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Chrono Vendian / Chrono Vendian Updates & Progress
« on: January 29, 2021, 04:31:13 pm »
This will be the thread where general updates to progress will be posted. Both this and original thread will be updated as such as they come.

Update: ~01/29/2021~
~75% Overall. Progress is calculated between the pace of the first-world era events/locations/scripts/actions etc. and the events ahead of it. Going forward after exploration marks the point of no return. With newly reserved space, it would not go to waste.

Crono, Lucca and Marle 3D models are still being worked on. There have been a lot of tribulations and conflicts between style and art direction. With these character remakes to be and remain faithful to the original design to present an accurate, HD realistic rendition. Once completed, first round of screens will come.

New maps are expected to be merged into one single zone, as zones are currently limited at this point. This is and the general scripting and logic are the real time consumers and can expected quite more months before completion.
There are a variation of set maps (combination of smaller maps from Chrono Trigger) , and instead of them being randomized, there're fixed, so entering will always be the same.

Once the first set map is done, screens will be posted.

(rendering disabled to prevent spoilers)

•There a few placeholder models for normal encounters and NPCs including Dalton and the antagonist's :kz dual forms. These are in queue after Crono/Marle/Lucca.

•FMVs are expected to be included to. As of now two are planned, one for the intro and one for the final cutscene. Going this route is easier when hitting limits and avoiding cutting content end game, especially that of cutscenes that were originally in game, but are now executed as FMV.

•There are voices, playable characters are newly voiced, with the exception of Crono. While he has interactive cutscenes in game, he is not voiced in battle or in FMVs.

~Gameplay & Tech Grid~
Tech Grid is utilized in both game modes. By default, the Tech Grid(s) consist of only varying Stat, Strength, Magic, and Special nodes servering as extra stat boosts, with general character development retained via Level Up & experience (EXP).

Characters are predefined with their own abilities, allowing the player to simply buy and/or find new techs/abilities and have it readily available at their disposal.

This is same for weapons:
  • Crono uses Katanas.
  • Marle uses Bowguns/Bows.
  • Lucca uses Guns, a hammer and Hand-Bombs.

Second Tech Grid mode, character stats and HP do not grow with each level up. Instead, their entire growth is situated on the Tech Grid. The tech Grid is one large field divided into three main quadrants, where each character begins are situated there based on their strengths in battle:
  • Crono is situated at the north quadrant of the grid, where strength nodes lie, excelling him in physical-based combat.
  • Marle is situated at the Southwest quadrant of the Tech Grid, where magic and defense magics nodes lie, excelling her in magic-based/defensive combat.
  • Lucca is situated at the Southeast quadrant of the Tech Grid, where offense magic nodes lie, excelling her in offense-magic based combat.
  • Crono's quadrant connects to the Northeast quadrant, where HP and Celerity nodes mostly lie, excelling Crono in HP and speed.
Stats that still grow with Level Ups are:
  • MP
  • Vitality
  • Speed
Character's will always have their own techs in both game modes.
i.e. Characters already have access to Equipment/Techs/Armor etc. There are no Licenses anymore.

For Techs:
  • Crono gains only lighting-based magic.
  • Marle gains only Ice-based magic.
  • Lucca gains only Fire-based magic.

Advance Techs (currently) compensate for Double and Triple-techs from the original as we work with out the bugs of a new mechanic more suitable. Special techs can have a double or triple tech executed as a cinematic ability or a normal ability with special features, such as Megaton Bomb executing a special effect when Lucca fires her weapon, or throws a hand-bomb. i.e. Lucca can either fire a Megaton Bomb or throw it via a hand bomb; the spell animation changes based on Lucca's current equipment.

~635000000 Era (Main Hub)~
Exploration is key, as the encounters going forward in story expect your party to have gained significant experience. The open world has much new events and tribulations so they feel fresh and rejuvenated. Some locations are more dangerous than others, simply being being there, and the party will frequently engage with this locations. They are about half the load of the events going forward; exploration is key to not only gaining experiencing, finding equipment but also with the lore going forward.

•The world is big, the era the game begins at is massive in itself, and the latter eras within the story going forward are too, large, with many new actions and logic. Approximatively 15+ hours exploring without tribulations, and many new and cameo foes appear.

Are there side quests? Yes, however they've been changed.

Achievements (in game) are different, Bestiary entries are different and the Celestial Tower are different.

