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Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Re: Goodbye...
« on: April 17, 2020, 07:40:12 pm »
I also owe MS04 a HUGE apology for dropping the ball in both testing and promoting Chrono Trigger: Master Quest. As soon as time permits, I plan on fully playing the ROM hack and promoting the hell out of it both here and on reddit. So if you see this, MS04, I'm so, so sorry!

Don't worry about it, dude, I understand! There was a lot going on, and I was able to make posts promoting it on here and on Reddit anyways!

Hey all, and welcome back to my Chrono What-If series! It's been a while, huh? Well, I'm back, and ready to carry on the what-if where Cyrus lives and Glenn dies. Last time, we left it off at the first battle with Magus. Let's carry on, shall we?

The story stays the same for a while, so let's skip ahead to the confrontation with Magus at the North Cape, which goes a little differently if Cyrus is brought along. The hero instantly rushes forward to strike Magus, but the fiendlord knocks him down to the ground. "Can you let me speak instead of trying to avenge that pathetic friend of yours?" Magus calls out after knocking Cyrus down. "Alright. but after this, we fight!", Cyrus demands to the fiendlord, who just nods at this remark before telling the story of Zeal. However, instead of Cyrus preparing to fight, he feels different. Holding back all of his anger towards Magus, he asks if he wants to help them get back Crono and stop Lavos. Magus agrees, and the heroes head back. The sidequests are exactly the same as in the regular game, except for one...

The sidequest to avenge Cyrus in the original game is now replaced with Glenn, since Cyrus is alive.

Once all the sidequests are complete and Lavos is defeated, nothing changes, for the most part. So, I think that's where we'll end it off for now! Please, feel free to request any what-if scenarios for me to do, I'm running out of ideas for them!

Hey all, and welcome back to my Chrono What-If series, where I cover different what-if scenarios for all the Chrono games. This what-if is going to be an interesting one: what if Glenn sacrifised himself to save the life of Cyrus, who dies in the normal story? Well, how about we simply begin?

This scenario begins once Glenn and Cyrus encounter Magus and Ozzie on the Denadoro Mountains after obtaining the Masamune. Just like in the normal story, Cyrus tries to attack Magus, but ends up getting knocked away and not even landing a scrath on the Fiendlord. As Magus prepares his spell, Cyrus warns Glenn to stay back, but he refuses. Instead, Glenn heroicly pushes Cyrus off the cliff and into the water below, sacrifising himself and taking Magus's attack. After a while, Cyrus wakes up but realizes his friend is gone. Without hesitation, he takes the Hero Medal that fell alongside him and heads back to Guardia Castle. Not much happens for a while; Cyrus tells the royalty of Glenn's passing, but he promises to defend the kingdom with his life and that Magus will pay for all he's done. However, during the ten years of 590 AD - 600 AD, Cyrus starts to feel guilty about letting Glenn die and enters a more depressive state.

The rest of the story is the same until the Naga-Ette surprise-attacks Lucca, knocking her down. Before the beast can get it's next strike in, Cyrus jumps out from behind the organ and slashes it with his sword. He immediately demands that the two head to safety, but seeing that Crono and Lucca won't budge, he reluctantly accompanies them. After slaying Yakra and saving Queen Leene, Cyrus decides to stay at the castle to ensure no harm comes to the royalty. Everything remains the same until the encounter with Ozzie on Zenan Bridge, where Cyrus is fighting alongside the other knights of Guardia. He once again decides to join the heroes and they end up fighting off all of Ozzie's minions and Zombor, just like normal. Since Cyrus already has the Hero Medal in his possession, Tata isn't involved in this part of the plot. Instead, he accompanies Crono to the Denadoro Mountains for the Masamune. Since he's already fought them, Masa and Mune simply hand over the legendary sword, which is broken, just like the original story. Not much happens until the confrontation with Magus, but Cyrus now comes along to Prehistory to find some Dreamstone.

The Fiendlord is initially confused, pondering how Cyrus has survived this long. He simply laughs and proclaims that it's time to end this fight once and for all. The fight then begins, and Magus is pretty easily defeated. This basically ends the what-if for now, as the heroes get sent to Prehistory...

