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Well, I thought this was excellent. This definitely has the potential to be something big. Now if only we could buy the rights from Square, or something. Then you could get this published. :)

Dream Splash III - Chrono Break [2010] / Re: Chrono Break Trailer Script
« on: August 12, 2010, 06:53:27 am »
Very very interesting.  One question: How are the heroes launched into space, and how would they be able to breathe?  ...Okay, thats two questions, but you might want to address that.   :lol:
Belthasar makes a rocket for them.
As for the breathing...
Y'see... I love questions like this when it comes to fantasy fiction, because all the author has to respond is: "magic", and nothing else can be said.
A Guru did it ;)

Dream Splash III - Chrono Break [2010] / Chrono Break Trailer Script
« on: August 11, 2010, 09:24:21 am »
This is a script I wrote for a trailer of my vision of Chrono Break.
Explanations will be at the end. Thank you. :)


(A clock appears on screen, its arms spinning forward at impossible speeds. Words appear on screen, with the clock in the background.)
Three Quests,

A Quest to save the future of the planet they loved...

(The scene opens in a street where three teenagers, two boys and a girl, around the age of 17, are walking and chatting away. One of the boys has green hair and is telling a joke to the girl while the other boy, who has red hair, walks ahead slightly. The camera pans out to show a high-tech city, complete with flying traffic. The camera pans out even further to show that the city is underneath a dome. The scene switches back to the trio again, the boy with green hair finishes his joke and the girl laughs. The other boy, who is still walking ahead, stops. The others nearly walk into him.)

Girl: What is it, Ten?

(The red-haired boy, whose name is Tennen, cocks his head slightly.)

Tennen: Did you hear that?

(The green-haired boy and the girl, whose names are Rundis and Namma respectively, glance at each other.)

Tennen: Listen!

(Sure enough, there is a quiet rumbling sound, apparently coming from outside the city.)

Tennen: Letís go.

(They run towards the city entrance. The rumbling has stopped.)

Rundis: What do you think-?

(There is a huge bang, and the rumbling starts again, shaking the ground and knocking the teenagers off their feet. Tennen gets up, and Rundis helps Namma up.)

Rundis: Are you alright?
Namma: Y-yes.

(But she can barely be heard over the rumbling. Cracks start appearing in the dome.)

Rundis: Crap.
Tennen: (Yelling) RUN!

(The three run under the entrance as the dome shatters and shards rain down on the city. There is widespread panic. Tennen looks out of the city and sees an enormous crack appearing in the earth over a mile away from the city.)

Tennen: (in awe) Look at that!
(The others look and make similar sounds of amazement. Suddenly, a huge shape appears in the crack. It looks like a mountain. The ďmountainĒ rises higher and higher, until it stands hundreds of feet high. The creature roars. The trio are frozen in fear. They suddenly wince as their ears pop.)

Rundis: What the-?

(The three of them gasp: a blue hole is hovering above the entrance to the city. A streak of lightening shoots out from the hole, and it closes up. The streak of lightening zooms towards the creature, Lavos. The camera shows the streak of lightening up close to reveal it is the Epoch. The cast of Chrono Trigger, including Magus, are standing on the Epoch, their weapons drawn. Crono stands at the front with his katana. He looks back at his team, who nod. Crono turns back to look at Lavos and grins.)

Crono: Letís go!

(Cuts to black as the clock with the spinning arms appears again, along with the words.)

A Quest to save the one who was left behind...

(Fade into the playable cast of Chrono Cross, assembled on Opassa Beach. Serge, Kid and Guile step forwards into the wormhole. Serge holds up the Time Egg. Fades into the Darkness Beyond Time, where Serge, Kid and Guile are facing the Time Devourer, Schala can be seen sleeping in it. Serge glances back at the others and then faces the beast again. He twirls the Mastermune over his head and then swings it through the air.)

Serge: Letís go!

(The clock appears once more with the words as the scene cuts to black.)

And a quest to save...

(The scene cuts to a grassy area with some trees in it. Tennen is staring curiously at a swirling blue portal, a Gate. He walks towards it.)

Rundis: Ten!

(Tennen turns as Rundis and Namma barrel into him, knocking the three of them into the Gate, which swallows them up and then disappears. Somewhere else, the Gate opens and the trio fall out onto the stone floor. They groan and pick themselves up. They look around the place where they have landed, when they hear a voice from behind them.)

Man: Why, hello there.

(They turn to see Gaspar, the Guru of Time standing with a small smile on his face. Suddenly cuts to black.)


(Cut to inside Chronopolis, where Belthasar is being confronted by Magus, who has a scythe up against Belthasarís neck.)

Magus: What are you saying, old man?
Belthasar: Iím saying that it might not have been destroyed.
Magus: (Eyes narrowed) ďItĒ?
Belthasar: ...Lavos.

(Scene cuts to Serge and Kid, who both look about 20 years older, and a teenager who looks like a cross between Serge and Janus, in Arni Village. They are being attacked by a monster.)

Kid: Aeolus, run!

(The boy, who is Aeolus, Serge and Kidís son, starts.)

Aeolus: What?!
Serge: Weíll be fine, go!

(Aeolus scowls, but relents.)

Kid: Wait, catch!

(Kid tosses Aeolus the Astral Amulet; he catches it and runs off.)

Kid: Heh, like old times, eh, Serge?

(Serge chuckles and draws the Mastermune, Kid draws her knife.

