of them said it  was great, he even said it changed his life. Seriously, he said it changed his life. Although, how this post is worded, there seems to be some bad blood. He went so far as to mention gamefaqs he wrote for the game actually caused him to get his job at 1up, "or something like that" and would stated he would go the extra mile defending it..... Heck, he even mentions the gamespot review. Granted he said he didn't agree with the 10....

This Podcast seem to be largely praise for the game.  :shock:

He seemed to have made a few mistakes "like what was Crono's fate" and according to your article Fates_of_the_Chrono_Trigger_Team, he believed different. Not that it was ever clear in the first place.

Maybe calling this site a bit crazy, but the way he did it seemed in a joking manner.

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Re: Don't spoil it. DS ending.
« on: December 02, 2008, 04:38:43 pm »
ahh man, that's something I'm not looking forward too :( .

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Re: Don't spoil it. DS ending.
« on: December 02, 2008, 03:42:21 pm »
kk, ill be sure to try to beat it first then, thank you.

Fan Projects / Re: sunset over imdahl, its free and short
« on: December 02, 2008, 03:31:31 pm »
I should mention one more thing, there is one part with a dog, that everyone seems to get stuck on. When you get to that part, and if you get stuck, go into every building, "bar I think" a the dog should be there.

See, the problem is, we've tried to tell people that Chrono Cross was a good game in a reasonable manner, but that was countered with bullshit, so now we have that picture to get our message around.

Oh and Lockgar, no offense, but research some more before you post. That CT DS statement was just uncalled for, and total bullshit as well. I don't think I've seen anyone else on here that hates CT DS.

Hey hey hey, I'm just saying,  I was coming to this site to see what the Chrono community "this place being the only place I know of that talks about chrono games specifically" since I just got it in the mail, and the first thing I see is a picture that said fuck you Chrono trigger fan boys flipping the bird. I did also see the "Chrono Trigger DS Buy it here!" at the top right, but my first impression was, "hmm, apparently they don't like Chrono trigger?"

The message could have been a little clearer.

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Don't spoil it. DS ending.
« on: December 02, 2008, 02:04:18 pm »
So I just got Chrono Trigger DS, and I want to know, is the DS ending a new ending that is actually connected to the the storyline, such as connecting to Cross and what not, or is it a fun ending, like the entire world being turned into lizards :p.

Don't spoil it, just say if it is story driven, or if it just for fun.

Fan Projects / sunset over imdahl, its free and short
« on: December 02, 2008, 01:35:34 pm »
Sunset over imdahl is a fun 1-3 hour "all depends on the player" is an rpgmaker rpg that was inspired by Chrono Trigger. I actually thought it was alot of fun, especially from the approach it took. To bad the author never got around to make that sequel he wanted too.

Anyway, check it out. Here is a working download .

I'm going to have to part with the majority here and call this post very unprofessional.  The same message could have been conveyed without the petty bickering and childish insults.

This sort of behavior keeps more people away than draws them in.  More than a couple of of other ROM hackers I have spoken to flat refuse to be involved with this community.  Every time I see something like this, I wonder if I should be involved.  I'm not exactly proud to be associated with a site where the front page is flipping the bird.

Grow up.

Same here, I actually came by to see what you this site thought about the re release of Chrono Trigger on DS. Apparently, from what I understand, several people, including the people running the site, absolutely hate it....

I will listen to the 1up pod cast when I can, from what I understand, they seem to have not liked how cross pretty much ruined triggers ending(s), but, I will say that to the several video gaming site, many people feel the same way.
Regrettably, I never got around to actually finishing Cross, "kept putting it off, until eventually I forgot what I was doing."

From my experience here, many people here hated how Chrono Trigger was upbeat, and happy, while loved Cross for being depressing and angsty "like final fantasy".

Also, whats a Dead  trigger? :p I have a feeling I know what you mean, but just to make sure.

No one ever mentions dr. slum, its always dragon ball...

The problem with the clothes is that most of the games take place in a middle age Europe style world, where it would seem out of place to wear something eye catching unless you had money, or your profession required a different look, which some of the charicters in dragon quest have, and those charicters usually have unique outfits, if your character is suppose to be, for example, a son of a farmer, you would expect him to look the part. Thought the monsters, as you said before, are always well designed. Half of the fights I tend to get weirded out. "MY GOD that bell just BIT ME". I love it. Much of his art work is more on the side of weird. The mana games share this, but his are of a "what is that?!?" nature.

