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General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: September 05, 2023, 12:29:33 pm »
Uh, I was gonna read and reply my thoughts later. But I have a thought already. I will edit in the rest of my post cause I am super busy with and swamped with work.

I like 5-lettered exactly town names from RPGs. I'm confused at your contradiction you said "We joke at the memes" followed by "Haha, I don't really follow memes... ." Like you say one thing and totally say the opposite later.

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: August 29, 2023, 10:34:26 pm »
Hey, I saw your reply-post, but I just waited a few days cause you take awhile to respond and I'm mirroring you. (LOL! not)

Well, I need to just tinker ard. with my SNES. The- It might just be the Earthbound cartridge and how hard-pressed all the menus are in the beginning of that game. I might pop in CT and see if it works fine? Yeah, I like that idea of getting your daughter to play. Maybe she can go to Halloween as Marle: Make a straight up on top of the head ponytail, and pull it down a lit'l & and use gel to keep it up. Like she's casting a magic spell. LOL!

Yes, I will get my kids to play RPGs too. I actually quite find them relaxing as f Hell. Idk, I played video games every afternoon after school and I got straight A's and a perfect attendance all 4 years of High school. So I don't see the problem? o_O; Maybe she's just socializing too much at school. Tell her to concentrate on the school's academics.


I was home alone all the time.

I've been watching Studio Ghibli. And like jail stuff. I'm trying to emulate prisoner culture and locking myself up in my work like a mad scientist. I get a lot of stuff out that way. Soccer? Don't know too much abt. that but I loved kickball.

Yeah, I make what people memes sometimes too.

I have a hard time saying white cause of my teeth so I just say what lol.

I think they're Ugg boots and Janice Dickinson (model) said they're very out of style now. I'm actually surprised you said that and she still owns a pair, I haven't seen those around since 2004. Yeah, I love chai tea latte it's my go-to at Starbizzucks. I'm on YouTube but I will do Insta, Twee-turr, Snap and TikTok is just bottom bitch app for me. I'm a very social, Asian nerd. She can add me if you want. I just see frat guys as just hoosier-like and into basketball. :_shrug: I have a few buddies in frats at San Jo State and I NEVER minded the sub_culture. I think they see me as a informal brother of theirs' actually. :shrug: Like they don't wanna let me in but I'm in and everyone knows I'm very IN like having rent free at a INN in RPGs. :shrug: I live rent free in their minds and I don't care.

No, keep talking abt. ur-selfz. It's good. I want to add a sign to the gate. Dogs is good. Chickens is good. No trouble. Very #happylifes:). I've been doing 3day binges and #nosleeping #noblinking. Sleep is for the weak. You can sleep when you're dead. Been saying that since Hish School. "What are you on?" Revelations: Series: Persona 1 - I did Alana, I'm concurrently doing Ellen's. Then, Brad. And Chris. Visible Panty: Lines (Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth). And I wanna start a new game of fft.

I have a random question for you?! Maybe we can get-to know ea. other a lit'l better! What's your favorite "TOWN" from JRPGs? I have my list/and, answers ready but I want you to go first, unless you want me to post first. Ok, I have to go into Castillejos today so I'll be kin'na biz. C U N Time, Boo!!!!! :p

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Re: Luna has Joined The Party.
« on: August 21, 2023, 11:17:20 am »
Hi; I'm new here too!

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: August 13, 2023, 09:56:45 am »
Hey, Booster-liciousdood. ! :)

Er, well I just tried out Earthbound and my AV2HDMI is acting a little wonky. So if we can totally skip the SNES that'd would be fine. It still works (33 years!) connection to video is wierd. PS1 and onward I can do. Would you be up for Chrono Cross since this's a Chrono website and all? I'd love to do the Chrono games series with you. We seem to be big fans since we're still here! :):p

You still seem strong no offense I mean you're typing coherently enough no typos. o_O If you were really brunt out you'd just disappear. I know you can do it. Tbh, to be honest, I learned a lot of techniques from my Dad he's a barber and he just talks to the customers nonstop like he makes sure to watch the game the night before so he has something to talk about etc. I work in restaurant and I can talk to anyone abt. anything. To be honest, I'd just bring up something wholesome and family-friendly like anything on T.V. EVER. And, you should really get back on Survivor, fraternity boys like LOVE Survivor. Everybody does family, kids et cetera. I wouldn't bring up video games at work. Or the internet. Or music. Hell I wouldn't bring up even my parents' names.

