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Fan Fiction / Re: Chrono Zero - What came after the fight...?
« on: July 16, 2006, 02:07:14 pm »
Once again, thanks ^_^ *fixing it* Man, I need to study *grabs english book*

Fan Fiction / Re: Chrono Zero - What came after the fight...?
« on: July 16, 2006, 01:24:22 pm »
Thank you. If you could point the errors for me to fix it would be a great help, as it is very hard do find all of them, at least for me. Anyway, thanks.

Fan Fiction / Chrono Zero - What came after the fight...?
« on: July 16, 2006, 12:54:42 pm »
Well, hello there. I'm am a big Chrono fan, and, after reading trough a lot of FAQs and playing trough the game for like, seventy times, I decided to write a Chrono fanfic, like a onward to Chrono Cross. Please forgive me for the spelling errors,  if any. I'm brazilian, and the english schooling here is not all that, but I try. Well, I tried to be as closer possible to the original history - in terms of time and space - but there's some little things that I changed.~ Oh, and I accept help, you see? Only pointing the errors is a great help, thanks.~ [Thanks for "nightmare975"]


Chrono Zero - When the Time-Crash comes...

   Chapter I: Another Calling from Beyond Time...

“I will find you... Even if I need to search the world over... Sometime, somewhere... I’m sure...”

   In his dreams, he saw her. That beautiful lady again. Standing on that beach, as his heart pulsed quicker and quicker, he felt her happiness, her pain, her soul, just looking to the faraway. When her face began to turn, nothing but everything disappeared, leaving only her faithful smile, only to say good-bye  - Not that dream again... - he said, while slowly opening his eyes to reality, awakening from his torment - Who is that girl? - when thinking about her, he could see her image, just standing peacefully on his mind, once again, her heavenly presence was felt deep in his heart. Her golden long hair, shining trough his mind like the sun to the earth. That blue cerulean eyes, resembling two jewels, just waiting to be stolen. He had that dream a thousand times, over and over, almost as a curse... The curse of the truth. What was happening? Who was her? That, we will find out on this history, told by myself...

   Our history begins in the small, but peaceful, Arni Village, in the year of 1021 A.D, where this seventeen years old boy tries to reach his own soul, in search of answers - I need to know... Who is that girl... - realizing that sleep couldn’t help him, he just started to get dressed. Blue shorts, black shirt, both over his bed. He quickly dressed them and started looking around his room, searching for something else. His room was a normal, bit rudimental, room. Entirely made of bamboo, it was adorned by beautiful pieces of weaving, one of Arni Village beauties, and also a few plant vases. While looking, he got bothered because the room was too dark - it was night, anyway - so he opened the curtains, which covered entirely the only window on the room. When opened, wow, the boy had a surprise: it was full moon. That heavenly white moon, watching over the earth as a goddess. But “over the god was its shadow”. There were two moons: in front of the white one was a smaller version. This one, glooming to the living creatures in the dark night, had a bloody-red color, giving truth to its name: The Dark Moon. Oddly enough, he could feel something else about it, like once he knew someone, or something very special to him that was connected to it, or even more than that. There was something fishy about it on that night, though. He just decided to ignore it by now, resuming his search - after all, the room wasn’t dark anymore. After one look over it, he found - under a chair - what he was looking for. Carefully picking it up, the boy remembered when he first saw it, one year back then. A fisherman from the village gave it to him, realizing that his dreams were complete, and that wasn’t needed anymore, but maybe, on some other time, someone did. That was a Lion Shark Tooth necklace, which the boy took care of as a rare item, yet even being mediocre, because, as his mother used to say: “the greatest gift is the one that makes your memories”. Nor that he really understood it, the necklace had something else. After putting it on, he began looking for another piece of his clothing: a piece of shirt - which he used over his black one, probably as a protective armor, or something. That lied behind a vase. It didn’t have sleeves, but some metallic tone almost all over it, except by the leather over the shoulders. Same as his gloves, those were just below it. Lastly, he took his shoes and was just going outside, when remembering one last thing: his bandana - Hmm... I think I left it under the bed... - as said, there it was. That red bandana was just fine over his marine-blue hair and with that, he finally went outside, also giving a personal note to him self - I must clean my room... - as he left his house, he gave a look at his village. Nothing more than four or five houses were made, not counting the elder’s house, which was just behind his house. A simple village, indeed, but no one was ever sad. When he was almost leaving, a motherly voice called by his name - Lost in your thoughts, Serge? - As lost in the Dead Sea, mom... - So that dream hasn’t given up? - he could only smile, giving nothing more than the answer she expected. Serge turned back to see his mother, a beautiful looking middle-aged woman, carrying a warm smile on her face - Did you stop trying to forget? - he thought a little, such a hard question to be made, but after a while, his answer was - I think so, even if, I dunno how to remember... - she gave a long sigh, and then said calmly - Someone once said: “None alone has the power to heal all the woes, or solve all the mysteries, but big journeys are made from little steps, and acknowledge is made of tries... ” and I think that just fits you now... - like any mother, she always said the right things, and those words comforted his soul, but as any mom, she quickly changed the subject - Oh, and one more thing: Radius said that the monsters of the Lizard Rock are acting very strange these days, you should get your swallow before going there... - How do you know I’m going there? - Well, it is always Opassa, isn’t it? - Thank you, Mom... - Here it is, your swallow... - she handed Serge a big weapon-like thing, composed by two bone pieces, carefully forged to resemble flames, both connected by a piece of wood. Truly an impressive instrument, which he carefully tied up to his belt - Well... I’ll be back later, Mom! - as Marge gave a kindly smile, Serge went off to his thoughts - to Opassa Beach.

