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Interesting development going on here - lots of potential, and great room to have a lot fleshed out from it!

Best I'll do is probably sketches of staff and students who could be a part haha - otherwise I did this for a lark. :P
Up to someone else to make a CT/CC harem. o_o

Oh, I cant wait! Good luck with your computer!

How kind to post before anything was up.


And I'm back!!!

I am proud to present a ♥love quarrel♥ in Guardia High...!

Serge recently enrolls as a senior student into the prestigious Guardia High School when he comes across two lovely Sophomore students.  One is the crazy and energetic student: Kid.  And the other is the sweet, soft and good-hearted Leena.  What is the connection Serge feels with these ladies?  Who will win the affections of our hero?!  

♥♥♥ Who will you be studying with~? ♥♥♥

(for those who don't get it; this is a parody of them Japanese Dating Sims ft. High School Shenanigans)

Serge looks as plain, oridinary, boy-harem-attracting as it gets.  ...I like his tie though. ;)

Kid has a ponytail...kinda looks more like who she's supposed to be, huh?

Plain and lovely, Leena.  I always preferred her over Kid!

Some screenshots...

You may now go  :picardno

What kinda bloody sales do you need to get a team for a sequel?!

The game did over a mil.  Can't say the same for many NISA (er, rather companies who get translated by them) games.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: This forum may die soon...
« on: August 11, 2010, 09:18:13 pm »
Haha true enough; I didn't mean to sound so severe that this place is D O O M E D or anything.  I do like the volition here though.  I admire the sheer amount of fan projects as well

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / This forum may die soon...
« on: August 11, 2010, 07:24:37 pm »
Before you bash, hear me out.

I love this site, I do think it IS the most comprehensive look at the series...
But, lets face it, without another game soon, it will be hard to keep this forum and series up, and may sadly get lost in that void of great (hit) games without another sequel.

I think many were disappointed when the new Chrono Trigger announcement was simple a sort of re-imagining and combination of the SNES and PSX title.  But Chrono fans will definitely need more.

I'm surprised Squeenix, or whomever, can't take a bloody hint.

I dunno... maybe this is just a small rant, but I also want to ask you people: where do you think the Chrono series is headed?

Dream Splash III - Chrono Break [2010] / Re: Chrono Break 3D Logo
« on: August 11, 2010, 07:20:41 pm »
Personally, I feel the amount of black chokes it a bit too much.  Interesting that, unlike many others, you opted for a white/gray "CHRONO", rather than green or any other colour.

But, in saying that, especially since the BREAK looks, super-nova-ish, I think you could have been waaay more creative with the colouring!

I love the idea, and making it in 3D is a cherry on top, otherwise.

Dream Splash III - Chrono Break [2010] / Re: Chrono Break Trailer Script
« on: August 11, 2010, 07:18:40 pm »
Very very interesting.  One question: How are the heroes launched into space, and how would they be able to breathe?  ...Okay, thats two questions, but you might want to address that.   :lol:

Y'see... I love questions like this when it comes to fantasy fiction, because all the author has to respond is: "magic", and nothing else can be said.

Pretty good otherwise, literally took to the concept as though it was a screen play!  Curious how you'd involve CT and CC cast.

Dream Splash III - Chrono Break [2010] / Re: 3D Chrono Break Logo
« on: August 10, 2010, 10:52:28 pm »
I didn't disrupt the causal nexus so you kids could rewrite history, now get out there and battle yourself some Zombor!

Chrono Break Opening (Golly Frick! It's a video!)

I had an emotional erection, then promptly saved it to my hard drive. =)

This topic threw me off and made me sad.  I really wanted some of the older goodies released alongside C Chross.
I loved the Zippo lighter (get high in geeky style...that I think the idea and look of the Frozen Flame is awesome).

That, and the music box was lovely - I think the Cross ending and theme is one of the best, aesthetically and emotionally.

I'm happy that this really caught a lot of people's interest. : )
I've always loved telling a good story too - maybe I should do children's books or short novella's. :P

Huzza, career determined!

I did put some thought into it - though no matter, I always feel continuing it would be in vain.  Having projects or games or whatever see the light of day is a PURE labor of love that I don't want to really commit to.  Especially since it would have "CHRONO" smacked on the title.  As much as I love the series, I'd rather branch into my own unique idea, rather than stem off someone else's.  I've never liked Fan Fiction (sorry - this is more focused on the sappy ones that is just about a romance between two unrelated characters, even if they are well written).

But the concept of the contest was too cool, and I fortunately just came off a high of beating Chrono Cross for the first time - and presented this.

SO.  Lemme indulge you know with **SPOILERS** I thought of that will never see the written light of day.
(readable white, since they're not *real* spoilers, per se

- Aria is indeed a Schala, in sorcery and all, but unrelated and inconsequential to the original one.  However, the plot was going to involve them (and somewhat show her/both of her fates).  Although, from her dimension, the Zeal family never came to power, their power is dormant, and highly powerful.
- Leon is from a far, far, far future.  The Lavos that crashed onto the planet all those million years ago not only affected the birth of humans, but eventually a malignant evolution where the future is bleak, humans have evolved into something evil, destructive, or just eventually die if their DNA is not strong enough (survival of the fittest).
- Destroying Lavos, as he had first come to the planet is the goal, to prevent the DNA change
- While, Chrono style, I've thought of multiple ways it could end, most are on the sadder end of things; changing the universe shows it's consequences.  But, yeah, even I couldn't live with that; I thought of a super happy ending too to make it all work out.
-Leon's "tattoo" below his jacket is rather marks surrounding his heart and otherwise; Lavos-Human-Hybrid-Like organs exist inside of him... apparently he was a candidate for time travel because he was far better off than other humans of his time.  
- Leon AND his brother were actually sent back to trace Lavos' origins, in order to eradicate him, and change the eventual future, despite the consequences on the present.
- While Lavos IS a large threat, I didn't see him as the "final boss" (been done...twice).  Rather, a known "good guy" will try to get in the way, mainly due to the drastic changes that would come from destroying Lavos. 
-  Aria is bloody at the start because this person tried to interfere by killing her/Schala.  Her being would be the one thing that allows the time travel to function so flawlessly for our heroes.
- Aria and Leon do have a tiny crush on each other.  However, try not to act on it (ladies go: AWWWW)
- Leon's brother, Darius, plays an integral role, trying to side with Lavos and even be his.."human ambassador".  Darius believes Lavos' power can be used for the better in the overall universal scheme.

Dream Splash III - Chrono Break [2010] / Re: 3D Chrono Break Logo
« on: July 27, 2010, 05:42:48 pm »
Woah!!  Amazing!!!
Love it!  I actually really like how to image "streaks" or bleeds onto to side, kinda gives it a "light-speed-I'ma-travelling-light-speed-through-time" feel.

Well done, thanks much for doing this too!

Sorry for lack of reply - I was away vacationing (hence my only reply was a simple "=D" done on my phone's shitty 3G).

What would you have in mind for a battle system?
If I'm drawing - I don't really know I apply to this... but anyways.  Umm, I've always been fond of the FFV skill based battle system.  It's hard to do something really complex, and I thought that system was extraordinarily effective for a system so simple.

I'd totally be interested.

I'm on MSN. (gay, I know, back from highschool days).
Gimme a buzz on that if you'd like.

Dream Splash III - Chrono Break [2010] / Re: Chrono Break Demo
« on: July 27, 2010, 05:38:04 pm »
Haha, gotta say, this is pretty cool!!  Interesting vision (as in, the CT additions) and I'm curious to see what you'll do with it (if at all - or completed, which is a much harder task).)

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