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Site Updates / Re: End of Time - an Online, Multi-Player, Text based Game
« on: September 13, 2018, 11:38:15 pm »
The issues appear to be fixed.  I still haven't heard back from tech support, but everything seems to be running.

(Update: the issues weren't fixed, there was some corruption in the VPS that had to be sorted, but everything should be fine now)

Site Updates / Re: End of Time - an Online, Multi-Player, Text based Game
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:37:28 pm »
I appreciate the response! :)

(and the front page recognition)

We seem to be experience some rare (and extremely unfortunately timed) issues with the server / hosting company at the moment.  I've been on the phone with tech support trying iron it out, but hopefully everything will be running smooth again soon.  I'll update when I have something to update.

Site Updates / Re: End of Time - an Online, Multi-Player, Text based Game
« on: September 13, 2018, 05:52:12 pm »
I thought I would include screenshots in a separate post.

Although most everything is text based, there are numerous visual elements that are created using text.

This is a pretty typical view of how it looks being in a town, where there is a "mini map" automatically generated based on exits to the left of a room description.

We have an overland world map that connects our areas, and it, too, generates a visual element and representation of the world.  The map shown on the left side of the room description is typical of anywhere on the world map, although only points of interest (in this case, being right outside of the entrance of an area) will have room descriptions.

Dungeon-type areas, which are intended to be more challenging in all respects versus a town, will largely not have a mini-map associated with it, although there are exceptions and some dungeons do have maps that can obtained that unlock that functionality for that dungeon alone.

Whereas our world, its map, etc. is all original (even if made up of various elements across the themes in our game), the Kingdom of Zeal was a bit of a pet project of mine in which my goal was to recreate it as accurately to the game as possible (with the exception of having added in and "completed" the otherwise unfinished Pre-Release areas such as the North Palace under the Blue Pyramid and the Dungeon that links to the Palace).  This is a shot just outside of Kajar.

Combat is a rather significant part of the game, so I wanted to show a relative typical beginning of a combat encounter.  The "wait" state is shown that accompanies the use of various combat commands (and in this instance, the use of the kill command to begin a battle).  Whenever a character is free to act again, they will typicaly have a variety of combat skills, spells, and other actions they may take.

Lastly, this isn't a direct screenshot from the game, but the way we generate our worldmap is based on a graphical image where every pixel in the image is translated into a room and coordinate on the map itself.  This image is a labeled version of the exact image that we load our world map from, again, with each pixel representing an individual room on the map.  This version of the map has most of the major towns listed, although there are many, many more areas (mostly dungeons) accessible from the map.  Also worth noting, the "graphical" elements shown in the other world map shots above (such as the text ASCII art that represents Guardia Castle) is not represented on this map.

Site Updates / End of Time - an Online, Multi-Player, Text based Game
« on: September 13, 2018, 05:37:45 pm »
Hello all!

I've been about a year and a half since I last posted about this, so I thought it would be a good time for an update.

I last posted about it here, but will try to keep this post a bit less wordy:

I am the lead developer of a text based, multiplayer, online game called End of Time.  For those who may be familiar with Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), that's what I'm speaking of here, and for those who may not be, they are the direct precursor to the modern MMO.  This game has been being actively developed for well over a decade, and the thing with MUDs is they are almost always persistently developed, on going projects that are rarely ever "finished" in any traditional sense of the word.

End of Time is a blend of Final Fantasy and the Chrono series (and the overall feel we are aiming for is something in the neighborhood of the classic JRPGs), where the majority of our areas are heavily inspired by and (more often than not) very accurate to the source material.  Our world, made up of nearing 200 areas at this point, is about a quarter Chrono series areas, including a fully realized Kingdom of Zeal (complete with the Pre-Release areas that didn't make it to the final game), a fully functional and working Fort Dragonia, and more.  Despite only a quarter of our world being Chrono based, the influence that the Chrono series has on the game overall can't be overstated. (More below the jump!)[hidden]

The most immediate, aside from the name, would be the ability to select Reptite or Robot (among 7 other starting races) in creation.  Also in creation, a character will select their elemental alignments, and Truce of the Guardia Kingdom is one of the 3 potential starting locations.  Following along with elemental alignment, every room in the game has an "elemental field" (akin to Chrono Cross) that is influenced by various factors such as magic being cast, and has various affects as a result.

The world's lore has it that three main super powers rule over the political landscape of the planet, the Guardian Kingdom being one of the three main powers.  The geographical and politican "center" of the world, that acts as our ultimate neutral territory, is overseen and guarded by the immensely powerful and important Acacia Dragoons, with Termina serving as THE most central and important port town in the world.

The majority of the pre-1000 AD events in Chrono Trigger informs our timeline and history perhaps more so than any of the other games that are included in our theme.  We also have carefully woven various elements from across the various games into a cohesive narrative and background, including things such as Jenova from Final Fantasy 7 being a particularly powerful and notable Lavos Spawn, or even something such as our Guado race (from FFX) owing their origins to the mixing of the survivors of Zeal and the Earthbound ones.  Various other elements of the series will be found throughout the game, including the infamous chests and doors that are "Sealed by a mysterious force."

