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but I've come here because I'm not sure it's possible, and frankly not sure where to start.
I'm an app/web developer that has absolutely 0 experience in rom modification.

To keep it short, I have an idtea that I want to bring to Twitch ( that involves both combining your average Twitch Plays bot (this is unimportant even if you're unfamiliar) and a modified Chrono Trigger rom.

I want to know if it would be possible to modify a Chrono Trigger rom to apply various effects to the party/party members on input combinations pressed simultaneously or in rapid succession, for example...

A+B+START = reduce the party health by half
B+L+SELECT = lower single party member's health by x
START+R+B = lower single party member's mp by x
SELECT+START+R = kill single party member
SELECT+START+L = change party member's equipment (to something in inventory)

stuff like that, and possibly more. Is this kind of thing feasible, and how hard would you say it is?

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