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    📕 1994-08-26 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.17
    📕 1994-09-02 - ファミコン通信 No.298
    📕 1994-09-09 - スーパーファミコンマガジン
    📕 1994-09-09 - ファミコン通信 No.299
    📒 1994-09-09 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.18
    📒 1994-09-09 - マル勝ファミコン No.14
    📗 1994-09-16 - The スーパーファミコン No.16
    📕 1994-09-23 - The スーパーファミコン No.17
    📗 1994-09-23 - ファミコン通信 No.301
    📕 1994-09-23 - マル勝ファミコン No.15
    📗 1994-09 - Vジャンプ
    📕 1994-10-14 - The スーパーファミコン No.18
    📕 1994-10-14 - ファミコン通信 No.304
    📕 1994-10-28 - The スーパーファミコン No.19
    📕 1994-10-28 - ファミコン通信 No.306
    📒 1994-10-28 - マル勝ファミコン No.17
    📗 1994-10-31 - 週刊少年ジャンプ
    📗 1994-10 - Vジャンプ
    📒 1994-10 - ゲーム・オン!
    📗 1994-10 - マイコンBASICマガジン
    📕 1994-10 - 必本スーパー!
    📕 1994-10 - 電撃王
    📕 1994-11-04 - スーパーファミコンマガジン
    📕 1994-11-04 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.22
    📕 1994-11-11/18 - ファミコン通信 No.309
    📕 1994-11-11 - マル勝ファミコン No.18
    📗 1994-11-18 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.23
    📒 1994-11-25 - ファミコン通信 No.310
    📕 1994-11-25 - マル勝ファミコン No.19
    📗 1994-11 - Vジャンプ
    📒 1994-11 - ゲーム・オン!
    📕 1994-11 - コロコロコミック
    📕 1994-11 - 必本スーパー!
    📕 1994-11 - 電撃王
    📒 1994-12-02 - ファミコン通信 No.311
    📕 1994-12-02 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.24
    📒 1994-12-09 - ファミコン通信 No.312
    📕 1994-12-09 - マル勝ファミコン No.20
    📒 1994-12-23 - ファミコン通信 No.314
    📒 1994-12-30 - ファミコン通信 No.315
    📒 1994-12-30 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.26
    📗 1994-12 - Vジャンプ
    📕 1994-12 - 電撃王
    📕 1995-01-06/20 - The スーパーファミコン
    📕 1995-01-06/13 - ファミコン通信 No.317
    📕 1995-01-13/27 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.01-02
    📕 1995-01-20 - マル勝ファミコン No.01
    📕 1995-01-20 - 電撃スーパーファミコン No.02
    📗 1995-01 - Vジャンプ
    📒 1995-01 - ゲーム・オン!
    📕 1995-01 - 必本スーパー!
    📕 1995-02-03 - The スーパーファミコン
    📕 1995-02-03 - ファミコン通信 No.320
    📒 1995-02-10 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.03
    📕 1995-02-10 - マル勝ファミコン No.02
    📒 1995-02-24 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.04
    📕 1995-02-24 - マル勝ファミコン No.03
    📕 1995-02-24 - 電撃スーパーファミコン No.03
    📗 1995-02 - Vジャンプ
    📕 1995-02 - ゲーム・オン!
    📕 1995-02 - 月刊ファミコン通信
    📕 1995-03-03 - The スーパーファミコン
    📕 1995-03-03 - ファミコン通信 No.324
    📒 1995-03-10 - ファミコン通信 No.325
    📒 1995-03-10 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.05
    📕 1995-03-10 - マル勝ファミコン No.04
    📕 1995-03-10 - 電撃スーパーファミコン No.04
    📒 1995-03-14 - 週刊 東京ウォーカー No.11
    📒 1995-03-17 - ファミコン通信 No.326
    📕 1995-03-24 - ファミコン通信 No.327
    📒 1995-03-24 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.06
    📕 1995-03-24 - マル勝ファミコン No.05
    📕 1995-03-31 - The スーパーファミコン
    📒 1995-03-31 - ファミコン通信 No.328
    📗 1995-03 - Vジャンプ
    📒 1995-03 - ゲーム・オン!
    📕 1995-03 - 必本スーパー!
    📕 1995-04-07 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.07
    📕 1995-04-07 - 覇王
    📕 1995-04-07 - 電撃スーパーファミコン No.06
    📕 1995-04-14 - ファミコン通信 No.330
    📕 1995-04-14 - マル勝ファミコン No.06
    📒 1995-04-21 - ファミコン通信 No.331
    📒 1995-04-21 - ファミリーコンピュータマガジン No.08
    📕 1995-04-21 - 電撃スーパーファミコン No.07
    📕 1995-04-28 - ファミコン通信 No.332
    📕 1995-04-28 - マル勝ファミコン No.07
    📗 1995-04 - Vジャンプ
    📕 1995-04 - ゲーム・オン!
    📕 1995-04 - 月刊ファミコン通信
    📕 1995-04 - 電撃王
    📕 1995-05-19 - マル勝ファミコン No.08
    📒 1995-05-26 - ファミコン通信 No.336
    📗 1995-05 - Vジャンプ
    📕 1995-06-02 - ファミコン通信 No.337
    📕 1995-06-09 - 電撃スーパーファミコン No.09
    📕 1995-06 - Vジャンプ
    📗 1995-07 - Vジャンプ
    📗 1995-08 - Vジャンプ