Fraternity boys: I suggest Survivor. and das' it Don't let them in on anything else in your life or what we do here on our safe space. Just ask them if they know "Nick Stanbury" or something and be hella formal abt. it. They should know who he is. "Jenna Morasca" was in a brother fraternity too. She was a Zeta jacket. So was "Rob Cesternino." Just bring up those 3 names and if they don't know them their house must be small and whatever. Bring cut them down to size with your social game and who you know. Heck, ask them if they know me: "VidKid369." Everyone knows me online I've been on since AOL with the same exact screename. *raspberries* They can be annoying but I mean what can you do?

Aiit. RPG-talk. *cracks brain into place* I'm on Revelations Series: Persona 1 and& Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth.

I'll watch Boundary Break/sheesz.

I was in a fraternity in college but it was weird. They don't like White/Latino or; and Other. They said it's too mix-mixed. Pilipino/Spanish* "Whatever that means." I auditioned for a lotsa other stuff too.

I dunno why you're stressed with your kids it should be fun. Just watch T.V. with them maybe you can squeeze Survivor in for yourself or a baseball game. Tell them if they're excited for the Olympics next year? Asia vs. The U.S. me and you next year man? Movies to watch with kids: I like Selena, and the Nip/Tuck FX Series.

You don't talk about your wife too much I noticed.

My dogs are fine.

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: July 29, 2023, 02:14:42 pm »

Are you still there? I've been having tons of fun here on my side of the world I hope things is going great for you too as well I wish for you only the best, of course. Uh. I kinda *Terra reverted* to some old-time classics rn on for PS1 or PSX whatever: Uh concurrently doing Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (PS4 PSN dl) and Persona 1. These are both 2 terrific JRPGs.

Are things still going good with you not bogged down @ work? I'm finding myself with a LOT of free-time these days and just,-I just have time to game AND do a lot of other meaningful personal cool "life" stuff. I'm wErking on social-media and trying to expand my screename and my side-business here. ("Hush-hush.")-type-a stuff lol anyways lol.Hope you're still doing good? I hope I didn't freak you out or anything I just love JRPGs uh a lot!! 🙂🙂

K. ... You still there?

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: June 20, 2023, 04:38:34 am »
Hey, Boo.

So, I've been going crazy w/ the video games lately. I just have my eye on so much stuff like 2-or-3 things and I wanna buy them before someone else gets to it!

Yeah, I enjoyed the first .hack game too it took me until way later to beat it as I wish I gotten the rest of the games cause they're good! Yeah I have Xenosaga I + II but not part 3.

Secret of Mana was one of my childhood favorites so I had to! I thought it was so mysterious and not much text! I loved everything about it. I've never tried Elder Scrolls.

Yeah, SO2 is my favorite as well. I only boot it up to do item creation and play until I can get to the Cooking Battle and stay there, I don't even care anymore about beating the game. Suikoden II does this for me too the cooking competitions and mini-games are so much fun I don't even care about the end-goal anymore!

Ya, I've heard about SO2 remake, not remaster? and I'm excited too as well. It's prob my fav PS1 RPG if I had to choose.

I feel bad that I Platinumed FFXV and did nothing else with it. It's just sitting right there.

Lol, I was playing Link's Awakening but I haven't been playing my Switch much! I'm just too in love with my PS4 Pro. Yes I did see the trailer but no, I haven't played since only on PS5. I thought Zack at the end was just random actually... I forgot he existed...

BUT!!--I did dl FF VI Pixel Remaster and I think it's great!

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: June 17, 2023, 02:58:17 am »
Hey, Boo.

I got a couple of games:

- Harvest Moon: Child of Hope Complete Special Edition
- Star Ocean: First Departure R (PSN)
- Dragon Quest Builders 1
- Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (PSN)
- Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
- Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
- .hack//G.U. Last Recode

I also ordered a few more coming in:
-Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
-Secret of Mana (PS4)
-Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
-Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

Been really excited about my PS4 Pro, and I'm collecting for it rn. I think I'm gon concentrate on the Atelier series since I like it so much. Lemme know what you think!! :p

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: June 12, 2023, 09:47:51 am »
Hi, Boo! Are you still there?