Almost all can be be done with the game, and with that the game is very huge with a lot of different formats, binaries and sections. For a game of this extent, it's unique how it managed to become modifiable. As complicated as it's scripts and binaries, it still a lot better than and massive time saver from starting from scratch—which is why coming up with unique methods for gameplay and logic is key in the project as to make it not feel like original game, but rather a engine that powers Chrono Vendian.

~Further Update Notes~
•The main game will be heavily modified to be able to run right out of the box.

•The two game modes for the Tech Grid will need to be installed separately as of now.

•All abilities have been revamped to classic Chrono Tech abilities. With characters retaining their original techs from Chrono Trigger.

•All abilities/items and the like follow closely to that of the (DS) translation of Chrono Trigger. Subtracting the use of tier-magic suffixes (ra/ga/ja).

We're currently looking to remove the use of gambit targets (done); reverse such targets for A.I (done), controlled allies, halting specific actions between the caster (player character) and enemy via A.I. and lessen the general automated feel of gambit target usage from the original. It's a massive task and we're testing the waters to see how far we can get with method in keeping the gameplay fluid and balanced; changing every aspect of the game to present a new yet similar feel.

•There is an bug that (expectedly) arose when attempting to force an action-in-queue command to wait until one another action of the party ally is charged before executing the ability. This is to make abilities such as Cure Wind, Double Cure, Delta Force and Antipode Bomb require more than one party ally to execute the ability (i.e. Dual/Triple tech). Currently, this has not been fully implemented and the initial caster will soft-lock in a loop of the casting animation. close, but no cigar. :|

Kajar Laboratories / The Chrono Vendian Project
« on: November 23, 2020, 03:39:07 pm »
I have been working on a project as of late, Chrono Vendian. It is a pseudo 3D remake of Chrono Trigger, telling a new story in an alternate timeline before fall of the Kingdom of Zeal. Focused on the Vendian geographical period and emerging temporal oddities; introducing the ATB 3.0 and the Tech Grid, a new character development system; along with the music featuring countless orchestrated scores courtesy of Malcolm Robinson Music.

The project uses a heavily modified Final Fantasy XII as its core engine.

I know the lot may wonder why the project wasn't just made from scratch in Unreal Engine or Unity, etc. and while it initially was to be, it was better to be safe than sorry—going an indirect route to avoid potential C&D from SQEX, as we all know their track history with shutting down fan remake projects, particularly with Chrono. Also cheaper without needing to hire extra members to program functionalities and mechanics that are already there. FFXII was chosen mainly of its (gameplay) similarities to Chrono Trigger, such as:
  • Interchangeable party members (active/reserve).
  • Max of three party allies.
  • Party allies that follow the leader.
  • Exp and tp earned to party allies on the reserve.
  • Removal of random-battle transitions for battles.
  • The ability to manipulate abilities to pseudo CT's tech/abilities.
  • AoE (Area of Effect) range
  • Weapon types such as: Katanas, Bowguns, Bows, Guns, Unarmed, Greatswords and the ability to create new weapons such as Scythes.
To add, much is possible with the game:
  • Actions
  • Scripts
  • LUA support
  • Logic
  • 3D models
  • Maps
  • Voiceovers
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Sfxs
  • Textures
  • shaders
  • Custom Font
  • gameplay mechanics etc. the list goes on.
It really lifts the workload of the latter from otherwise creating such functionalities from scratch.

The game can modded to the point of starting and feeling as a new game inside of another preset game engine, which is exactly what Chrono Vendian does. Most of these unlocked features and capabilities are courtesy of the Zodiac Engine 3.0, which aims to remove a bunch of limitations the game engine had on character models, animations and environments.

In Chrono Vendian, there are two gameplay modes:
  • 'Original'
  • 'Tech Grid'
Anyone who knows FFXII knows its character development system situates on the License Board and Job system, where characters must pick a board and use that to achieve the use of equipment, armor and abilities. In Chrono Vendian, this is no longer the case.

See here for Tech Grid system.

The project is ~77% complete and can be found here when completed.

Check here for updates.

How do I defeat this one?

I'm doing such little damage to it and only counters with Liver Shaver.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Dimensional Vortex maps [Extract]
« on: April 16, 2020, 12:26:35 am »
Hey everyone! I'm new to the Chrono Trigger modding scene; I was wondering it was possible to get the maps of the Dimensional Vortex locations:

  • Frozen Cliffs
    Volcano (1000 A.D.)
    Temporal Research Lab

I don't know if any DS Chrono Trigger tools exist out there; or if they the D.Vortex maps are already available—please point me there. Thank you guys in advance! :kz

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