Oh, also, here to answer a few questions about Cyrus in terms of gameplay:

  • Cyrus is a fire user, kinda like Lucca. So this means that there is no Water magic-user in the party.
  • Cyrus plays identical to Glenn, although he does have a few different, non frog-related Techs.

Maybe an original add-on epilogue for the "Fall of Guardia"?

That's definitely a possibility, although I do wanna make a hack of the events afterwards and the fates of Crono and Marle.

Hey, all! Now that CT - Master Quest has been out for just over two weeks, I'd like to hear the thoughts and opinions of you, the players! What parts did you like, dislike and want improved in future updates?

Oh, speaking of future updates, I'm mainly using this post to ask what you guys would like to see in future updates of CT - Master Quest. If it's possible for me to do, I'll be sure to do it!

Once again, CT - Master Quest is available for download on these forums or through, so if you haven't played it yet, what are ya waiting for?

Hey, all! Previously, I had made another what-if scenario, where I discussed the idea of Magus being properly defeated in 600 AD, making Frog/Glenn kill him after the battle at his keep. This is carrying on from there, so let's begin, shall we? (Also, Dalton died in the Ocean Palace Incident in this timeline, due to him having no way of escaping.)

Instead of being woken up by the elder of Algetty, the party is woken up by Schala, who invites them over to the North Cape to have a talk. While there, she apologizes for all the torment that Queen Zeal caused to them, and also ponders about what happened to her brother, Janus. Right then, Glenn (who's in the party) remembers something: rumors that Magus once emerged from a portal, not unlike the many Gates the heroes have been travelling through on their adventure. He stares down in shame for a few seconds, before collecting his thoughts and preparing to head off with the group. Schala tells them about the Guru of Time who may be able to revive Crono, and the story continues on. However, the party do receive the Epoch during the quest to revive Crono, but since it hasn't been modified by Dalton to include wings, it's in the most basic stage.

The story continues on, and all the side-quests then happen. However, since Queen Zeal sacrificed herself in the Ocean Palace, the Black Omen never appeared, just like in the original timeline where Crono didn't time-travel. In the ending, Schala appears to bid the heroes farewell, although she does comment about searching for Janus. This concludes the story, but what about this timeline's future?

Considering Schala's alive and well, and Dalton wasn't around to ensure the Fall of Guardia, the future is a rather happy one for our heroes. It's also worth mentioning that since Schala didn't reincarnate herself into Kid, Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers most likely wouldn't have taken place. However, in this timeline, Lucca still opens up her orphanage from CC, Crono and Marle rule over Guardia in peace, Ayla gets married to Kino and starts the line of Guardia, Robo and Glenn live in peace and Schala's... Well, she's helping rebuild humanity in the Dark Ages, while still attempting to look for Janus.

That's all for now, folks! If you have what-if scenarios you'd like to see, suggest them in the comments below!

I've changed it up so it all makes sense now. I'm currently working on the second part.

Hey, all! Here's the next part of my Chrono What-If series, with this one being slightly longer and probably a lot more interesting. This one discusses the idea of Magus being properly defeated by Frog in 600 AD after his battle, and what would happen if he wasn't around to become the Prophet of Zeal. Let's begin!

We start right after the battle with Magus. "Your skill with the-", Magus says before a final attack from Frog with the Masamune, wounding him beyond recognition. "Cyrus... You have been avenged!" Frog shouts out in victory before going back to Magus. "And you, fiendlord, have you stopped the creation of Lavos?" the amphibian demands. "What?! I didn't create him, I simply was planning to summon him! He has dwelt within the Earth for...", Magus is only able to muster up the strength to say these words, before he falls to the ground, defeated. The scene then plays as normal, just without Magus saying anything.

