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History, Locations, and Artifacts / Re: Who does Arris Dome belong to?
« on: August 30, 2006, 07:42:11 pm »
So long as we're tossing around crackpot theories, I'll add another to the mix (though going back and answering the original question).

"Before" the events of CT (whatever that means), it's assumed Marle went and married some guy who wasn't Crono.  This was a sensible, intelligent man, who was able to avoid war with Porre.  Guardia's line continued to hold strong until 1999, when it held the Arris dome and the Administrator was a decendant of Marle.  The bloodline continued to 2300 with Doan.

Then Crono started murking around with things.  Through going to Zeal, and battling Lavos first hand, he became corrupted by the power of Lavos.  (The game establishes in a hand-wavy sort of fashion that this phenomina does in fact occur to humans.)  Crono kills Lavos, saves the future.  However, Marle falls in love with Crono and marries him.  Now, there's something about Crono that makes him not handle Porre as well.  Maybe he's too used to violence?  Maybe it's the taint of Lavos?  Maybe it's the fact that he refuses to talk?  Whatever, point is, Crono "causes" Guardia to fall.

Now, the Arris Dome doesn't even exist in the future timeline.  Instead of Arris, we get Chronopolis.  (This makes Doan's appearance at the Twilight Parade even more paradoxical, but meh, we'll ignore that.)  The events of CC happen after all of this, so it fits.

Humans did build Chronopolis circa 2400 AD.  What I'm insinuating is that it was the Ocean Palace that was found.  (or rather, it took on the name 'Ocean Palace' upon being finished with refurbishment)

What is "magic stolen from Lavos" anyway?  I don't think that was ever explained, so I'm taking some interprative license that it was the remains of Dinopolis & Chronopolis, which would seem to the Enlightened ones "from Lavos".  "Magic" is a pretty vague term after all.

Crimson Echoes / Re: Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Demo 2 Feedback
« on: August 29, 2006, 04:26:39 pm »
Well, I beat my first run through:

- the child in Ioka village says "try to protect Ayla and child" - there's no period at the end, and every other villager punctuates correctly
- when I talked to the villager who told me to go to Singing Mountain, since Crono was 2nd in my party, it said "Crono: Did you hear that?" - Crono talks
- someone mentions I should go to Singing Mountain, but that was never in the original game, how should I know where it is?  wander around until I luck out?
- the woman in Survivors Cave says "we fight many times" and also lacks punctuation
- most of the fights in Singing Mountain have the default location of the battle menu  on top when it should be on bottom
- on the 2nd outside map screen for SingMt, near the top by a chest that contains an InstrumentP, there are two Avian Rexs, but only one is visible (the other's graphic is behind the mountain)
- in SingMt, there were a few "Tusk Helms" being given away as treasure, but that was a pretty lame find, these could already be purchased cheaply in town and all my characters had them already
- the name "InstrumentP" made no sense to me; why not "Harp of Earth", "Chimes of Water", etc? or at least an Item-tip on the menu screen (missing for most custom items in CE)
- the way the riddle is asked in SingMt, it requires you to keep notes or remember a string of 4 numbers; when being given the option to choose "1,2,3 or 4" it should have something next to it reminding us what that number meant
- it is of course very easy to "game" the number puzzle: since it tells you you fail after one wrong guess, you can brute-force it with less than 10 guesses garunteed (since no place is used twice), and considering the first 2 is 1 then 2, the player will probably only guess wrong once if a brute-force tactic is used
- when I would fail to guess the order correctly, there was a (seemingly) random number of  "Dang!"s that would follow afterwards, sometimes just one, sometimes more
- when Nizbel jumped around, there was no sound, and it felt very hollow
- Lucca was my main character, and when she threatened Nizbel, it played Robo's computer sound  (Robo was my 3rd character at the time)
- during the fight with Nizbel, the top left corner of his head kept disappearing behind a black tile
- when Ayla says, "Ayla have kid and Ayla wish you luck!" the indentation is messed up
- despite being wounded and needing to stay behind, Ayla does quite alot of walking in place
- if you return to SingMt, the room that previously held Nizbel does not have any music or wind
- when Ayla gave me the piece of Lavos's shell, it did not appear in my inventory
- when the voiceover says "Epoch you are cleared for landing, go ahead and bring her in" there's no period at the end
- when you're in the OceanPalace/introChaper3 the green gasses floating around have their right sides abruptly cut off
- when you go down the elevator at Chronopolis, the camera is centered on the character, until you move down, then it locks into place, should it be locked from the start?
- I never went to 600AD or did anything with Frog and still beat the game, is that okay?

now to go back and get all the secrets...

Crimson Echoes / Re: Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Demo 2 Feedback
« on: August 29, 2006, 03:12:49 pm »
Sure thing, I love beta-testing.  Those notes are kindof rough to read through though, if you'd like to me to clarify what I meant by some of them or why I thought they were problems I'd be glad to.  As you can tell, I'm kindof playing the the game in splurts, I'll give my opinion of overal theme and play balance later.

