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General Discussion / How do we get CT characters in Smash?
« on: June 13, 2018, 10:41:27 am »
I mean seriously. What's the way to do it? Obviously I could complain about it every time they put a new one out, but is there an intelligent, organized way to go about it?

Edit: Couldn't hurt to try

General Discussion / Chrono Trigger is going to lose vs Super Smash
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:06:02 pm »

Only a few hours left but might be worth doing

Saw it posted on reddit and figured this was the place to bring it.


Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Thief
« on: March 05, 2014, 12:04:28 am »
So, at this point, I could be totally out of this mind. And this probably doesn't mean anything.

But I'm almost sure that I heard a guard whistling Frog's Theme in Thief (in the House of Blossoms section). Am I nuts? Has anyone else heard this?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Video Game Art
« on: February 20, 2011, 03:33:57 pm »

Just came across this. Don't know if anyone has seen or posted this.

But I saw Chrono Trigger in the SNES list.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Marle's Disappearence.
« on: July 12, 2008, 01:58:05 pm »
While everybody is debating the idea of just how Marle may have disappeared without her disappearance affecting Crono, could it be that her vanishing act was in fact the beginning of time unraveling from the stress of an "infinity loop?" Placed in a context of "actually happening", the idea seems totally logical.

Rather than time shifting constantly between Crono and Marle meeting, going to 600 AD, and then the process reversing itself, would time rather just simply begin giving out? Like a dam with a crack in it. The crack, its weakest point, being Marle. Thus she disappears. If events had been allowed to progress, the rest of the world would have followed, steadily weakening and distorting or disappearing. But Crono, Lucca, and Frog interrupted the inconsistency and reversed the problem.

Just a thought on the subject.

Magic, Elements, and Technology / The Nature of Shadow
« on: November 26, 2007, 03:53:16 am »
And some things about magic in general (this is mainly CT concerned, of CC I haven't given it too much thought).

Shadow Magic seems to be drawn along certain mythological lines. For instance, in many cosmologies, some kind of Darkness existed before the universe. A kind of Chaos or Void. Now some (say the Judeo-Christian worldview) say that Light intervened and created the world. Others say that things simply emerged from the Darkness.

Thus, the other magical elements emerge from Shadow. And of course, they all must balance in their way. Spekkio specified that.

The one Shadow user we know of for sure is capable of a great deal, including the use of other elements, reinforcing the idea that Shadow is a sort of Original Element. The idea that he somehow can use elements outside of his Innate is preposterous in my opinion, without some sort of aid (like Lavos or even the Dragonian Elements). I mean, if he could do it, what stops Crono from using Water magic? All creatures in the game that ever use Shadow attacks always seem capable of using the other three elements (Spekkio, Lavos; a more complete list would neccessarily require analysis of all the games spells). Characters who can't use Shadow, never seem capable of using spells outside of their respective Innate (Crono doesn't use Water spells because he manipulates the Lightning/Heaven element).

One's "innate" element almost seems like a frequency one is tuned too. Crono can pick up on the Heaven/Lightning Element, is tuned to that, and can manipulate it because of that. He can't "change his tune" so to speak, as that would require him to suddenly become a different person. For people who are "tuned" to the Shadow Element, using others is a matter of simply dividing up the aspects of the Shadow. Being able to "tune in" to the underlying Shadow in all magic and the world at large (rather than just one aspect of it, i.e. Lightning).

If you accept that, without some kind of outside help (I''ll say CC Elements because they are better examples), you can't use magic outside of your own Innate Element, then the fact that Magus can use Lightning, Fire, and Water shows that Shadow is at least related to the other elements, in a way more fundamental than the others are related to each other. It definitely reinforces that Shadow is a kind of original or "primordial" element.

Some manipulation of spacetime is at least IMPLIED by the game, in the fact that, Magus had to somehow tick Lavos off enough to leave the Pocket Dimension, or he had to somehow get to it himself, from his castle. Whether or not Shadow allows time travel/gate manipulation is still up in the air (he does appear in Radical Dreamers; regardless of whether that is in the Main Timeline, he had to have gotten there SOMEHOW, not that magic is the only possible way).

What I can't explain is how Shadow damage can be caused by "Antipode" if Lightning is also a part of Shadow. Could be a gaming element, without relevance to the story. Could be what someone brought up before, that Heaven/Lightning is somehow a dualistic opposition to Shadow, but then how does Delta Storm then do Shadow damage if Lightning is also a part of it? It would be interesting to experiment with this. The Magus fight (and the Lavos projection of Magus) are probably the handiest ways of seeing which attack does what sort of damage.

Tentatively, I suggest that the combined Water and Fire elements present enough of a mix in order to break through the barrier, but aren't in fact the true Shadow element. The combination creates a sort of Shadow effect. Why? Probably has something to do with how the elements add up exactly. A mix of Fire and Water is closer to being Shadow, than just Fire or Water on their own. The barrier that was made might not have anticipated this sort of mixing and thus couldn't defend against it.  Its hard to puzzle out this point, really.

Enough incoherent babble for one night, I think.

