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Articles / Re: Magus and Schala: The Eternal Tragedy
« on: February 28, 2006, 04:18:36 am »
I apologize in advance if I'm sort of kicking at a dead horse, but this article was an interesting and enjoyable read and I did want to comment back on it with some of my own thoughts.

Quote from: GrayLensman
There, at the peak of his powers, Magus had a second chance to stop the Ocean Palace disaster from occurring and save his sister. But Magus' first priority was revenge on Lavos; his sister's well being came in second place.

Basically, yes, but I think there’s more to it than that.

I’ve only recently played through Radical Dreamers, and one of the quotes that caught my eye in particular was Magil/Magus pleading with Serge to not “repeat his mistake, and forget what’s important.” The context, of course, was protecting Kid/Schala. Yes, Radical Dreamers is an alternate universe, but I thought it was interesting for a glimpse of Kato’s general idea of how Magus would have turned out after the events of Chrono Trigger.

Magus sort of struck me as being at a loss as to how to handle Schala during his guise as the Prophet. There are multiple times, during the Ocean Palace sequence, where he starts moving towards Schala in concern, and then holds himself back, only to do it again in the next cutscene. Several times he makes expressions of general alarm in regards to her - for example, when she pleads with him to spare Crono and company. During his twenty or so years in 600 AD, any idea of “saving Schala” wouldn’t have even been a blip on his radar - during that entire period, as far as he’s concerned, Schala and Zeal are long gone and all he has left is his revenge against Lavos. Obviously, he’s been consumed with that obsession for all of that time. But being sent back to Zeal and being actually face to face with his sister again - I think it threw him for a sort of emotional loop, and he wasn’t sure how to deal with it. So basically, he just didn’t - and besides that, by that point, he had been so fixated with his goal of killing Lavos for so long I’m not sure that he even really comprehended the possibility of just bailing Schala out and disregarding his revenge. In other words, he’d forgotten what was truly important to him, and based on Radical Dreamers, it seems like he realized that at some point - and regretted it.

So I don’t think it’s quite as simple as Magus just deciding, “My personal vengeance against Lavos is of higher priority than my sister’s safety.” By way of his actions he more or less did choose that, but I think he was sort of ignoring that he had the option between those two choices in the first place - he never expected to see Schala again to begin with, after all. When Lavos takes him down definitively, he’s not cursing and raging more about his failure at vengeance; he’s asking if Schala is all right. Guy didn’t know what it was he wanted, so he just kept going down the path more familiar to him, in a sense.

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