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General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« on: November 23, 2011, 04:45:38 am »
Tried to sleep, didn't work. Instead I came across this gem:

Chemistry Professor versus Christian Missionary: "I TEACH LOGIC, MOTHERFUCKER!"

General Discussion / Re: Personality Discussion and Advice
« on: November 21, 2011, 02:37:59 am »
Strange nervous tick of mine: After many words and sentences, I add a sort of a "humm" noise at the end. When I worked at a movie theater and I had to record showtimes on an answering machine, I'd concentrate very hard on not making that noise. Eventually, I just gave up, because even when thinking really hard about it, I still sometimes made the "hummm" noise. My mother and I sound identical on the telephone, but everyone can distinguish us quickly because I make the "humm" sound and she doesn't!

I have no idea where it came from, but it was first brought to my attention when I was 15. My boss thought my mom answered the phone, until I made the "humm," and then she said, "RW! The hum gave you away!"

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« on: November 18, 2011, 01:26:00 am »
I love unexpected meetings with old friends, and the new opportunities that arise. :)

It is absolutely astonishing that as my long-time depression has lifted, my life has been filled with amazing things and outstanding people. My life is so different. I have become a completely different person, even from who I was in July! I love my life so much right now.

I wish I could share this calmness and happiness with all of you Compendiumites! *hugs everyone*

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« on: November 14, 2011, 06:17:01 pm »
Well, I've always pronounced it Skah-la. Even before seeing that video... :roll:

Same here. I always thought the "Sch-" in her name would be equivalent to the same sound you hear in "school" or "scholarly." Therefore, I always pronounced Schala to sound like Skah-la.

I've had this debate with way too many Compendiumites in the last year. I'm not going in for another round now, haha.

General Discussion / Re: The $%*! frustration thread
« on: November 09, 2011, 07:15:50 pm »
My frustration: In the attempt to squash pseudoscientific alternative medicine, sometimes we accidentally lump in the real doctors too!

This clinic treats cancer patients by running a genetic profile of the patient and using the medicine they think will work best with the individual's genome. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am extremely anti-alternative medicine, but this guy does NOT fall into that category. He's a real medical doctor, and his methods have cured a lot of patients who had cancer, and they're living years later cancer free! That's really amazing. His medicine is in Stage 3 FDA trials right now for approval for cancer treatment, the final stage before approval!

Now the Texas Board of Health is suing to take away his medical license because he was unable to cure two of his cancer patients. One had an extremely rare cancer that has less than a thousand recorded cases in history, and the other was triple negative breast cancer. I don't understand the logic here... I don't know of any oncologists who have only lost two cancer patients in the course of their career!

The video explains it in more detail, but the possible outcome is very distressing. If he loses his license, his clinic will shut down and all his patients will find themselves without treatment. And also, he's the only guy in the entire United States doing this right now.

It's possible I'm missing some crucial detail here, but I don't know of one. I made a note of this guy a few years ago, and thought he'd be interesting to follow. Alternative medicine nuts may claim to cure cancer, but this guy actually has scores of documented people who have been cured of serious, terminal cancer. That's noteworthy!

People seem to think it's some drug company conspiracy or whatever. I don't really buy into all that, but as for Texas just generally being and doing batshit crazy stuff? Yeah, I believe that!

OMG Yay! MUSIC!!! :) Thanks for all your work, Starbeam, and congrats!

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« on: November 06, 2011, 03:51:42 am »
I created a bismuth crystal today, after months of trying! I started trying in late August, and after many, many attempts, couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. So, I consulted an old high school friend who happens to be a Chemist (and absolute genuis), and he gave me a few thoughts on the nature of the polymorphism of crystalline metals. After some chit-chat about soild elemental metals and the way my bismuth sample was melting, we generally concluded that I couldn't be dealing with a pure sample of bismuth. Solid metals tend to have a very sharp melting point. That means that at 278C it'd be solid, and at 280C it's completely liquid. That hadn't been my experience at all, and it had been more reminiscent of melting a block of cheese. It'd get melty, then lumpy, then finally liquid. This inconsistency suggested that the bismuth also included other minerals, ones that crystallized differently when I would cool the sample. That's why I never had consistent or even remotely correct-looking results.

So I headed to a local rock shop and talked to the owner, who didn't have an entire bismuth ingot, but did have a sample that he was "pretty sure" was pure (and said I could bring it back for a refund if it wasn't! That's great customer service, there!). So, I took the small bit of bismuth home, cleaned all my equipment carefully, heated the bismuth to about 300C and did the exact same process again. The result? PRETTY BISMUTH CRYSTALS!!!!!

