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God, that thread is causing me whiplash. On the one hand, the subject matter is bringing up visions of the turbulent years of war after 9/11. The relatively peaceful era we lived in seems to have been knocked into an eccentric orbit after that, and I think that the nuclear war that we're currently on the edge of, just barely managing to not plunge in, all stems from that terrible day.

At the same time, any time I re-visit an old forum thread, I'm hit by a deep poignance, and a feeling that I lived through a rare era, where the internet was new and shiny and people actually went online for no reason at all, and we found one another and had great discussions (about nothing at all, mostly).

Kajar Laboratories / Re: Making Chrono Break!
« on: July 20, 2023, 03:22:40 am »
If it's your dream project, which it sounds like it is, then you should do it! But the name "Chrono Break" poses several problems:

  • Chrono fans will expect a Chrono game. They'll want to see their favorite characters, or some tie-in to CT/CC. And you can't do that without potentially getting shut down by Square Enix
  • I don't think that Chrono Break/Brake ever had a definite design. In interviews, devs say that some features made it into other games, like Final Fantasy Dimensions II. But they also say that the dev team had competing versions of the plot, and that Square management didn't approve their script. Basically, why Break/Brake failed to materialize in the first place. And if the original devs couldn't make a coherent sequel, it's going to be even harder for a single writer.

My advice is to strike out, make your own game, try to outdo Chrono Trigger itself. Try to make the best game of all time. Don't limit yourself to something as narrow as a CT/CC sequel.

Now the real question is, do you want to make money from this? If no, then your best bet is to just write the story/plot/setting and hope to inspire programmers and maybe some artists to follow you.

General Discussion / Re: The "WTF? Check this link out!" thread!
« on: December 13, 2022, 02:06:08 am »
I think some people here will appreciate a very strange bit of website necromancy I've been working on:

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