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Chrono News / Guys, I think it's hype time!
« on: June 13, 2015, 03:51:42 pm »
Frogs Theme? Heck ya! HYPE HYPE HYPE

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Neat artwork for Zeal
« on: June 27, 2012, 12:56:18 pm »
Probably one of my favorite renditions of Zeal to date.

General Discussion / FanGamer Chrono Trigger Package
« on: September 08, 2010, 11:29:45 am »
So, I finally got my Chrono Trigger package from FanGamer, I'm pretty happy with it all.  The Epoch poster is actually pretty neat.  Anyone else order it and are happy/disappointed with theirs?

General Discussion / Searching for something
« on: September 01, 2009, 09:18:02 pm »
Hey 'pendiumites.

I'm looking for a video of the coach that got fired, by the mascot or someone, on the phone.  At the end of it the guy was like "Forgetaboutit how you doing?"  A name, a link to a website with the sound file on it or anything would be awesome!

Hope ya's can help,


Can we get the ToDo thread, and the other sticky... Uhm...  Annoucments?  I think thats it.

Alright boys and girls!  Here we are again!  I know not everyone has 1.08, but with 1.1 coming out in a week, I'll post this here now.  If the demo testers could be so kind as to post bugs and glitches here, that would be great!  Hold in there the rest of you!  You'll get 1.1 soon! :D

Also, to avoid double postings of bugs, I will try and keep every bug posted listed here.. Wish me luck!~

Bugs for 1.08:
-There's a typo with the beginning.  It should be "Negative" not "Negetive"
-The chests in Truce Canyon don't work.
-The exits in Melchior's house are broken.  You won't be able to progress any further at all unless you fix them in TF yourself for now.
-The Vortex Jump in Heckran Cave is busted.  You take it, and the game freezes with black screen of death

-"Intangible" is spelled wrong when the Carnie is giving you the silver point card.
-No music in the new area of the fair, not sure it that is on purpose though. New area also has black along the bottom.
-Gargoyle who gives you your treasure hunter rank gives not only YOUR rank, but goes through ALL the ranks.
-No "?" at the end of the young women's sentence when asking Crono about Lucca "making ANOTHER crazy invention"
-In the circus tent to the right of Gato, there is an Atom Edge in a "chest" and an exit to the Tyranno Lair.
-During the trial, the Chancellor tells Crono to "Step forwards"
-When rescuing Fritz, he says to "Stop anytime you are in the area." Sounds kinda awkward, maybe put "Stop by anytime you are in the area."
-In Trann Dome, when Marle and Lucca are speaking, second to last textbox has It's and another word squished together (no space between).
-In Trann Dome, third man from right to left says "The mutants there don't react to very well to weapons such as guns or blades."
-Melchior's stairs trap you when going into his workshop from his kitchen. A solidarity issue I guess?
-When Melchior is telling you about the passage to Truce, he uses "to" twice, one of the times being unnecessary (if you look at the text you will see what I mean)
-The sentries at the entrance to Castle Guardia have dialogue issues: first sentry has the comma misplaced, should be after cornered, not Hero; second sentry's ending period has a space between it and the last word.
-The soldier at the stairs going down to the barracks has no title, such as Soldier or Sentry, just his text box.
-When you get the jerky rations, there is a huge space between Jerky and rations.
-Robo says to Aquire the Masamune. Should be Acquire.
-Frog, after you get the Masamune hilt, says "No one can reforge tha Masamune". Should be the.