So rn I'm doing the Hard mode for FF7R and trying to collect all the trophies. It's really fun. Most of the time I'm spending time e-windowshopping for RPGs to add to my wishlist, and trying to get my hands on some hard2find RPGs here. The market seems diff from the US so I'm still studying it a little bit but I'm having good luck so far with getting stuff I want. :thumbsup:

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: May 19, 2023, 05:45:58 pm »
Nice, dude.

A lot of gaming news has happened to me the last few days. So I basically "beat" Dragon Quest 11 I mean the credits rolled and everything but there seems to be some post-game carp I'm trying to get though. Rn I feel kinda tired of the game tbh like it just won't die or end but it looks like I'm pretty close to finishing it so might's as well. It seems like a 100-hr. JRPG for sure. I'm not surprised in the least cause I put 195 hours into Dragon Warrior VII it was really strange reaching 80hrs in that game and knowing you only finished half of the story. lol Yeah. Dragon Quest VIII was a really fun experience though I really hope they remaster it and put it out on PS4 Pro or somethin'. :thumbsup:

I've been sorta gravitating back towards FF games, just in the last few hours I've been noticing. I had a grand time with FFXV and now I just got-in Final Fantasy VII Remake and I just love my thoughts I'm having when I'm playing it. I dunno if it's nostalgia or rememberance. But it's comfort. I'm kinda sorta into shopping for video game trinkets and stuff like little toys aside from just game boxes and jewel discs. I dunno, why? lol

Star Ocean: First Departure R is pretty basic, and simple and my thoughts is so stoic playing through the beginning. lol I kinda like that about me. I sorta lean to "basic, simple, beginner" RPGs like Mystic Quest and the like. There's something ... about it.

Keep up the super dad stuff!

As for me, I'm still staying up an extra 2-3 days now just gaming, getting work done and enjoying my life. I just hate sleep. After 72 hours of no sleep - actually falling asleep and waking up doesn't really do anything for me anymore like it doesn't make me feel rested or even good anymore. I think a lot has to do with the heat here in the Philippines it affects me and everythig I do so-much. I know you're a runner have you ever tried Liquid I.V. before? It's like a rehydration+electrolyte drink mix. Tbh, I was so desperate to feel that 'hydrated' feeling I ordered some and tried it I think it works pretty well. I have also cut out energy drinks, and instead have been guzzling back down Gatorade like oldschool style. Water doesn't do anything for me - "in this heat" - I think researchers are right when they say you need more than just simple water to rehydrate properly you need the electrolytes, the salt & minerals that your body sweats out to go back in. The heat/hydration factor has been killer for me the 5 years I've been here but I think I'm starting to figure out the lack.

I've sorta been gaming/and watching/researching/analyzing Survivor with such a fury recently, and just sorta taking a nap or lying down during the daytime when the heat is the worst and waiting for it to pass, sorta moving around more at nighttime.

Anyway hope you're enjoying!

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: May 12, 2023, 12:56:23 pm »

-FFXV: I'm 2 trophies away from getting the platinum, not including the plat. itself, I just have to walk around a lot w/ Gladio and I have to defeat the adamantoise. Rn, I'm doing lit'l things to prep for the adamantoise fight, like trying to get the Zwill Crossblades (best attack/weapon in game) and Dark Matter Bracelet. ("Dark matter" shout-out to Chrono Trigger!) I also have to hunt down a few ingredients for some of Ignis' better dishes so I can be well-prepped for the battle. I'm just playing in short bursts.
-DQ11: I'm, like, 72hrs. in and I'm just trying to hurry along the story at this point and beat the game & move on to other games. If I like it enough, which I already think I do, I might decide to re-play it maybe even getting the S - Definitive Edition.
-Tales of: I did not like ToD1+2, so that has soured me for the rest of the series. I might pick up Tales of Symphonia for PS4 and pick up from dere doe.
-Star Ocean: Rn, I'm planning on dling Star Ocean: First Departure R for PS4. I think there's a PS4 dl-only version and Switch. It looks like it plays 'zactly like SO2 and that was my favorite game for PS1 so. I'm kinda making it a priority.
-SaGa: Yeah. Did not care for this series. There's a pile of trash RPGs for PS1 I tried to beat in my backlog but decided it's not worth the torture. Let it rot.
-Zelda: Yeah Link's Awakening is pretty fun. :smile: I'm aiming to get Skyward Sword HD + Breath of the Wild physical but I'm gon have to dig into the Nintendo Online store and see what other oldschoolass Zelda games they have up to offer. Maybe ALttP or Majora's Mask, is where I left off?