I did a few little things wrong (rookie mistakes for a geologist, but then again mineralogy is not my specialization), but next time I'll do better! :) And I plan to buy more bismuth and make many more crystals! :) I just have to be gentle with these things. Bismuth is quite soft, ranking in just underneath the strength of the average fingernail!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this crystal isn't as large as it appears. It's about an inch by an inch.

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« on: November 03, 2011, 02:41:47 am »
Conversation with D:

"I don't think I can consider myself a Christian anymore.  I'm starting to see that a lot of the things I was taught when I was growing up just weren't true.  So no, I'm not a Christian.  And I'm okay with that."

/flails happily

WOOT! Go D, and congrats! Congrats to BOTH of you!

I am such a tarot card geek, so I keep hoping some of these cards will actually come into existence. :)

I'd love to see Glenn (from Chrono Cross) in a Chrono Cross set somewhere, because I always thought of him as one of the core characters (and admittedly, he's my favorite character in the entire game, haha). Either way, I'd be screaming with joy to see these card sets.... Whether it's a Cross or Trigger set (or if Christmas can come twice, both!).

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Can't return to the Black Omen
« on: November 02, 2011, 12:28:50 am »
Hey, no worries! Like I said, I overlooked the Epoch the exact same way on my first playthrough! :)

Since it seems like you defeated the Black Omen, you won't be able to return to it in the same time period that you defeated it in. So, say if you defeated it in 1000 AD, you can play through the Black Omen a second time in 600 AD if you want, and a third time in 12000 BC. Once you've defeated it in 12000 BC, though, there will be no more returning to the Black Omen in any time period! After all, if you wipe it out in Antiquity, it won't be there for you to thrash in the future, now will it?

Glad to be of help. Enjoy the game! :)

Polling / Re: who is ur favrit dragn bell
« on: October 31, 2011, 08:42:55 pm »
My vote is for Kang Kia!

Sure, I have no idea who he actually is. I just like the fact that if you say the name three times really fast, it sounds like the name of some medical disorder.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Can't return to the Black Omen
« on: October 31, 2011, 08:38:15 pm »
It could be a random glitch. I had a bizarre glitch or two randomly show up when playing Final Fantasy 6 in the past, so it's not inconceivable that there could have been a random error in your CT playthrough somewhere. Admittedly, I don't have the sheer number of playthroughs with Chrono Trigger that I do with other games, so I have never encountered a CT error myself, not even the famed Wolflobe sword! :( )

But before jumping to the conclusion that something is majorly wrong with your gamesave, let's rule out some things. While it seems ridiculously simple, have you checked the far, far right end of the platform at the End of Time? If you walk down that little stairway where Magus is standing, the Epoch might be there. (Truth: The first time I played CT I completely missed this somehow, so that's why I bring it up.) At some point Gaspar comments that the Epoch follows the characters around, as if it has a will of its own, so its worth double-checking.

You say you returned to the End of Time via a time gate after defeating outer Lavos. In that case, there isn't going to be a gate that leads back to the Black Omen itself. You can use the bucket gate to get back to the underground cave, which will lead you to the inner Lavos battles. When you returned to the End of Time after the battles, did you use the Time Gates to try and revive Chrono? Or had the Epoch not yet disappeared by that point?

Hmm.... Well, did you perhaps crash the Epoch into Lavos during a trip to 1999 by any chance? I've never followed that course of action, but I think it removes the Epoch from the game (after all, it's wrecked).

I hope something in this jumble of ideas is helpful!

Fan Art / Re: New webcomic
« on: October 31, 2011, 08:00:06 pm »
Brilliant! :)

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you hate
« on: October 31, 2011, 07:02:58 am »
I just accidentally stumbled across a video of "witches" being beaten and burned to death in Kenya. It's such a terrifying display of religious fanaticism gone wrong and human brutality at its worst that it's brought me to tears and made me nauseous. I cannot comprehend the rage and inhumanity that could drive a human to do that to another human, especially one who has done no harm to the attacker. I guess I was just not born with the capacity to understand that.

People say this is what the world would look like if we atheists ran it, if there were no God to guide us. That WE'RE the ones without compassion and morals. And yet, with "God" guiding these people, they... they beat and burned people to death. For not being Christian. There was true, vicious rage in these beatings.

I know the past is full of this kind of thing, like the Crusades. The Internet just brings it to you in terrifying full color. And you can stumble across this stuff accidentally, like I did.

I can't think of anything more religiously batshit than this. I just... everything else, all the battles we fight legally, all the rights we demand in regards to religious freedom... It's to keep inhumane and brutal things like this from happening.

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Re: Welcome, welcome!
« on: October 26, 2011, 01:33:13 am »

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