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Chrono Cross Modification / CC Enemyedit: Max HP Possible?
« on: April 12, 2020, 03:41:27 pm »
** I changed title name because a new discovery
I Discovered that on New Game + monsters Stats get double, Hp is evident, not sure about other stats...any way to confirm this more in deep?
I am working on a mod with all CC Enemies stats increased x2.00 (HP, ATk, Def, Mag, MDef)
However, just tested on the final boss DT (Lavos) and its Hp resulted to be around 160 ~ 170! (I set it on 20000).

There is a kind of limitation, i haven't even exceed the 65535 stated limit on the app tool.

Would like to know if anyone have experience on this?  :roll:

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