+Glad you're doing well in family + career. As for me I'm just doing my "48 hour day" thing and staying up gaming. The farm is alright, I mostly just stay at the house. I got a haircut today and feel fresh. Usually in my downtime, I'm blowing money on Shopee just picking up essential items for home, and some gardening shit. Dogs is doing ok. Nothing all too... exciting. Lol

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: May 05, 2023, 09:07:16 pm »
Hey, Boo. Just an update:

-DQ11 is really VERY JRPG. I'm kinda burnt out by it after just having beaten FFXV. I mean all the classical tropes is there. There's one main story but there's so much to do. It's def for the completionists out there, that's for sure. I'm gon keep trudging along even it it means playing in short bursts. :shrug:
-I'm foaming at the mouth at the thought of getting my very first platinum with FFXV. I just finished getting an annoying fishing trophy and I'm working on getting the like last 4. I pop it in whenever I have time to do a little more content. I feel like my first platinum being this would be memorable? :shrug:
-I've been fuckin' around with my Switch and I popped in Octopath Traveler for 8 mins. but I opted for Link's Awakening after thinking about it. I did- have been saying I want to catch up to the Zelda games? I was thinking of getting Skyward Sword HD before even thinking about attempting to tackle Breath of the Wild.

I have been doing a little research on a few games. I kinda wanna get a lifesim RPG/farmsim and a few I have crossed paths with: there's Atelier... I loved the PS3 iterations so might's well cont for it on PS4 but it is lacking the farming aspect that I am looking for though all the items I love and will suffice, there's Animal Crossing: NH/Stardew Valley... I think they kinda have a rivalry tbh i kinda lean towards Stardew more but I'm not gon leave anyone out of the fight I kinda wanna do sommore research on these two before picking one or if I do, there's Rune Factory it seems more my style nowadays but I've have never played it before? I was wondering if you had a good suggestion for a type of game that's not so too serious and I can kinda fire up, put a little work into when I can and sorta build on that? Thanks!

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: April 30, 2023, 04:05:20 am »
As I'm playing DQ11 I'm going back to FFXV and doing little things like fishing and finishing up a few sidequests because the last 5 remaining trophies is like eating at me. I wanna finally get a platinum trophy and might's well do it for FFXV so it'll be memorable? :shrug:

I really like DQ for everything we both have said. As I'm playing I go back to thinking how much I enjoyed DQVIII. I don't think about DWVII that often but I know I remember I enjoyed it a lot. I just enjoy video games a lot when I don't really want to think about money and there's something I have that I can pour a lot of time into and really obsess about and that just helps the day go by faster. I think a lot about how I invest say $39.99 for a JRPG now these days I just feel like I get the most out of it and really get a bang out of my buck when I digest all the living text and try to do everything in it and perfect it. C:

I'd say FFXV is more open world-ish than DQ11. DQ11 plays a lot like DQVIII in that there's a main narrative but you can go out of your way to explore and stuff.

Ah,--I'm kinda of a newb when it comes to games PS4/Switch and-beyond. I do want to spend a lot of time with these consoles (I am already thinking about PS5!! :D) but I want to be strategic about which games I buy. I don't really buy, buy, buy collect, collect, collect and have them sit there. I usually buy a JRPG and play it then buy another one. It's REALLY hard to do as I wanna just sometimes blow my money on games. XD

Ah, yes. I'm usually more into the software too myself. I just can't help but feel Nintendo is and has always been more family-friendly? Sony PlayStation has always felt more "hardcore" gamer to me esp during PS1 with all the text-heavy RPGs. :shrug: I kinda maybe wanna move or swing towards Nintendo a bit more and come back to it as I've devoted so much time into PlayStation RPGs already. I mean I know what home is.

Lol. Tales of series is like bottom bitch for me in terms of the JRPGs I plan to play. I just didn't enjoy the first two Tales of Destiny's. :shrug:

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: April 27, 2023, 03:22:24 pm »
Hey, Boo! So, just an update. I'm in a chipper mood today.

