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Fan Art / My Spoken Word is Art... No? A Chrono Cross "love" Poem...
« on: July 20, 2022, 03:23:37 pm »

oh how i love my dear chrono cross. my love and care for it, was unwarranted dear! i dunno where. i'd be otherwise! definitely not here!

u know kenza cares. to no end. when! when i bend over backwards and spend! all of my time to rhyme and make zero dough. i dunno. how it is so! i do know that i care. tho! soooooo much. much more so. than i should. could!

could i ever raise a hardcode? gale out, and put, quitting the body in... so? i dunno. i'd blow! my 800 million, on what's it? my nonexistent flow. how i go off on tangents and do not keep on topic. i know. i know.

i do not flow with the meter of any backing track. i lack any kind of rhythm and poetry. in my raps... no rap! soul! but now back... to chrono. because i love it. really?

it's my "never harmed". me? imma not blonde bombshell allison mack myself. i love her face tho! allie. miss mack. but she soooo used like a rat! infested prison incel of uhhhhh... kiss her in her jail cell, her once a slave master and sex trade self!

pause! chrono cross is the topic here. not allie. so get the heaven, outta here! i'm not shy. but i fear! fear my ramblings and rantings will go unheard. dear.

i care. so! much. that it's almost unfair. you see? i dunno how u put up with me, my listeners? a 42 yr old incel of a haram. non kosher. nsfw. gimme gimme! me attention. like jimmy olsen. i met them. them who. they/them!

the offtopic transgender obama lecture. of an obamacare. spectre. i wreck this song. huh? Ozzie, Flea, And Slash. heehee. please forgive me. transvestite shifts thee, topic off of thee! on a tangent.

i kick/ban myself back on topic then. i tried to put it out of my mind. how rude i am sometimes. i love chrono cross. soooo much. i loves it beyond. my means. i ain't mean. i'm touched!

beyond man! man! woah man! will i ever find a woah man! so loving that my love for chrono will pale in comparison? i wish i were immortal. son. done! soon. i will be.

in heaven after the second! coming. i'm not frontman fronting. kenza is too loving. so much so? that i'm stunted. in growth! as in my rudeness won't grow. chrono never cold. to me.

even so! when i'm so in the mood to android epsxe? play thee. i love thee!

Quitting the body...  :picardno

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Chrono Cross Single-Disk Project
« on: April 06, 2022, 12:17:13 pm »

just another backup... i miss u Danetta.

 :picardno if only i had asked kennedn to make 2 mods for me... that "Dreamwatch of Time" replacing Gale got old... i want "Quitting the Body" replacing all instances of Gale... nao. please?! somebody  :picardno

Someone Help!

Chrono Cross HD Edition / Re: RetroArch Setup
« on: October 07, 2020, 12:53:32 pm »
my Mac Mini 2012 Server and Thinkpad W500 both cannot run The HW ver. of the core... am i right?

disc 1: 121630
disc 2: 120794
disc 1: 121631
disc 2: 120795
disk 1: 121699
disk 2: 120863
disk 1: 121700
disk 2: 120864

well these files when swapped in as hex offsets load alot faster (3 seconds, compared to 7 seconds) than any other track when replacing Gale which is track no. 313. just after cave_ambience_2...

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Chrono Cross Single-Disk Project
« on: August 17, 2020, 03:03:44 pm »
So..I'm not sure if what I'm looking for is simply somewhere else and I'm just lost or maybe I did something wrong when downloading some modded files, but..

I am using the "All Doppelgangs" cheat on the regular iso, but I am all about futuristic / giant characters. With this being said..

What I'm looking for is to be able to doppelgang as the following:
Combot (I already know this is possible, even without the cheat)
Guillot (Works with the cheat, but cannot use elements?)
Highwayman (Same problem as Guillot)
Hi-Ho Tank (Save problem as Guillot)
The Terra Tower "Dolls" like Aquator and Anemator (I don't even recall seeing these in the list of doppelgangs, even after using the cheat)
Taurusoid & Gravitor (With the already apparent red screen crashes)
All of the dragons excluding Dragon God (DG looks too funky to me)
possibly Vita & FATE?

@itoikenza I tried out your doppelganger.bin (which I literally downloaded today on 6/19/2019 from google drive), and come to find out that Hi-Ho tank is the only one with the unique elements attached to it
And all my other faves that tend to work are now broken?
When I try to DG(doppelgang) Guillot, the model loads in and quickly morphs into Flea? and causes whoever I used to DG to freeze up, unable to do anything from there
DG'ing Combot or MegaStarky now makes the game hang without loading the info box with health and stuff
I noticed Highwayman was untouched

I can't possibly tell what I might have done wrong, but I also noticed you had .mcf and .ppf files labeled as "The.Power", and I don't recognize those file extensions...are those patch files or osmething?

Can someone fulfill my requests possibly?
Can you tell me what to do to fix these issues?

Thanks in advance  :cry:

sorry bro... i totally missed your message. i can't help. only the creator of ccenemyedit can, utunnels.

sorry for the stupid question and necroing the thread, but got to ask :

Does the single disk include any fixes for the bugs in the original game ? (attack power for Zoah and Razzly, Pip element grid, etc...)

i dunno, Zoah/Razzly and especially pip are garbage character designs to me. i never tested them fully. all i can tell you is that the vanilla Single.bin hack is as stable/crash proof as the original.

sorry i have no clue. does dragon knights have a 7 second delay before each battle starts?