Once the party wake up in 65000000 BC, Frog realizes he is now human, undoing the spell that Magus put onto him in 590 AD. The plot remains the same until the party enter the portal to 12000 BC, and encounter the Queen. Instead of the Prophet/Magus declaring the three as evildoers, the party warns her of the dangers of Lavos, which she doesn't believe, and Dalton then defeats the party with his Golem. Schala frees them as usual, but since Magus doesn't catch them, the trio sneak out of Zeal via a secret passageway hidden behind a bookcase in Schala's bedroom, although all entry to Zeal via the Skyways is locked off, due to rumors of more evildoers. The plot actually changes up a little this time, considering the absence of the Prophet. Melchior isn't banished to Mt. Woe in this timeline, but instead heads to Algetty to warn the Earthbound of the Ocean Palace and the disastrous aftermath that may occur, which is when Crono and the gang encounter him in this time. Things resume as usual until the Ocean Palace.

Just like in the original timeline, only Schala, Queen Zeal, the Gurus and Janus are aboard the Ocean Palace, making the trek pretty easy for our heroes. Lavos still awakens, and sends the Gurus and Janus to their current times. The party still attempt to fight the beast, but are defeated. Before Schala and Queen Zeal can get killed by Lavos, Crono sacrifices himself again. Since there are 4 people in the Ocean Palace like in the regular game, one has to be left behind. While Schala initially wants to, Queen Zeal, seeing how wrong everything has went with Lavos, decides to stay and sacrifice herself. Schala doesn't become a party member this time around like in my first what-if where she stayed alive, so there's only a total of 6 this time.

I think that's enough for today, folks! I'll see you all another time, for the second part. Once again, feel free to suggest more what-if scenarios I could do!

That's right, folks, it's FINALLY here! Are you ready for the master quest?

This hack for the SNES version brings in a bunch of fixes, new content and some accuracy changes as well as slightly increased difficulty if you play the regular version of this hack. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention! If you don't want a harder difficulty, you can use the Jr. version of the hack, which keeps all those new changes but the difficulty remains the same as base CT.

Inside the ZIP file are the two IPS files and a Readme, which includes a mini-Q&A if you have some questions to ask. Once again, thank you all for the support and I'll see you all again for future updates to this hack and maybe some more original stuff in the future...?

(And yes I know it's a day early than I said I would release it, but why not? Sorry for potentially causing a shock!)

Oh, it's also now available now on, check it out here:

Hey, all! With this final update before the release of CT - Master Quest, I'd like to confirm something special: Post-release updates will be happening!

So, what to expect in these smaller updates? Probably just either bug fixes, or a few special surprises...  :wink:

I'm excited to see what you all think of the hack once it releases, and maybe tell me your favorite change! Have fun on March 7th, folks, I'll see you all then! (I know this was a smaller update than all the others, but who cares? At least you all are up to date on this project!)

Hey, all! I've seen plenty of you getting excited for the hack over on r/chronotrigger on Reddit and on these forums, and I just wanna say thanks for the support! I just wanted to give a quick status update and mention some things about how the hack will be downloaded.

First of all, the hack will be downloaded in a traditional .zip file, which will be available here until I get it up on (which I will announcer BTW). The .zip file contains the two patches (regular and Jr.) and a readme. The readme contains general notes on what's improved, but also a small "Q&A" section, where I'll answer some questions that I know I'll get. Here are the questions now:

Q: Can I play/livestream the hack?
A: Sure! Just make sure to credit me for making the hack.

Q: Can I make a repro cart of the hack?
A: Sure, just do NOT sell it. I don't want people profiting off fan works, more specifically my own work.

Q: What are the main differences between this hack and regular CT?
A: Not too much, mainly just some new content, cut content coming back and increased difficulty if you play the regular version of this hack.

Q: Any future projects to look forward to?
A: Not yet. I have plans for more ROM hacks for many different games (including some more CT hacks), so make sure to check those out! I'll announce new CT hacks on the Chrono Compendium forums first.

Q: Should my Chrono Trigger ROM be headered or headerless?
A: I made this hack on a headerless ROM, so that's probably what you should use. There are ways to remove a header from a ROM, so find out for yourself.

Q: Where can I find a Chrono Trigger ROM?
A: I will not point you to directly where you can find a Chrono Trigger ROM, as it's technically piracy, which I don't condone. It would be best to backup your own ROM.