So I just got a Nintendo Switch OLED. I'm having a lot of DEEP THOUGHTS now. I was always a Nintendo kid growing up back then before I knew about company loyalty or console wars. I feel more at home on Nintendo. I dunno, it's funny? It made me think about how I like or enjoy text-heavy RPGs on the PlayStation. This kinda brought me back to just want to bounce and jump-around on things without a thought in my head! I kinda wanna maybe try some new games out.

I don't want ppl to think I'm a hardcore gamer in my cave reading long scripts...

But, anyway. I digress.

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: April 25, 2023, 04:03:40 pm »
Hey, Boo. Oop- Late reply.

Tbh, I'd take any LUNAR game they could possibly throw out there rn! :p I'm not one to bite the hand that feeds me!

I can kinda see Prompto as like born in a lab cause he's like fair skinned and blond. It would only make sense! I've been thinking about Final Fantasy XV a lot the last few days after ever since beating it. I guess, I really liked it a lot. After I get done with an intial run of DQ11, I was thinking about going back to FFXV and getting the platinum. And then in the Trophies Menu I see all the DLC, and then the Royal Version... I'm kinda interested in them.

Yeah, I'd had heard about the book.

Sounds like you really know your FFXV I really like the new games (especially this one!), but I find myself going back and reminiscing about the older FF titles too, which kinda makes me think about FF PixelRemaster. The graphics are just so good for the PS4 games.

DQ11 is really good like really, really good... I like how it's so traditional JRPG like: You find a Stick. Attacks enemy with Dagger. Lol! It's just so simple, at first. That's what I really like about it it's like believable if you're from a smalltown village, in the boonies and there's animals in the woods coming in to eat your farm. It's not SO far-out there like most fantasies!

Oh, I liked delivering speeches in community college. My professor said I have a monotone voice though. I dunno if it's because I'm Asian or on the computer a lot. Yeah, I'm thinking about making another batch of masala tomorrow I want my parents to try it out, ...

General Discussion / Re: Let's Play - LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete
« on: April 21, 2023, 03:08:36 pm »
Ooh. Boo, how can anyone follow that up? :p I had to have a few beers before I was ready to tackle your post, but I have a few responses:

-One thing that stuck out are the male Ausas. Usually Vane is always run by all females so I thought that was a little random/unbelievable not to say male Ausas can't exist but in the games they've never had any.
-I liked pretty much your whole story. I'm a HUGE LUNAR fan and I've never written any fanfics of any sort. In fact, I only just thought of what I wanted to see in a possible LUNAR 3 when you poked-and-prodded me about it. I almost never really ruminate about LUNAR, I just re-play the games whenever I can and memorize the basic lore and try to commit it to memory. I don't really think of "what if?" scenarios just trying to get the canon right.

Um. I've only come up with a few points for what I wanna see in LUNAR 3: I think the game will definitely take place on the Blue Star as it has been restored after the events in EBC so I see you traveling there. I think Lucia can finally be a playable character (as opposed to AI) and she'll be the first main female character for the LUNAR franchise like Terra to Final Fantasy. I think it'll probably be some fanservice-of-game like FFX-2 was with just girls romping around the world.

That's really all I thought of.

FFXV: I liked the cinematics mostly of those scenes where Noctis and Lunafreya were like flowing around in the water flowers. I thought the story was nice. I enjoyed the bro-ness. Sucks that Lunafreya died but she was there in the ending which I didn't get? I haven't done any of the DLC but I kinda wanted to go back to the main game and do all the trophies while it's still fresh.

DQ11: I kinda really like it. It's more up-my-alley than FFXV like smalltown country bumpkin farmboy who finally leaves the gates of his small village which's the only thing he's known his whole life to embark on a big adventure. I like that simple shit. I quite like that it's such a throwback traditional, classic, old-school, turn-based, linear JRPG.

Tikka masala: I love this stuff. I was cooking with one of the maids so it was a two-person effort but I was mostly leading. I used a microplane to get rid of the fibers in the ginger before pounding it in the mortar & pestel with the garlic. I used a lot of oil (I like oily foods) and cooked it, then added all of the spices I learned to go easy on the chili powder this time, then added the tomato paste, then the tomato sauce and I added a LOT of coconut milk to get it to turn a real orange color. Then I just dumped in the potatoes, green peas and cubes of cheese. And I let it boil a lot to thicken it up. It was SO easy to make at home to think I used to pay to get it from a restaurant? I made so much and I plan on eating it everyday for a while. I didn't make any naan I just eat it with rice.

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