We have a small but dedicated group of players that enjoy the game, and although there isn't always someone connected, there tends to be at least a few people on more than not (and our discord server is another way to reach others on the game even when activity on the game itself is low).  Our website is also not very impressive, as its more of just an information dump than anything, but more information can be found at:

MUDs are typically played a variety of ways, including telnet (the least desirable option), a dedicated MUD client that is specifically developed toward connecting to and playing nearly any MUD (such as MUSHClient, MUDlet, and others), there are a few mobile apps out there (such as MUDRammer), and even a few web apps such as the one one MUD Portal.  You can point any of those toward host '' and port '4000' to connect.

I highly recommend using MUSH Client to connect ( however I understand the likely reluctance to download a program for a game, so while not ideal, playing through the MUD Portal web app is workable (

I am known as 'Diablos' on the game.[/hidden]

Square will be releasing patches to fix graphical issues and to allow PC users to use more classic style graphics on the game.

News Submissions / Re: Takashi Tokita on Chrono Triggers Endings
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:32:34 pm »
Oh that is pretty amazing... I might have to print that up real big and hang it on my wall :p

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Construction after 1999 AD.
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:31:36 pm »
Maybe its less "guided" as it is taking the opportunity to improve things or insert specific genetic sequences when such a thing would be advantageous.

Take for instance Lavos is WHY Humans became the dominant species of the planet over the Reptites, and Lavos altered the Human genome and that's why Humans could use magic... Perhaps he could see that Reptites wouldn't be as favorable toward his ends as Humans, and so Humans were given a nudge to overrule the Reptites.  It could be argued Reptites would have led a more harmonious existence with the planet, and would have either caused less destruction to the planet (and thus being less favorable to Lavos as the planet's defenses would be less weakened) or that along with a more harmonious relationship with the planet they would have been more attuned to the presence of Lavos and taken action during a much earlier time in its maturity when it would have presumably been weaker.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Construction after 1999 AD.
« on: January 03, 2018, 12:55:19 pm »
I always assumed the continental shift was the result of Lavos' "eruption" in 1999.

Similar to how Kefka's rampage midway through FF6 led to the World of Ruin and significant continental changes, there.

I've also always assumed (I don't know if there's any REASON to think this, or any material disproving it, either) that Lavos basically reached full maturity and when he erupted out of the ground, this was effectively him reaching the end of his life cycle.  He guided evolution to its final course, he completed his end-game and the Earth was no longer worth anything, and that in his eruption he was basically releasing his perfected "spawn" into space to continue the spread and life cycle of the species.... Similar to how some species die very shortly after giving birth.

If the party chooses to encounter him in 2300 AD, I figure that's one of those "he would be dead soon anyway" kind of situations.

If there's something canon that contradicts these assumptions, I'd love for it to be brought to my attention.

News Submissions / Takashi Tokita on Chrono Triggers Endings
« on: December 22, 2017, 11:43:03 am »

"It has to be the ending where you lose the Epoch and everyone is unable to see one another, ever again," he told me via email. "The fact that the game is coming to an end, and the fact that the characters are saying their goodbyes are in sync, and Iím sure those who have played the game can share the sadness and memories." An interesting answer, but that's not all.

"I personally like the face-off between Frog and the Fiendlord (Magus), which is a portion of the game I created," he continued. "It was depicted solely with sound effects throughout the credits, and itís unclear as to who ultimately won the battle. Itís very minimal, but I feel like it turned into an impactful ending."

Oh nice, thanks for the additional info :)

News Submissions / Chrono Break Lives on in Final Fantasy Dimensions II?
« on: December 21, 2017, 11:39:05 am »

During a recent interview with Chrono Trigger director Takashi Tokita, I asked if RPG fans will ever see another Chrono Trigger game. His answer was interesting to say the least.

"There was actually a time when I planned a new title called Chrono Break," Tokita explained via email. "Though it was canceled before accomplishing anything, the overall idea for the title was carried over to my latest game, Final Fantasy Dimensions II. Aemoís character setting and the balance between the three characters at the beginningÖthese were based on the original concept [for Chrono Break] but were reworked for this title."

Chrono Break is the name of a trademark registered by Square Co. back in 2001, but the trademark was allowed to expire and the game was never made. Still, it's nice to know that it manages to live on in another dimension. Final Fantasy Dimensions II is currently available on iOS and Android.

Magic, Elements, and Technology / Re: Evolution of Mystics
« on: August 08, 2017, 01:39:09 pm »
I never bought that Lavos manipulated the planet's evolution, or created humans as they are when slaughtered.

Really all I have to say about this particular point is that the series plainly states to the contrary and clearly establishes this as canon...

As far as the why behind it all?