Before I go with this rather quick update (I just love doing them!), I'd love to give a huge thanks to Geiger for creating Temporal Flux (the program used to edit almost all of the hack), Mauron who created various plug-ins for Temporal Flux which were used in this project, Boo the Gentlemen Caller for beta-testing this hack for me (hope you're enjoying it, dude!), and also all the people from the Chrono Compendium and beyond who are hyped for this hack! March 7th's only a fortnight away, folks, so get ready for another spin on this classic RPG then!

Something like this?

Yeah, that was a little bit of inspiration for me for that scene.

I like this, well done.  My only problem is that if this happened, we would not have the wonderful game know  as Chrono Cross.   :wink:


Hey, all! Consider this the start of a little series of posts where I discuss potential what-if scenarios in the Chrono universe, basically saying "Hey, what if this happened instead of that?" Today's topic is probably one of the Chrono franchise's most important scenes, the collapse of the Ocean Palace and the disappearance of Schala. But what if she survived and escaped? Let's begin!

We start at the usual scene, right after Crono's death, when Schala is preparing to send the 2 party members (in this case, they'll be Marle and Glenn) and Magus up to the surface. Before she does so, Marle quickly points out that her pendant should have enough power to let them all escape. She immediately gives it to Schala, who has to prepare her spell quickly as the palace is literally only a few seconds before it's fully submerged. All 4 escape, leaving the Ocean Palace to crumble...

Everything is normal up until the 2 party members now wake up, now accompanied by Schala. After their talk with the elder of Algetty, Schala expresses her guilt for letting Crono die, but Glenn assures her that it was her mother's fault. At this point, Schala joins the party! In battle, she would basically be a better Marle but have terrible physical strength, as she only fights with a knife, just like Kid in Chrono Cross. To make it up for it, her healing powers are the best in the game.

Schala's optional for the Blackbird, but if you bring her along, there's a little bit of extra dialogue Dalton has. After the Blackbird falls, the trio of party members (Marle, Glenn and Schala) all head to the North Cape to confront Magus. Although Schala doesn't recognize him at first, after Magus tells of his story, she immediately knows he's Janus. Schala quickly rushes to Magus's side, distraught that her little brother went through all that he described. Magus tells the two party members to go, as he wants to speak to Schala privately. This now starts a completely new scene between the two.

"I can't believe..." Magus mumbles before Schala cuts him off. "I can't believe you suffered the way you did, Janus. You suffered for a lifetime, just to see me again." Schala says in her calm voice all too familiar to Magus. "Well, we're back together now. And those fools think I'll help them? Pathetic." Magus scoffs. "Please, Janus, they helped you bring back the one you love, why not help them do the same thing?" Schala pleads. "Hmph. Very well, Schala. I'll do this for you, and for you alone." Magus says before the two head back to the party members.

Everything is mostly the same from here, although since Schala is now a party member, she appears in several key moments and Magus also warms up to the party a bit more. In this version of the story, Crono, Magus and Schala head to the Black Omen. Once they encounter Queen Zeal on the top of the Black Omen for the final battle, there's some more unique dialogue: "Schala, why are fighting alongside them? Join me, and we shall reign over the world forever!" Zeal demands. "Don't you ever hurt her again, you pitiful woman. Your reign ends here!" Magus shouts, in pure frustration with her single-mindedness.  "Why do you care about her so much, Prophet? Unless you're who I think you are?" Zeal questions, but quickly gets back on-topic. "I'll crush you foolish children, and teach you to never interfere again!" Zeal laughs before transforming.

After the battle with Lavos, all is well until the ending scene, in which Schala also shows up at the Guardia Castle to congratulate Crono. Once everyone gets ready to leave, Schala goes alongside Magus, who actually has some parting words. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you all. You made my dream come true, and we stopped Lavos together. If trouble shows up, you know where to find us. If we ever meet again, call me Janus from now on." Magus says before he and Schala depart. The credits are the same, except now that Magus and Schala are standing on the North Cape as the Epoch flies by...

So yeah, that was it! Tell me if you guys enjoyed it, and potentially any other Chrono what-ifs that I could do!

Fan Art / Re: Lavos (one eyed tick), you wanted a 3D Mammon machine?
« on: February 08, 2020, 08:39:38 pm »
That looks pretty good, Schala!

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