-Crono's House - Treasure chest (Got one Ether!) Exclamation is too far out.
-Truce Mayor's Manor - just like #1, but with a Got One Tonic    !  Message
-Norstein Bekkler says "Welcome to my labratory!" Should be spelled, "laboratory."
-Boy did I appreciate that Atom Edge! However, the game will freeze if you go all the way in that tent due to Ayla's absence during the Azala scene, presumably.
-Recurrent problems with exclamation point distance in item acquisition messages.
-In Guardia Castle, 600AD, in one of the early events there, somebody says "Becareful..." Not sure which NPC it was now, but presumably someone encountered prior to speaking with disguised Marle.
-In Guardia Castle, 600AD, disguised Marle uses the words "atlast"; and "servents." Should be at last and servants.
-In Guardia Castle, 600AD, Lucca says "We don'tdon't want..."
-Manoria Cathedral, 600AD: One of the nuns uses the phrase "...tear eachother apart..." The words "each" and "other" need to be separated.
-I think when you step out of the Millennial Fair gate after the Manoria Cathedral quest Lucca says "I'd love too..." It should be I'd love to...
-Just after getting to 2300AD (In Bangor dome IIRC) Lucca says "We definately..." Should be "we definitely"
-In 2300AD, Ragged Old Woman in Arris Dome uses the phrase: "Death Peak.   There needs to be a closing quotation mark. I.e., she should say "Death Peak."
-In 2300AD, the Guardian says after defeat: "Security Mode 7 deativated."  It should be deactivated.
-In 2300AD, upon meeting Robo, Lucca says: "It's a bipedled humanoid robot!" That should be "bipedal".
-In 1000AD, when you visit Melchior's hut prior to the Heckran Cave quest, he reports that "There's also a passage to back to Truce..." ; delete the extra "to." Also, the word "deity" may be misspelled in his text.
-In 600AD, after Zombor, the Knight Captain says "We would certainly not survived" -- should read "We would certainly not have survived," though I might recommend "We certainly would not have survived."
-In 600AD, after Zombor, Robo says: "Please to meet you" to the Knight Captain. Should be "Pleased to meet you."
-In 600AD, a Young Woman in Dorino Inn says: A sword called "Masmune" was made ages ago. -- should be Masamune.
-In 600AD, a Young woman in (I think San Dorino's) Elder's House: Only the hero can wield it's power -- should be its.
-The Naga Ette bromide room battle in Manoria Cathedral could use some pre-battle party repositioning if that's possible. My characters got stacked in very close proximity, but maybe the game always did that anyway.
-Lucca's Zonker-38 attack effect gfx may be messed up. She seems to shoot arrows with it.
-In Heckran Cave, the Djinn/Octoblush battle plays boss battle music -- is that intended?
-In Heckran Cave, I was able to actually bypass the Heckran battle by hugging a wall as I walked up to Heckran IIRC. Heckran gave his defeat dialogue and self-destructed on the spot. However, I fought Heckran normally after loading up a savegame, so I'm not sure whether it's random or if it's the way I walked up to him the first time around.
-You-know-who guarding the Magic Cave doesn't seem to have any dialogue...though maybe he's not supposed to be there at all when you're first able to access the Magic Cave.
-The Broken Hilt doesn't disappear graphically from Frog's floor when you acquire it, though it does get put into inventory correctly.
-Finally, there doesn't seem to be any battle music in Guardia Forest. However, I actually really, really liked fighting enemies and still having the peaceful forest theme going on for some reason.

-Two weapons called "Platinum" inthe future in the first lab. (Lab 16 I think)  One a bow and ones a sword for Crono.
-Chest at end of sewer does not work.  Looked with TF and I think you may have put the chest location off, maybe the "Thunder" is supposed to be there?
-If wrong password is inputed in the factory ruins the game will lock up.  To clarify, the first time it asks for XABY, the second time works fine.
-Game freezes after Heckran Cave on Snes9x and Zsnes.
-Gate opening is off when going from end of time to guardia forest 1000 AF
-Slot machine says I have no silver points once I hit 512.
-Bosses sprite at Magic Cave there early and non responsive.  By early I mean, there before it should be.
-Broken Masamune blade cannot be obtained at the top of the mountain after Masa Mune fight.
-Tata cannot be found to retrieve the Heroes medal after Masa Mune fight.
-Solidity issue with Mechloirs downstairs stairs.
-Magic Cave Boss Glitch still there.  (Where if you fight him, then leave the cave, he reappears and you're unable to fight him or re-enter the cave.)
-Exits for Enhasa are broken, don't enter without editing the entrances or you'll be stuck.  Also~!  The secret room is broken.  When the Nu's die, glitched flower pots appear, and the room has a solidity issue, and, when you leave the room, you get stuck in a wall.
-A chest in Kajar doesn't have an open sprite once the chest is open.
-In the upper room in Kajara the right most stairs lead to a broken exit.  As well as in the main room, the right exit leads to the same screen.
-The top corner of Scahala's room some how teleports you to just after the first Lavos battle where Crono dies.
-The new room in Algetty has some issues with layers as well as some solidity issues.
-On Mt. Woe, the new effect limits visibility in battle, maybe finding a way to have it fade in battle would be good?
-There's an empty cheset under one of the Rubbles.
-Cannot open game menu in last village hut (the one your group wakes up in.)
-Crono Clone unobtainable, the scene between the party and Crono's mom happens, but you can't get the clone.  Only obtainable if you leave Crono's room, then go back up the stairs and press "a" on the clone.
-Solidity issue in Labura ruins after rescuing Crono.
-Slash sprite stays in the fight after he's been defeated in Ozzie's castle.
-The boss in the Azure Pyramid Maze is avoidable.
-Description for OzziePants is "The're soiled..."  Should be "They're soiled..."
-In 600 AF, Truce market merchant says "If the Hero is triumhant", should be triumphant.
-During Ioka Village party, Robo tells Lucca "That depends on what you definition of love is." Should be your.
-During Masamune repair scene, Melchior says "Then, a spell must be cast to seal the weild." Did you mean wield? Or weld? I would just use bond or fusion.
(I'm going to go ahead and assume that the reason Zeal is messed up is because you were planning to expand it, but reverted the maps for this release without fixing everything.)

