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Hey, sorry I figured multiple post would be all right due to the time between.  Additionally (not on this forum but others) I generally avoid editing posts when possible because people think you have changed and/or deleted a previous statement instead of just adding something new. So I will keep that in mind in the future and sorry for the tipple post.

Terra Tower's floatingness could be an allusion the Black Omen.

Also the appearance of the combined Masa and Mune on Serge's Flying Arrow (assuming completion of the Dario side quest/

The Similarity in Appearance of Vita (Tres/Duo/Uno) from Cross and Motherbrain Trigger

Yeah I was thinking of ones more subtle than the guru. More along the lines of jumping through the stained glass window in both games instead of Robo is the Promethus circuit.

Just curious what you guys think they odds of this are. And additionally for what system would it be released. The reason I am asking is every two or three years I break out my SNES and PS2 slim and run through Chrono Trigger and cross. This year when I busted out my PS2 it is having mechanical issues that let me play cross but at a ridiculously slow rate. Anyway since the only reason i keep my PS2 around is to play this game and don't want to shell out for a new one, and would rather just download it to my Wii.  Any thoughts on the likelihood of either game getter released? (I don't care as much about Trigger as my SNES works great plus if it broke I have enough other reasons to replace it). So i guess my questions are.

Likelihood of Cross for download?
For Wii, Xbox 360, PS3?
Likelihood of Trigger for download?
For Wii, Xbox 360, PS3?

Things that lessen my hope (for trigger): Trigger being released on DS and not wanting to compete with themselves
Things that give me hope: Secret of Mana on virtual consul right now. A clear strong relationship between Square and Nintendo

I am nearly positive there is a thread about this somewhere else, but I can't find it. I also remember reading somewhere that a list has already been made but I can't find it. So if you can find that please post the link. If not I am looking for subtle references to Chrono Trigger in Chrono Cross. Feel free to post the obvious plot point stuff to but I am mostly looking for things that could be otherwise easily missed.

Five ones I know of to start us off.
1. Easiest one in the whole game to find, the Enerton 'but your still hungry'
2. Your party jumping through a stain glass window out of Viper Manor, similar to Marle in the courtroom.
3. The epoch for one in the hidden workshop room of Viper Manor, similar to epoch for three with some potential plot explanations as well.
4. Serge/ Glenn x-strike similar to Frog Chrono x-strike
5. I forgot to check myself on my last playthrough but was told Johnny from the Trigger jet Bike race makes an appearance in the Dead Sea.

Thanks for help with either completing the list or pointing me in the direction of an already completed one.

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