One thing i notice in cross is that many (not all) of the charicters seemed to share a common expressionless face. When they where happy, they would smile a little, when they where sad, they would frown a little. Some parts I thought should have been, angrier or more surprised, it seemed they just shrugged it off, then again, you did have a lot of charicters in that game.

(regardless, I loved the game the game greatly, the art was lovely, i just wish there was more Crono, or Magus, or frog/Glenn)

Then there is that cursed purple hair, any male character that Akira draws who has purple hair is apparently trunks, he might not look anything like trunks, but everyone is going to call him trunks.

True, he wouldn't work well with just Mitsuda, but what about Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu like in the good old days.

Kato has made pretty up beat stories, energetic story, in the pass, their styles would mix well together, they have before.

Honne, maybe not, but they did work together in the past on CT.

Perhaps it wouldn't be as poetic, but it would surely be entertaining.

I often wounder how Chrono trigger would have looked, if it was made today.

Many of the dragon quest games share that level of quality, also have you seen blue dragon? I would love to play a Chrono game that looks like that.

I would have to say a few more of the cross charicters share similar, which again, I'm not saying it is necessary a bad thing. Serge and Glenn is just but one example of many, but thats ok, if you do not think so too.

My key reason why I would want Akira back is how he puts life in his charicters. When they where shocked, you could tell they where shocked, when they where confused, sad, happy, aggressive, you could tell by the look on their face.

Art design is a very hard thing to judge though, for example, one of my friend hates the entire mana series after secret of mana, because of how it looks. "Why are there hats so big, why are their clothes so puffy. ex cetera." I liked how the mana games looked, but he hated them. So i couldn't say a certain artist design is better.

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: March 11, 2007, 06:57:00 am »
Athrun Kira, Nicol, Yzak, even after he gets that scar. I would type more of them, but the four mentioned are good enough.
Cagalli looked about as manly as Kira....... I never once mistook her for a guy.

The fan service I did not have that big of a problem with, "heh heh, SD gundam" however, I get annoyed if they put too much of it. It did make it easier for me to know who was what. "heh heh, bouncy, no gravity"

Since that there's no Minovsky particles in GS, why can't they use long-range mobile weapons?
I wounder that myself, I think it may have something to do with the fact that every GS gundam had to be greater than or equal to the double zeta.

General Discussion / Re: Gundam Seed
« on: March 10, 2007, 04:29:24 am »
Personally, I think Zeta if my favorite.

My three main problems i have with seed is...

1. Have the guys look like girls..... not saying that to be mean or anything, they look very..... feminine

2. Young men crying during mobile suit battles.  "I know other gundam series did this, but this one seemed to do it more often then the others."

3. Many of the women character's had big busts, but this may have been done because of number one so it would be easier to tell. Some people may not find that one as bad though,  others not so much.

I never got to see GSD, but i heard they where able to "avoided/improve" on some of those.

Overall though, the series was very good.

One that actually finishes.  :shock:

another old topic i know......

I know this post hasn't been posted in some times, but i decided to finally check out the forums on this site.

I'm a little surprise at the fact that people would want to Nobuteru Yūki over the original Akira Toriyama design, because Akira's art looks similar. I think someone already said what I was about to say.

People always say that comparing his characters in one series to the characters in Trigger...But I think he knows when two characters look alike. I mean, it's not an accident that Goku and Gohan look alike, after all...And personally, I always call bullshit when someone says that Crono looks like Goku because they're just saying that because they both have similar hair styles.

In truth, alot of artists characters look the same. Take Final Fantasy 7 for example, if you where to replace that hair styles of Cloud's, Vincent's, and Sephiroth's with each other, and you would have that character in a different outfit.

Another fun one is if you would to take tifa from FF7:AC with Rinoa FF8

If you take into account the advancement of CG graphics "one being made for a cut scene for FF8 in 1999, and the other being made for movie in 2005", they look very similar. Since they where made by the same person.

Also, Serge and Glenn also look very similar. Glenn has more of a tan, a scar, and most importantly, a different hair style, yet they still look similar.

You can easily compare charicters from one artist work to another, try gundam seed with s-cry-ed, Family guy with American dad.

Personally, I would like Akira's art better because I love the range facial expressions he does.

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