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Shuweet!
« on: December 06, 2008, 08:45:34 am »
Just finished off getting all 13 endings! :D

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Happy Birthday Ozzie!
« on: December 03, 2008, 08:52:03 pm »
No, not the monster, the singer.  Thought it'd be fun to say it was Ozzie's birthday :P

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Arena Info Thread
« on: November 27, 2008, 09:15:04 am »
So, I didn't see an arena thread, so here goes.

After some trials I think I have the training system figured out.  Not how numbers or anything like that, but, I have figured out that the training depends souly on time.  Unfortunately you can't just leave your game on and go to sleep, as after I think 20 mins, you can get your monster back, and it won't advance any further for any amount of time after the 20 mins.  It also has nothing to do with amount of times you time travel, or amount of times you have saved.  Also, I only think its 20 mins, I haven't actually timed it accurately yet.

Anyone have anything to add about the arena?

Chrono Trigger + / CTDS and CT+
« on: November 21, 2008, 10:11:53 am »
The way I'm seeing it we're not overly effected by the new endings and content.  Since all we're doing in theory is expanding.  What I'm thinking is we should account for the story added, but I don't think we should add in the new content, that way we don't get shut down by SE.  So...  Z, maybe you should sit down and watch the youtube Faust has posted so you can rewrite a little bit, or add whatever.

My four cents, feel free to add yours.  Who knows, we might just get a dollar.

General Discussion / Variables
« on: November 12, 2008, 12:08:42 pm »
So, I almost got off on a tantrum about this in another thread, but I decided to start a new one.

I'm curious about something; does anyone else think of everyday life in forms of variables?  I approach complex situations by figuring out constants of the situation based on past experiences and logical guesses, then when there is something I'm not sure of (A persons reaction for example) I apply a that situation a variable.

I "solve" for the variable by creating many situations in my mind.  If I can think of the persons reaction(s) I figure out how I'll respond to the situation.

I guess an example would be best?  Assume I've just met a person for the first time, threw a friend of mine.  The person will be henceforth labled as Person A, and the friend of mine is Person B.  I will assume traits of Person A based on what I know about Person B, then, to test the waters with Person A, I will bring up common areas of discussion between myself and Person B, and depending on how Person A reacts, will decided what I say next.  If Person A reacts poorly to the topic, I would try a different topic to get a second situation.  After a few topics I would gather what I have figured out about Person A, and assume other traits about them.  So on and so forth.

So, I'm aware that a lot of the time the only way to get to know someone is to ask them questions about themselves, but, does anyone actually think about these kinds of things in forms of equations?

Chrono Trigger Modification / Saving Edited Maps
« on: July 31, 2008, 11:13:32 am »
So, newb TF question.  How do you save edits for maps?  (I hope that question makes sense.)

Chrono Trigger Modification / Temporal Flux Woe
« on: July 23, 2008, 12:37:17 pm »
So, I finally decide to start trying to use TF, but, low and behold, I have a couple problems.

My main one being that it won't work.  I have Microsoft .Net Framework downloaded-ish...  The problem I think is that when I download it, it gives me an error just before finishing that says something along the lines of "You must use "Turn Windows features on or off" in the control panel to install or configure Microsoft .NET framework 3.0"

When I go to that part in the control panel, I check all the boxes with framework and it still doesn't work...  I am not sure what to do from here.

Edit: Also, I'm not sure if this is worth noting or not, but I don't see any .net updates in my widows updates, infact, I don't have any updates in windows update :/

General Discussion / Meditation
« on: February 16, 2008, 02:59:09 pm »
I saw a book called Elemental Magick, and its by D.J. Conway.  Its a book with meditation, spells, and different creatures of the elements.  I thought this was very intresting, so I had to buy it.

I've so far only read the section on Earth, and soon to be starting Air.  I also tried the meditation for Earth, and, strangly, I found myself feeling more calm.

So, I must ask, does anyone else practice meditation, if so, would you like to share what you do and what you feel?

Also, there are quotes at the beginning of the elemental's chapters;
Earth:  Like Earth, be balanced with a solid foundation.
Air:  Like Air, let your mind and ideas fly free.
Fire:  Like Fire, be fully alive in body, mind and spirit.
Water:  Like still Water, be at peace and balanced in your emotions.
Spirit:  Like Spirit, be at one with everything in existence.

Oh, forgot to say that it looks at a fifth element called spirit.  It talks of how spirit is the center of the elements, and once you become balanced int he other four, you can then make contact with the element of spirit.

General Discussion / So annoyed
« on: January 23, 2008, 09:26:37 pm »
So, after over a year of thinking I hated Cross because it failed in my eyes to Chrono Trigger, I picked it up.  I was playing and playing and I realized I liked Chrono Cross.  I had just been bitter with it since I lost my place the first time after an unexpected break.

See, this would be great, I could still be happily playing it, just there's a problem; Cross doesn't work on PS3 without freezing when you use elements every now and again.  So, sadly I must set it down for now in annoyance.  Atleast this time I set it down remember its a good game!


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