Screwed with work right now; can anyone find the links that aren't broken and save the images to a backup just in case this goes down before we can update the Compendium/get them on the Wiki?


Can someone confirm if this link works or not? It's always worked for me, but want to make sure something strange isn't happening...

I took a look at the Final Fantasy Dimensions II TVTropes page, and was able to piece together the basic plot:

  • Four elemental gods, seeking to protect humanity/the timeline, come into existence and masquerade as humans.
  • Far into the future (think 1999 A.D.), the Final Fantasy polities of East vs. West have a bitter war with one another, to the point that a Flare Weapon is deployed, which utilizes some kind of corrupted, negative energy (just "chaos", or bad spirits, like the corrupted Masamune; can't find good explanations for this).
  • The four gods link up into one chief god to stop the weapon, but the bad energy corrupts the chief god, who destroys the entire earth (in a Lavos-style rain of fire) as a result. (And then sits there, alone and bored for the rest of his life, I guess.)
  • The party encounter the avatar of the chief god back in their own time (think medieval/modern times) and successfully prevent the weapon from being fired in the future, as well as his exposure to its energy.
  • The chaos/negative energy brought into the timeline by the initial events still retains a mind of its own, however, and uses cell cultures taken from the four gods to create its own version of the chief god, causing the ruined future to happen again.
  • The four elemental gods then sacrifice themselves to give the party a chance to take down this embodiment of chaos once and for all.

I don't see how this becomes Chrono Break, either. We have an East/West instead of a Central Regime. We have "four elemental gods" (either rehashes the Dragon God or sounds too suspiciously close to it), in a world where gods usually don't exist. We have a god-tier nuclear weapon somehow having "negative/chaotic energy" that's never expanded on. And lastly, this negative chaos energy doesn't have any motives other than "increase entropy in the universe." It makes the story of Lavos look like War and Peace.

augite and ICEKnight noticed this on Hidden Palace -- Tadayoshi Yamamuro is credited with the art.

He is the Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Heroes character designer. He is known for his straight style, as opposed to Minoru Maeda's more rounded style, and he is recognized as the chief animator and illustrator of the modern Dragon Ball franchise.

He became a main character designer for Dragon Ball Z after Minoru Maeda left Toei Animation in November 1992, at the end of the Perfect Cell Saga, a role that he shared with Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru until the end of Dragon Ball GT in November 1997.


Question is, do we think he also did the main character art? We know Toriyama drew the scenes, since they're credited to him explicitly in his 2000s artbook, but...

I broke out the mechanical keyboard and made a transcript. Magus_Brokenheart, hope you dont' mind me editing your post to shove it in there. I'll archive it on the Compendium today.

Purely speculating here, but it seems like:

