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Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Re: Happy Birthday Z!
« on: August 06, 2008, 07:48:06 pm »
Late, but Happy Birthday mister Z !
Next year I'll wish it in time.
Keep up the awesome work on the Compendium.  8)

Site Updates / Re: Chrono Trigger DS Goes to Europe
« on: August 06, 2008, 07:43:41 pm »
Wonderful news !! Finally a Chrono game will be released in Europe, and it will not be the last !!
Next step : Chrono Break (or Chrono Cross PSP).
I hope the game will be translated for each European country (which was not the case for every SE game, Star Ocean 3 or FF Tactics for example) to guarantee a great success.

Now the question is : will I be able to wait for the French release or will I get an US copy before the PAL release ?
Early 2009, it's not very clear. But who cares, great news dammit !!  8)

On a picturesque meadow on a certain day in 1999 A.D, or on a boat sailing beneath Zeal...the day the blizzards stopped.

I'd like to eat on Viper Manor forest actually. To eat mushrooms of course (mmmmm @____@ ).

« on: July 02, 2008, 12:19:00 pm »
Amazing, wonderful, magic news !!!!!!


Polling / Re: If you could change Chrono Cross, how would you do it?
« on: June 11, 2008, 09:56:28 pm »
Other : Reinsert the experience system, so farewell Star levels.
I really like Cross battle system so I would not change anything about it.

Of course, more background for the characters who are not called Serge, Kid, Lynx or Harle would be wonderful.

One thing I can't tell if I'd change it for Chrono Cross or another Chrono game is about the main character. I don't know if that "silent protagonist tradition" is a good thing or not.

General Discussion / Re: The Top RPGs of ALL Time (by "Era")
« on: September 24, 2007, 06:46:57 pm »
Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom & Sega Genesis
Chrono Trigger : 9.2/10
Secret of Mana : 9.1/10
Final Fantasy VI : 9/10
Phantasy Star IV : 8.5/10

Chrono Cross : 9.8/10
Xenogears : 9.5/10

Playstation 2
Xenosaga Episode 3 : 9/10

Nintendo Gamecube
Baten Kaitos Origins : 9.99999/10
Skies of Arcadia Legends : 9.1/10

Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Golden Sun : the Lost Age : 8.8/10

Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 27: Orlha
« on: September 24, 2007, 06:20:25 pm »
Chara-design : A pretty martial artist who reminds me of Aika from Skies of Arcadia Legends.

Combat usefulness : I think she is the best choice for a blue element.

Tilt factor : I can't remember a lot about her backstory, maybe because it was a little confusing. I still remember her encounter with her sister Tia, a moment I particularly liked in the game.

Final Grade : B

Submissions / Re: Chrono Cross fanart- Serge/Kid Home/Another
« on: June 04, 2007, 10:34:20 pm »
I visited your gallery a few days ago when I was searching for some Baten Kaitos fanarts and I didn't have noticed that awesome Chrono Cross fanart. Congrats and thanks, another great pic on my desktop now.
Welcome to the Compendium.

I think the shadow is Dalton, but what I'm sure is that Dalton is not smart enough to submit Porre for his wish of revenge against Crono team. And Kyronea is right, Dalton doesn't even know Crono's origins.
That's why I think Dalton wasn't alone and that there was someone else who guided Dalton in Guardia for his own interest. I don't know who could be Dalton's manipulator and what could be his purpose though.
Dalton's shadow itself is already pure speculation.

If I remember correctly, no many Chrono characters wear a cape. In Chrono Trigger, usual soldiers have armours and in Chrono Cross, Porre soldiers fight with guns.

I think it's Dalton. The gloves match, he has long hair, a cape, and the motive for revenge on Guardia.

The shadow is Dalton. This is my belief and I will stick to it until a new Chrono game comes out and explains it.
My thoughts exactly.

My vote goes definitely to Nobuteru Yuuki, because Harle's design is pure genious (and Lynx looks so badass, and Kid is too cute, and...).
Even if I prefer Schala's design from Chrono Trigger.
And I don't know many others artists/mangakas, so...
I wonder what could have done a Magus drawn by Yuuki, but I'm sure I'll see that in Chrono Break.

Prior Contest Archive / Re: I give up
« on: March 01, 2007, 03:19:29 pm »
I made a try but I'm not sure that it's what you exactly wish.

Fan Project News/Updates / Re: Chrono Crisis Soundtrack Demo
« on: March 01, 2007, 02:16:25 pm »
Never seen that thread, hopefully the links still work.
A great job you've done, especially for Walking on Sacred Forest.

General Discussion / Re: Japan-only games on Wii VC a possibility
« on: February 26, 2007, 05:22:27 pm »
According to a friend of mine who has the Wii, we can't.

General Discussion / Re: Baten Kaitos
« on: February 09, 2007, 04:05:34 pm »
The project has been cancelled, unfortunately...

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