History, Locations, and Artifacts / Yet Another Theory on the Rise of Porre
« on: November 29, 2005, 06:41:26 pm »
I think there are things not being considered in the Rise of Porre.

What do we know? We know that somehow the Masamune went from being the holy Lavos slawyin sword, to a cursed evil sword drawing forth deep seated hatreds. There's speculation of Porre having its own military and that would make sense. But a few ideas.

One: We'll say Porre is part of Guardia. Now it could have its own military or it could just have an occupation of soldiers, probably some that were born in Porre.

Two: There was some catalyst that sent Porre into power. Something gave rise. The Dalton Theory suggests that Dalton was sucked foward to the Present and managed to take over. Whether it was Dalton or someone else, it all relates to my idea.

The Masamune's power comes from the weilder. Its been suggested that the Masamune's corruption has something to do with Masa and Mune, but they were only Safeguards. They were only there to make sure that the Sword stayed with the purpose it was supposed to. Obviously they failed somehow. But really, Masa and Mune (and later Doreen) have nothing to do with teh sword's power. That rather comes from the Dreamstone it was made from.

Now what is the Dreamstone famous for? Why is it called Dreamstone? Because its power is to take the potentials within us, our hopes and dreams, our feelings and emotions and translate them into reality, thus giving rise to magic.

Now while the Masamune was in the Frog's possession, Crono's (as the Red knife) and Melechior's, it is regarded as holy and good. Something to stand against evil. Yet it went with Frog back to 600 where he lived to a ripe old age (purely speculation of course Razz ) and the Sword went on. It no doubt was in Guardia's possession.

Now we have four hundred years. Four hundred years of both good and bad men having access to it. Each successive person imbuing it with their own emotions. But there was regularity. But obviously it would have been exposed to negativity. Masa and Mune would be sleeping, believing Lavos done with and their purpose finished. So they wouldn't regulate the power. All it would have taken was the right evil man to come by (hell maybe Yakra masquerading as the Chancellor) to have his feelings transferred over. Hate, malice, cruelty and greed. Now the Sword has had affect on people using it (as apparent with Karsh/Dario scenario). Could the evil feelings led to some political unrest. So the peaceful kingdom of Guardia wasn't so peaceful?

Enter Porre. We have a charismatic and impressive leader (Dalton we'll say but its not dependant on him.) We have him expound the idea that Guardia's time is over and that Porre will stand to correct the problem. Given Dalton is from Zeal, he may have knowledge of the Black Wind which may have lead him to use that name (though thats dependant on Dalton being the leader.)

So Dalton mobilizes against Guardia. Now either he attacks Guardia or he steals the Masamune and attacks. Either way he gets ahold of the sword and so begins the Massacre of 1005.

We have observed Dalton's behavior as being power hungry. Note that the Masamune caused Dario and Radius to both take out threats to them being the top of the Devas. So is it so strange that Dalton got ahold of teh Sword, and his power hungry nature translated, corrupting the Masamune?

After the influence of whoever came before (The False Chancellor for example, and the present King Guardia when he was being a moron) along with Dalton's final massacre and corruption, it would indeed be enough to upset everything Frog, Melechior, and Crono had done, thus making it the Cursed Sword.

A lot of this ties Dalton in. But Dalton isn't needed. Motive for a Dalton-less Porre nation? Well like I said, continued influence of a steadily more and more evil Masamune on Guardia and its higher ups (as it would no doubt be kept in the Castle) would cause political unrest leaving things open for a revolt. Who else but disgruntled Guardia Knights joining the first rebellious leader synthesized with Porre's military (though once again that might not have existed.) As The Guardia military always considered itself honorable and just (more emphasized in 600 AD but no doubt carried on) it is plenty of motive to leave a politically unrest and injust Guardia in favor of Porre, who comes out looking golden.

Other factors in the political unrest? Well the King being put on trial and the subsequent battle in the courthouse (which will have been spread like fire with rumors abound.) The subsequent unrest of whether the King was guilty or not. Things like Crono's scheduled execution (which anybody knowing Crono would know is sham and would mistrust Guardia, and on the inverse, anybody believing Crono evil questioning Crono's pardon.) And the young Fritz, caught with a band of thieves (Radical Dreamers?).

History, Locations, and Artifacts / The Einlanzer
« on: November 28, 2005, 09:47:13 pm »
There's something so immensely bothersome about this. I keep hearing that Melichior made it. As a sister sword to the Masamune. But this doesn't seem right.

The Einlanzer is a drasticallly different sword though. The Masamune absorbs and intensifies the emotions of the user. The Einlanzer seems wholly good and incorruptible.

The Masamune seems a sword more of the Zenan continent and Guardia. Einlanzer seems more suited for the Acacia Dragoons. But then again this might just be through associations.

What really got me thinking though, was the reference in Chrono Cross to the Einlanzer being mentioned in connection with the word dragon or dragonic (can't remember which.)

The Dragonians? Could the Dragonians have made the Einlanzer? Could the Einlanzer be the Dinopolis dimension parallel to the Masamune?

Its just an observation. What exactly connects it to Melechior?

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