"between life and death" isn't the standard battle track... that's the boss battle music. it's "Gale". i sucessfully changed Gale to be a few other tracks, but with a nasty 7s delay before battles start... 1070C is the start of Gale in Danetta's Single.bin... 8 bytes long.

prizvel or alfadorredux, could the problem be that i need some kinda C runtime? that's keeping me from unpacking with  :picardno unpackcpt.exe? :picardno

on a sidenote... i found out that "bird ambience" and "cave ambience" which is found just before the oh! so hated "Gale" load in 3s, compared to any other track with it's laggy arse full on 7s...

been searching thru my backlogs in my private discord conversations, and found this gem! should give quite a nice hardcoded hack to Danetta's Single.bin...

\d:    Level 8 grid 1-3
     srh 03 24 04 00 02 00 62 A6 21 A0 00 00 0E 80 02 3C
    rpl 03 24 04 00 00 00 00 00 21 A0 00 00 0E 80 02 3C
    srh 50 00 23 95 02 00 40 10 21 98 00 00 02 00 23 A5
   rpl  50 00 23 95 00 00 00 00 21 98 00 00 02 00 23 A5
\d:    infinite element use.
    srh 01 00 62 34 74 02 86 94
   rpl 00 00 62 34 74 02 86 94
  srh  83 a0 d4 01 82 a4 07 80
 rpl 00 24 d4 01 82 a4 07 80
\d:    infinite stamina
     srh 23 10 4C 00 32 00 62 A6 00 14 02 00 58 00 41 04
    rpl 00 00 00 00 32 00 62 A6 00 14 02 00 58 00 41 04
    srh 40 18 03 00 23 10 43 00 AF 43 03 08 32 00 62 A6
rpl 40 18 03 00 00 00 00 00 AF 43 03 08 32 00 62 A6

Its big endian in the code, little endian in RAM.
0x1000 in a code is 0x00 10 in RAM.

Ok, I tested, and this is the deal.
Code: [Select]
800719A0 0001 - Serge
800719A0 0002 - Kid
800719A0 0004 - Guile
800719A0 0008 - Norris
800719A0 0010 - Nikki
800719A0 0020 - Viper
800719A0 0040 - Riddel
800719A0 0080 - Karsh
800719A0 0100 - Zoah
800719A0 0200 - Marcy
800719A0 0400 - Korcha
800719A0 0800 - Luccia
800719A0 1000 - Poshul
800719A0 2000 - Razzly
800719A0 4000 - Zappa
800719A0 8000 - Orcha
800719A2 0001 - Radius
800719A2 0002 - Fargo
800719A2 0004 - Macha
800719A2 0008 - Glenn
800719A2 0010 - Leena
800719A2 0020 - Miki
800719A2 0040 - Harle
800719A2 0080 - Janice
800719A2 0100 - Draggy
800719A2 0200 - Starky
800719A2 0400 - Sprigg
800719A2 0800 - Mojo
800719A2 1000 - Turnip
800719A2 2000 - NeoFio
800719A2 8000 - Skelly
800719A4 0001 - Funguy
800719A4 0002 - Irenes
800719A4 0004 - Mel
800719A4 0008 - Leah
800719A4 0010 - Van
800719A4 0020 - Sneff
800719A4 0040 - Steena
800719A4 0080 - Doc
800719A4 0100 - Grobyc
800719A4 0200 - Pierre
800719A4 0400 - Orlha
800719A4 0800 - Pip
note that each of these codes will set the player's character list to exactly ONE character. The character whose name is listed.
Add up the 0001 ~ 8000 value for each character you want to have in your party, but pay carefull attention to the 719A0 / 2 / 4 address. Only add up numbers that share the same address.
So add any characters from Serge to Orcha together, but don't add Radius to Serge. Radius belongs in the second code.
I hope that makes sense.

Can someone *cough* Satoh *cough* figure out the exact values for the game shark code for each doppelganger enemy? i know it's either 1,2,4,8 for each, individual "?" but i would love a list like how Satoh did for another user!

800712B8 ????
800712BA ????
800712BC ????
800712BE ????
800712C0 ????
800712C2 ????
800712C4 ????
800712C6 ????
800712C8 ????
800712CA ????
800712CC ????
800712CE ????
800712D0 ????
800712D2 ????

hmm... i get stuck at the unpack unpackcpt step... seems like it doesn't like Danetta's Single.bin... BUT! i was successful at unpacking the 5k+ ".out" thing-a'ma'bobs!

Chrono Cross Modification / Raydiation...
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:13:54 am »
is there a way to fix this element? So that his "Ray" isn't shooting in the wrong direction?
Seems to be horrifically hardcoded to shoot from the enemy side only...

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Chrono Cross Single-Disk Project
« on: May 09, 2018, 11:28:33 am »
💔✌🏾my personal hack of Danetta's hack!✌🏾💔

Here's a description of almost everything i changed...

i silenced the music cause i like to play my own. just press start/pause the game, to turn it back

also gave Certain Doppelgangers:
Acacia PVT,
Acacia SGT,
Marcy, Harle,
Hi-Ho Tank,
Porre Pvt,
Porre SGT,
Hell's Cook,

(note that some of these enemies have ber good stats also. So beware!

Gave each of those dopp. a grid and choice armor/acc, max/infinite grid/stamina in battle.

 infinite element use. Instant's summons/ no need to make field required color. they also do 9k damage or more!

All elements can be equipped by anyone... Flying Arrow. is renamed to Dimensional. which casts TimeDevourer dragon's (Black) background change to one enemy.

Starting grids/equips for new game is edited too, also gave Recharge, Unicorn's gfx, plus hit all allies, and 7th (Chrono Cross) innate. just for lulz... enjoy!

Gave Glenn a place instead of Sprigg. in Z-Slash... so requirement is Serge's "Dimensional", Kid's "RedPin", and Glenn as Slash's "DashSlash".

who already has a heck of alot of Z-Slash's on his grid. which is unnecessary, cause of infinite use being embedded... i'm mucho mas, mas mucho fiero crazy...

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