At some point, a catastrophe in the past severely weakened time and rewrote history.
History was altered by these items/the event, resulting in Reptites/humans living together in antiquity, with magic freely available to both, and Dragonian-esque eidolons (similar to the Dragon Gods) existing for each element.
Frog was also deposited in antiquity by these events. Belthasar ends up in the far future, and presumably pulls Melchior there, as he is around to fix the Masamune, which is still cursed following the resolution of Chrono Cross.
Belthasar successfully completes the Counter-Time Experiment by creating the Tower of Time, and also creates an elemental/magic research laboratory.
Later, a Mystic War still occurred (Mystics or Dragonians?), and in the future, a Mother Brain rebellion still occurred.
Similar to the Sun Stone losing its power, these magical items are slowly drained of their magic potential.
Possibly due to the altered history, humanity squanders most of nature on the surface of the planet, and retires to the floating cities/domes (versus 1999 A.D.'s world map, which suggests humans have taken care of the environment decently enough).
These floating cities are powered by energy drawn through time, further straining the space-time continuum.
This was the result of Belthasar settling in the future and deciding to engineer a new form of magic relic, which drew its power from time (Dreamstone/Mammon Machine analogue, except perhaps instead of Dreamstone acting as a conduit to Lavos, it now acts as a conduit to some form of the Time or Dream Devourer? Or whatever caused the Event?) This is possibly the titular Chrono Break.
Belthasar then tried to engineer a more natural form of energy. The Central Regime was uninterested, and possibly sought to detain Belthasar, who imbued his two children with the new source and sent them into the past to evade capture, granting them Time Traveler's Immunity. Belthasar went to Antiquity to undo the timeline itself and prevent creation of the Dreamstone conduit, pulling his laboratories back with him.
Belthasar becomes the "Oracle" in antiquity, allying with the current most powerful King to shepherd and protect the Tower of Time (his efforts are unwittingly undone by the protagonists).
Eventually, the Chrono Break activates, ripping a singularity through all points in spacetime in the sky of the planet that lead to a temporal junction point. Time becomes fragmented, with multiple timelines existing in tandem from the perspective of Time Error.
This allows the Phantom, an entity bent on the destruction of reality, to stress the timeline further by pulling back one of the far future's floating islands to antiquity; the effort is stopped by the sacrifice of the eidolons, whose fragments creates the magic relics. Nonetheless, the act still creates a slowly-expanding distortion that will eventually end the universe.

Aldo uses the Visus Embryo to undo the changes to the timeline and restore the Far Future, then destroys the Visus Embryo to ensure no one can use it ever again.



  • Definitely incompatible paradoxes abound.
  • Some of the plot conventions are like a "best of" rehash of Chrono events. We have the Mystic War, we have Chronopolis being pulled back in time, we have floating islands in the future instead of antiquity...
  • What are the Phantoms' motivations? Why do they want time to end? (Again, this sort of rehashes the Time Devourer's motivation.)
  • What gives me the greatest sort of pause is the fact that once again, the entire plot seems to be "Belthasar did it," plus it's arguably worse now because like Serge, all the PCs seem to be destined children of time/children of prophesies/special in some other way, versus Crono just being some dude who said fuck it and tried to save the world. This is the same sort of thing that wrecked Naruto/Bleach for me—can we have some heroes who aren't chosen by destiny, for once? Like Bow, from Breath of Fire II...just some schlub who got drawn up in events!
  • It seems like after the main scenario, the plot continuations get a bit wild (with "X appears through time!" happening a lot)—kind of cheapens time travel a bit, I guess?
  • Is the actual problem of the Dimensional Vortex/Chrono Break/Time Quakes ever truly resolved?

Kato's giving video interviews?!?!!

 :picardno God, am I really about to buy these because the Twitter people can't be arsed to actually properly scan stuff?

If I get the whole lot, though, all of it needs to be actually scanned and released, even if the magazines need to be destroyed to do it. I'm asking around on Hidden Palace to see if there are services/volunteers where people would actually scan the entire magazines.

Or if someone at the Compendium can...I have a flatbed scanner and everything else, but I just lack the time (work is doing the automation/outsource people thing, and so I'm having to cover for redundancies). There's probably material on other games in those magazines that other communities would love to have, so I would upload the scans and announce it on WikiProject:Video Games + TCRF, etc.

Damn, $200 for the lot. I wonder why it's so high, or if it's just a rare magazine, or what...

The Slash note comes from the released Japanese version:

Soy Sauce is literally termed 'outside method sword fighter'. Two dictionary entries might apply to 外法: one is a Buddhist term for heresy, the other is a sort of demonic arts linked to tengu or using skulls.


I see, gotcha. Well, good to have DeepL in our pocket. I'll keep thinking about how best to attract a guest translator for the heavier lifts.

The Compendium long held an absolute stance of intolerance towards fascism, excessive religiosity, sexism, right-wing misinformation etc. to the point we literally kneecapped the community at times to run those worthless fucks off. Lord J Esq can back me up there.

Going to fuck around and turn people into the old Dre. Let me know if V doesn't reply. The Compendium remains Authleft, baby.

Chrono News / Re: Unseen Magus Artwork for CT's 26th Anniversary!
« on: March 11, 2021, 01:43:26 pm »
Thanks a ton. I linked the encyclopedia upload version to the original post and tacked on something about CT's 26th anniversary, since it's March 11...quite a coincidence. Thanks a ton for finding!


Shows unseen Magus artwork from Akira Toriyama. What else might it contain? We need to identify the book first, and then can grab a copy.

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