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Oh crap. If I had a copy I would also be willing to help seed.


Someone popped into the seed pool for the older of the two, thank you! I'm not certain if i can link the magnet, but  im in there. Let me know if I am allowed, and ill attach the url to this post.

I am recently falling in LOVE with Chrono and the world. I have found both versions of the torrrent but also am lacking the ability to download due to seeds. I know this thread is depricated but if there is ANYONE out there that can seed me up, I will literally keep my seed up until my computer dies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone for making this awesome community!~

this is one of the biggest and comprehensive music collections of all time, the version that Zeality sent out for christmas has 0 seeds (I'm at 98% complete) and the other one which is 1995-2008 only has 4 seeds including myself. The two have a lot of overlapping content but they do have some unique content so it is important to seed BOTH of them.

If those of you who have downloaded and enjoyed these music compilations could start seeding them again, and even upload them to new sites to get more exposure that would be great. As soon as I get 100% on both torrents I am going to upload a torrent of them combined to several torrent sites that I know of and am just trying to get them alive and going again so many people can enjoy them, especially with the release of crimson echoes, a big shot in the arm to the chrono series, just around the corner. It would be good to have these torrents ready and seeded for returning fans.

thank you for your time.


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