No outdoor tilesets you say?  In that case, perhaps try and play with the geography some more, wandering troops or buildings with attachments or something.  While I'm on the topic, I felt weird when I went up to the soldier and all of a sudden I was clocking him out taking his clothes.  Based on the NPCs I (hadn't) talked to, that felt incredibly random and out of place, I would have appeciated Lucca explaining to me why we're doing it, and/or given a menu option to decline.

a few notes from this morning:
- when I got Magus from the Last Village and came back to Dalton's Dungeon with my party, I killed the Lasher and everyone in the party leveled up multiple times (I think Robo got 4 levels), then Magus made a comment about it that sounded like he should have said it the first time through
- I went back to Dalton's Dungeon a few times and found I could powerlevel like nuts, everyone gaining two levels every time I killed that guy, who just kept respawning and Magus kept making that comment
- I would have appreciated some commentary for going to Dalton's backroom, either in the form of a book to read or Magus saying "damn, he's gone"
- nothing stopped me from going up into Dactyl's Nest, where the enemies were too strong for my level, but if I braved it out (or dodged them), I also found equipment up there that was inappropriately powerful
- when I got to the top of Dactyl's Nest, my lead character (Marle) became invisible, and had to guide myself by my teammates (quite tricky) and I couldn't scroll off the topic of the screeen - very glitchtastic
- the Mystic Mountains were also more powerful than I should have been able to visit, but not as bad as DN
- when I go off the top screen in the MM, my characters slide off the bottom and the game hangs and I cannot continue - very glitchtastic
- Marle does not have any good weapon options at this point in the game and her attack option is pathetic (I know it's supposed to be weak, but this is overly so)
(the things I flagged as "very glitchtastic" are more than just nitpicks)

Still, loads of fun, it feels very good to play.

I'm going off of the assumption that all of the refrences to "10,000 years ago" in Chrono Cross refers to circa 12,000 BC.  I'm also going to assume there's a lot more to the World Map than is apparent (otherwise Truce has a population of around a dozen, and the whole world less than 100).

Lavos crashes to earth in 65M BC and begins plotting.  He wants to spawn his progeny around the universe, but he realizes the planet is his biggest foe, so he needs to set up guards against it.  First order of business: kill all the Reptites through making the earth cold.  However, the planet is powerful and is able to keep alive the timeline of the Reptite's survival, instead of them being tossed into the Darkness Beyond Time.  Lavos realizes this and decides he needs a master race for his own use.  He begins radiating power to evolve humans, so that they might one day do his work for him.  In this original timeline, Zeal does not exist, nor does he cause the apocolypse, but he does guide/allow the construction of Chronopolis in 2400 AD.  He causes the time crash and brings it back to him at the time most ideal for him: 13,000 BC.  Humans are the far along in their evolution, but the Ice Age hasn't ended yet.

The Planet takes the bait.  It sends back Dinopolis from the paralell timeline and they do battle.  The Earthbound ones hide in their caves as a massive war goes on outside in the snow.  Eventually, the Dragon God is slain, but Chronopolis is badly damaged too.  The humans begin picking through the rubble of both sides, and learn some of the secrets of both.  Some of the humans learn enough to be called Enlightened.  They construct the Kingdom of Zeal using the Elements of the Planet and the Technology of the Future and call it "magic".  Eventually Queen Zeal comes along and decides she wants more power, and decides to refurbish the ruins of Chronopolis so that she can use it for her own ends.  She enslaves the Earthbound ones and sets them to tasks fixing up and rebuilding Chronopolis, which happens to be located under the ocean.  However, this angers Lavos, as he doesn't want anyone near the Frozen Flame or to tax his power, so he destroys Zeal.  He considers the entire saga of the Zeal Kindgom a "side effect" of combatting the extra timeline the Planet had been brewing.

However, destroying Zeal left Lavos somewhat tired, so he wanted several thousand years, and then he finally did what he set out to do in the first place: create a fertile haven for his children.  This is the 1999 Apocolypse.  He no longer had use for Chronopolis, as the Planet's other timeline had been defeated.  The Lavos Spawn then went out over the galaxy.  That isn't the end of the story of course, Crono & crew murked things up, as did Schala, but I don't have anything new to add to that analysis.

In summary: the Ocean Palace and the Black Omen are, infact, Chronopolis.