   Well, well, just wait there. To get in Opassa, he needed first to cross the Lizard Rock, once rocky path, home of the Komodo Dragons. “Once” because of an important element: the time. The corals, spread trough the place as the time passed, were attached to the rocks, and the sea, not something to be underestimated, made holes and passages in the rocks, giving place to tropical vegetation - as it doesn’t grow without water - and various small lakes, some rumored to contain treasures hidden within. However, in the night, darkness was absolute, making the only thing visible the moon, which barely lightened the place. Well, that’s not making the way any easier, it is? So, while crossing it, Serge needed to be careful. Oddly enough, he saw no monsters on the way, nor the slightest noise - No monsters here, either... Weird... - as the crossing were doing just fine, he did a little stop by one of the countless lakes of the Lizard Rock. However, as he washed his face on the lake, strange things began to happen. Serge began to see weird reflections on it... Reflexes of a lost past. He saw dragon statues, surrounding a gorgeous fortress. A frozen ruin, where the sea gave way to three adventurers. But more than that, he could see the day when he met her... Back in his long lost memories...

   Past Chapter - Through the Hidden Holes in Time...

   Serge recognized that place. It was next to Arni Village. The place where love starts, and where death comes - The Cape Howl. As the sunset came, he saw himself, walking thru the coral path, which beyond laid not only the most beautiful view of El Nido, but a shell where love promises were made. He knew that because there was his own. However, when the “other he” read it, Serge could clearly see the words.

   “R.I.P. - Our beloved Serge, died at age 7. Nobody can take anything away from him, nor can anyone give anything to him. What came from the sea has returned to the sea...”

   Serge was astonished by those words. How come he could read his own grave? And how that could be there, if he himself made the love promise, even if he didn’t fulfill it. But the memory didn’t stop there, as the “other he” was reading, three strange elements approached him. The middle one looked like a leader: he had a purple-ish, long hair and eyes redder than the blood. He also used stylish white clothes, full of details. Also, an enormous axe was tied to his belt. The other two were probably subordinates of him, as both used similar golden armors. The right one was fat and short, as for the left: he was slim and tall, and had a french-like look. Red and Black hairs, respectively. Weirdly enough, Serge could recognize that faces, and even their names - Solt and... Peppor... How come? - the first to talk was the leader - So, you must be Serge... The ghost of the boy who died ten years ago. Sorry, junior, but you have no choice than coming with us. C’mon, be a good boy here, ok? - Solt questioned that - But, Sir Karsh... Do you think its truly true that this chap is a ghost? He seems like a perfectly perfect young boy to me... - as Serge retreated, Karsh began to get bothered - That doesn’t matter! We found the boy here, just like “he” said we would! Now, Solt, Peppor, SEIZE HIM! - was that the end for Serge? No, not at that time...

- Hold yer sea horses! - that voice. As his body pulsated, the answers for his questions began to come. Standing over a cliff above then, was a beautiful blonde girl around Serge’s age, wearing a red thief outfit. Her blue eyes reflected the beautiful sunset and yet even more... Those were his torments, as so his love. But before Serge could look well in her face, he heard something from the reality. It was coming from the beach. Without thinking twice, Serge went there, maybe leaving the only chance to see who that girl was, but he couldn’t ignore someone in danger, ever.

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