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I'm crying!!!
I can't wait... I'll buy myself a DS only for this game!!!

hey and what about the soundtrack? will they use the same from the snes?
(well i don't think so, but...)

what if we talk about the project?
what do you think?

when??? where???

and what about a BEASTival...

"Festevale" sounds more like italian XD

Submissions / Re: EVERY FAN LOOK AT THIS!!!!
« on: June 06, 2008, 06:14:58 pm »
hey do you know where can I get this OVA with no subs?
i want to make a Spanish translation, as cleanest as posible

Ah yes the OVA, why...why make me watch that again?
and the first time i watched it was a long long time ago...

the word "vestival" doesn't exist... is "festival"
now lets talk about something important!!!

a small correction:
I think it is supposed to be Vete al vestival not ve al festival

EDIT: actually its vayanse (spelling might be wrong) al vestival.

that's right, because you can be with Marle there...
"vayanse" its for more than one person, and "ve" or "vete" its for only one person
the right spelling is "váyanse"

ohh sorry I didn't answer you, I've been a little busy...
ok, here's my msn...

Hola, soy de Chile y quería decir que ya hay traducciones al español de este juego (creo hay dos "oficiales"), de hecho hay una muy buena que cambia varios gráficos (por ejemplo, los de la carrera: "Start" y "Goal")
Vi las imágenes que subiste y la verdad faltan cosas (como el signo de exclamación "¡" y tildes)
Yo te podría ayudar con la redacción, ortografía, y también con la traducción... Creo que sólo con eso, porque no sé mucho de programación... Una vez intenté usar estos programas de Hacking, pero para mí estaban en chino =P
Bueno, mucha suerte y cualquier cosa me puedes enviar un correo...

Hi, I'm from Chile and I wanted to say that there already are Spanish translations of this game (I think there are two "officials"), in fact there is a very good one that it changes several graphs (for example, those of the race: "Start" and "Goal")
I saw the images that you uploaded and there are some things missing (as the exclamation sign "i" and tildes)
I could help you with the writing, spelling, and also with the translation... I think that only with that, because I don't know much of programming... Once I tried to use these Hacking programs, but they were in Chinese for me =P
Well, good luck and anything you want you can e-mail me...

Kajar Laboratories / Need a Project Forum?
« on: November 06, 2006, 05:54:04 pm »
I forgot something inportant!!!

My e-mail is:


Kajar Laboratories / Need a Project Forum?
« on: November 06, 2006, 05:44:40 pm »
Hi, I'm Dario Melo, and I'm from Chile (South America).
I'm new here, but I visited this page since almost 2 years...

I'm a great fan of the Chrono series (specially Chrono Trigger), and I want to make a game modification of CT. It will be a game of Glenn...
I downloaded all the modification programs that are in this page.
I would need some help in this project, so I want a Project Forum to contact people who wants to help me...
Please!!! I'm a starting "programmer", so I don't think I can do it alone...
I want to make a good game...

Well, thanks...


PD: I'm a music remixer too... :D

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