I've always taken it that Lavos is effectively the ultimate evolutionary creature / species in the universe... it finds a planet, burrows into it, and then manipulates/guides the DNA and evolutionary path of the creates to create both the most amount of variance AND to maximize the genetic potential of the species.  Why do it in such a way?  He uses the DNA of these creatures to evolve and improve himself, but if he can guide/manipulate the source of these creatures to reach their full, most powerful potential (or to speed it up, it would stand to reason there is an limit on his lifespan or the time such a creature can gestate), then he is mining a rich, powerful DNA source.  Why not just do that to his spawn?  Genetics teach us that genetic variation is key to success, he'd effectively be inbreeding if he just manipulated his own spawn.  By collecting and using the DNA of an entire planet, that's a ton of genetic variance.  Then repeats the cycle by sending spawn to other planets to manipulate, guide, and use/store the entire genetic make up of every living planet?  The impulse for genetic perfection and variation seems built into the very core of the concept of the creature.

And within the Chrono series, Humans as they are recognized DO owe their existence to Lavos.  That isn't to say that Humans wouldn't have eventually evolved into a similar form as they did later, but its also important to note that if you defeat Lavos at the earliest point in the timeline the ending of the game has everyone as Reptites, so it seemed that Humans "winning" the struggle to become the dominant life form on the planet ONLY happened because of Lavos AND the travelers defeating Azala.  Keep in mind, too, that Dinopolis is from a reality where either Lavos never fell or was defeated at this point.

What is left for a direct sequel to explore?

I've posted before an idea or general thought process on where another game could go, which heavily involves Belthasar effectively serving as puppet master for everything that transpired after the Time Crash.  I'll just copy/paste the relevant parts of a previous post...

Ultimately the final villain would be Belthasar.  My idea rests on the idea that the first two games (and really, more Cross than Trigger) was about Belthasar's machinations to ensure the defeat of Lavos fully and completely, and in this third game, he would be completely gone and not a concern any longer.  But can you imagine what being able to have the power and intelligence to engineer things in a manner such as Belthasar had?

That's about as close to absolute power as one gets, and you know what they say about absolute power corrupting absolutely.

And while it would be that Belthasar started off with good intentions (CT) by the time Chrono Cross rolled around and all his plans started unfolding and he got the taste of manipulating and ultimately controlling not only people's individual lives but time and space/dimensions as well?  That became a taste of power he wasn't keen to let go of.

From here, I've had a few competing ideas, but my favorite would involve his return to Chronopolis in the future and him being the master/boss Belthasar that then coordinates with his younger selves in various eras in order to control/manipulate things from all sides, which would see the party in Chrono 3 (likely consisting primarily of a few new characters, sprinkled with party members from the two previous games that you'd pick up during the course of the game) having an opportunity to travel through most of the eras of the previous games (namely, 12,000bc, 1000ad, and 2300ad) but finally getting to truly explore and experience 2300ad in its non lavos destroyed form (especially and particularly Chronopolis).  Some measure of dimension/timeline hopping as well would be good, and a good way to tie into the plots of Chrono Cross (although understanding that the dimensions/timelines were merged in Chrono Cross, it would take perhaps examining the smaller theme of the game of the "dying timelines" or the timelines that were erased or were being erased by the actions of the party in CT to tie that in... and an opportunity to hop into the timeline that Dinopolis came from would be very interesting as well, and a chance to pick up a Reptite as a party member).

Overall though, it may not be perfect, but I think it'd be a fantastic way to tie in all three games into a cohesive narrative, and be an interesting, unexpected, but completely sensible twist in ultimately making Belthasar the biggest and most powerful threat of the series.  Afterall, he may not be the man who physically defeated Lavos, but for all intents and purposes, he can be viewed as the man who overcame this being.

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Re: Chrono Compendium... Is the end near?
« on: August 04, 2017, 01:41:13 pm »
I've been paranoid about the site going down, too... I've been meaning to do a siterip for a long time now... just in case, but never remember to actually do it.

I visit the site weekly (there are some times its a near daily visit for me) but don't post much... maybe I should post more?

But I've been working on my own "fan project" for a long, long time (I've posted about it before, its a Final Fantasy / Chrono series based MUD [Multi-User Dungeon - text based, online, multiplayer RPG] but it will never really ever be finished... MUDs don't ever really ever get "done" as its essentially a perpetual project you ALWAYS add to, expand, develop, etc.) and this site has been an absolutely invaluable resource for me.

Even if I siterip, I'll still visit the site just as much, my offline backup copy would just be a backup.  I don't know if it really matters if the site receives "hits" or not, but with as useful and valuable as the site has been for me over the last several years, I'm happy to "give back" in any way I can.

General Discussion / Re: I Am Setsuna - 40% Off This Weekend!
« on: February 19, 2017, 04:43:00 pm »
Happy to share :)

I appreciated a lot of the smaller nods, too, that was sprinkled all throughout the items and such as well, like the "Ioka Sword" that was a giant log, or the Lucca's Rod...

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