 Scene cuts to Crono, who looks a few years older, duelling Dalton in the throne room of Guardia castle. They are both evenly matched, but Dalton gains the upper hand and disarms Crono, knocking his katana away. Dalton smirks and strikes down, but he is hit by an arrow. He sees Nadia in the doorway with her bowgun. He is distracted long enough for Crono to grab his sword again. Nadia advances on Dalton, firing, while Crono charges at him.

Scene cuts to Tennen, Rundis and Namma in a forest being chased by monsters. One of the monsters comes close and lunges at the trio. Suddenly a boy with purple hair around 15 years old jumps out and slays the monster with his sword. The boy is wearing the Heroís Badge. He looks back at Tennen, Rundis and Namma, who nod and draw their weapons, a sword that glows with energy, an extendable spear and a crossbow with a large laser scope, respectively.

Scene cuts to Lucca who is tinkering with a machine in her house. A Gate opens behind her and she turns around and beams as Robo walks out.)

Lucca: Youíre just in time!

(Scene cuts to the purple-haired boy and Aeolus back-to-back, with their weapons drawn. Aeolus has a short sword, which he holds in a reverse grip. They are surrounded by what appear to be Reptites.)

Aeolus: Whatís yer name?
Tata: Itís Tata. And you?
Aeolus: Aeolus.
Tata: Well then, Aeolus. Shall we continue the small talk later?
Aeolus: Fine by me.

(They attack the Reptites. Scene cuts to the Mystic Mountains, where a boy is walking near the summit. He sits down on the edge of the cliff and watches the sun set.)

Boy: It so pretty.

(The ground crumbles beneath him. The boy yelps and tries to get away, but he loses his footing and falls off the edge. A Gate opens up beneath him and swallows him up.

Scene cuts to inside the Ocean Palace, in the Mammon Machine room. Aeolus is walking towards the Mammon Machine, as if in a trance. His pendant is glowing. He reaches out to touch the Machine, which strikes him with a bolt of lightning. He convulses and falls on to his knees. He gets up and turns around to look at the camera. He now looks a bit like Dark Serge.

Scene cuts to Magus at the North Cape, looking out over the sea.)

Magus: I will find you, even if I have to search the world over. Sometime. Somewhere. Iím sure.

(Cut to black. The title appears onscreen)


Belthasar: Time is unravelling: this is the end.

Coming Soon...


Right then, explanation time. :)

Why a trailer script? Well...

This project started off as a short story, taking scenes from my vision of Chrono Break.
Why didn't I do that?
I really dont have the time or the patience.  :roll:
So the project ended up as a trailer script.

Who are Tennen, Rundis and Namma?

They would be the main characters of the game.
They live in the Truce-Guardia city in 1999 A.D.
Tennen and Namma are siblings, whereas Rundis is their best friend.
Tennen and Namma are descendants of Crono and Marle, whereas Rundis is a descendant of Glenn, aka Frog.
As seen in the trailer, they witness the Day of Lavos first hand.
After the disaster, the trio fall into a Gate and end up at the End of Time, starting the events of the game.

What is the plot of the game?

Lavos is still alive.
And he's calling out to his brethren, the Abomanos. (ah-bom-ah-nose)
The Abomanos are closing in on the Planet.
The Planet's only chance is obliterate Lavos, once and for all.
How does the Planet go about doing that.
It opens It's Gates again, causing a group of heroes to band together.
Tennen, Rundis, Namma, Aeolus, Tata, Kino, Glenn (from Chrono Cross), Magus, Robo and Belthasar.
Wait, Belthasar?!
Yes, Belthasar.
He temporarily puts his consciousness into a Strange Construct. In other words, a Nu.  :lol:
The party must find the Frozen Flame and several other objects, such as a Time Egg, the Dragon's Tear, the Rainbow Shell, the Sun Stone and the Masamune, and give them to Belthasar, wqho will use them to make the Chrono Break, the weapon capable of destroying Lavos forever. Once Lavos is gone, the Abomanos will not be able to locate the planet, and could be lost in space, forever.
Along the way the party will need to save Schala, stop Queen Zeal from harnassing Lavos's power and warping dimensions, stop Dalton from conquering Guardia and much, much more.

Yes, Crono and Serge can talk now.
They don't show up a lot in the game  :(

One of the scenes has Crono and Nadia (Marle) fighting Dalton in Guardia Castle. This is during Dalton's invasion. Crono and Nadia hold off Dalton, who eventually flees and steals the Masamune from the castle's vault. This starts the war between Guardia and Porre.

Luccas machine is similar to the Gate Key. She uses it to contact Belthasar and bring Robo to her time. Lucca and Belthasar together come up with the plan to destroy Lavos using the Chrono Break.

The boy who falls off the cliff is Kino, who also ends up at the End of Time.

Aeolus gets too close to the Mammon Machine and is corrupted by Lavos, like Queen Zeal was. He becomes Zeal's right-hand man. This eventually results in a boss fight against him. He returns to his senses and aids in the fight against the Queen.

Also, Magus is still looking for Schala, in other words Kid, who she has fused with. He eventually finds her with the aid of his nephew, Aeolus, before she is kidnapped by Queen Zeal, and has to be rescued.

Overall, the plot culminates in a boss fight against Lavos. \However, during the battle the Abomanos find the Planet and attempt to destroy it. The party are launched into space and they fight the very first Abomanos, the King, Imortalis. They fight Imortalis and use the Chrono Break to destroy it, along with the Abomanos, freeing the galaxy from their parasitic hold.
And then they all live Happily Ever After.

Phew! That was a pretty long explanation for a trailer.  8)

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