Crimson Echoes / Re: Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Demo 2 Feedback
« on: August 29, 2006, 02:52:37 am »
So I guess I've taken it upon myself to be the nitpick beta-tester, here's what I saw last time I played:

- Dalton's dungeon needed more combat, the only things to fight in there (Lasher/Golem) kills you in one hit
- why can't you have Dalton be a real boss battle (where you can loose) but after you win, he falls to one knee, then does what he does anyways?
- the music would reset every time I went back into the central room in Chronopolis
- to get into the Collesium, I went off the bottom and instead of coming in the top, I came in the bottom; I realize the Collesium is imported from another hack, but could I suggest an intermediary room to make the transition more natural?
- there were no save points in Chronopolis, and I definately wanted to save every time I visited
- the sword Crono gets in the downstairs of Chronopolis is vastly more powerful than anything else you have access to at that point in the game
- the Porre encampment wasn't anywhere on the world map, it should be re-vistable, even if there's a guard in front
- same camp: and the general tiling I felt was weak, looked more like an early FF game than CT
- when Marle is prompted to talk by Crono she says "what a great memory! i'll ask" - lowercase "i'll"
- Porre doesn't have to look like a buffoon if they come out and say "mission failed", it hurts to have Guardia trashed by bozos, let them tell a hardnosed lie
- Marle asks "how do we get back to the Future (tm)" - trademark?
- why don't they have to report back to Guardia?  why go directly to Balthasar?  that felt out-of-character to me
- Marle says "what's going on?, Lucca?" - can you put commas and question marks in succession like that?
- there exists a "first time using Epoch" scene in CT, why not use it in CE?  it was a bit anticlimactic to just show up in Chronopolis
- when all the alarms go off Balthasar's text makes it seem like whatever he just left the room for CAUSED the timeflux (not a drill, etc)
- Crono's aforementioned sword makes the DragonTank battle trivial
- when I destroyed the dragontank body first, the head and wheel remained there floating and still fighting
- Balthasar says "report to me any" on the bridge without any follow-up text
- still on the bridge: during the fight with the hench, Crono stays in place and does not jump forward to melee when you choose to attack (he swings in place)
- the dialouge at the end of the bridge fight felt wrong; Renault's surfer-style "Righteous!" attitude is bothering me
- also, it fades out on Renault, then blips back to full bright before the scene transitions fully to mom's house
- the dialouge in the mother's house is misleading: this is a game about timetravel, so when the exact same text was used twice, I thought GroundHogsDay was happening
- I couldn't find the King of Guardia, I wanted to tell him the news of what had happened
- why can't I quick-cut through the woods in front of the castle now?
- with regard to the ferries: now that I have to be stealthy about traveling it doesn't cost any GP?  weird
- in Medina square, there's a gargoyle whose color scheme (purple maroon?) looks wrong
- the singer says "mirai ni fuku", shouldn't it be "miraku fuku"?  without the Kanji I'm not sure what that word's trying to be
- back in Melchior's house he's missing! and you can't read his notes, which I really wanted to now that he's gone
- I know overworld animations are tough, but at least Medina and Chorus need static docks, it just feels wrong without them, and it helps in quickly finding your way back
- the Chorus port looks like it has an attached house but I can't enter it, should the roof color be red?
- nice work on Chorus overal
- when you encounter Mystics in the tunnel to the Epoch: where is that music from?  is it original to CE?  I like it
- keep the (above) music for the fight with the Barghest, it's more epic, don't switch down to normal battle music
- while nice from a dungeon perspective, it didn't make sense to have enemies on BOTH sides of the SEALED door the Epoch was behind
- after Robo joins, why isn't Lucca standing around elsewhere?  she went poof; I wanted to see her tapping away at a keyboard or something
- once you enter battle-mode downstairs, Robo's graphic goes under the one for the laserbeams
- the talking scene right after said fight is really awkward: Robo should type on the keyboard and fret about, not instantly say it's fixed, Melchior needs to work in his dialouge alot more smoothly, it felt massive out of place
- there's a gotta be an easier way to work in Magus joining than the "slayers of Lavos" idea, it felt dirty

I think I got harsher and harsher as I went down the list, but I really am enjoying this game alot; once it gets done I'll probably take out the time to burn it to a cartridge.

Thanks for working on such project, this is awesome.

Crimson Echoes / Re: Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Demo 2 Feedback
« on: August 28, 2006, 01:09:54 am »
With regard to giving the sword to Renault, if you go there before you're supposed to (ie before dropping off the other two items), the priestess in the arboreatum still tells you that he's in the chapel.  However, he doesn't actually show up in the chapel until you unlock him (and the immeadiately disappears again), which felt very unsmooth to me.  Then again, I feel that forcing the player to do the three items in a certain order is wrong to begin with: why not do it in any order?  It would also be nice if the mother would remind you where they were supposed to go: I had to start up a new game to get the destination list over again.

Also, after you beat the Prologue and it's shifting around showing various timelines, there were a few graphical glitches in Glenn's, namely the corners of rocks and cliffs were of an inappropriate color.  And I can't use the save-point in the Last Villiage (furthest left hut at beginning of Magus chapter).  Walking over the big hole on the worldmap feels odd as well.  Both collections of huts are called "Last Villiage" on the world map, yet one of the people in the cluster to the right says that they should be called "Mist Villiage", and another man in that same cluster refers to "Last Villiage" as a place different from where he's at now.  While Dalton's leaving, he doesn't flutter or walk, he just glides without animation.  When you come back to the "Commons", there is a gravestone over the Elder, but all the dialouge of the people there remains the same, which felt VERY weird.  Often in the "Beast Forest" the enemies come in on the top of the screen yet the default position of the battlebox is also on top.

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