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What was that about Another Eden having nothing to do with Trigger? In this interview that just came out yesterday he says that he is indirectly writing the story from the perspective of the future heroes from the erased timeline. Like he was doing the opposite of Chrono Trigger and having people from the future having to fix the changes time travelers from the past make.

Sorry but he never said that. As fan I've just created an account to help clarify this, and do not confuse other people.

He just said that with this work he took the oportunity to create a game with a time travel plot aproached in a diferent way to the ways he did in the past. A different game, and not putting on it a time trivel plot as the same way he already did, just that.

He is NOT linking the stories. He is NOT saying "I'm indirectly rewriting the story of my past games" or stuff like that.

Regards and thx for sharing video ^^

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