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Characters, Plot, and Themes / Something I don't get about Magil.
« on: November 23, 2005, 04:15:59 pm »
I've read through the chronology as well as many theories on this site, stop me at any time if I'm wrong on something.

To my understanding, Magil is supposed to be Magus, correct? The Radical Dreamers time was created as a result of the Time Crash, also correct? Or was was it from Lavos trying to stop his defeat, thereby resulting in a dimension that he wasn't destroyed?

Either way, the point I'm getting at is that Magus can time hop, but in order for him to get to the Radical Dreamers time, wouldn't he have to be able to cross dimensions as well? It doesn't seem logical that Magus could pinpoint a dimension that was created by accident from the Time Crash(or Lavos or whatever). In other words, he couldn't have known it existed or even what caused it to exist. So how could he have travelled there?

Additionally, assuming Magus went to that dimension, he went in 12000 BC, right? Serge, Kid, and Magil went to Lynx's Mansion in Radical Dreamers during 1000 AD, didn't they? Is it to be assumed Magus timehopped to the future of said dimension just to find Kid, or am I missing something? Why wouldn't Magus travel back through the CT timeline if he were looking for Schala instead of traversing to a dimension that's events never actually took place, and for that matter, bare little significance to that of his own time?

It makes more sense, to me, that Magil is just an alternate version of Magus, as there are alternate versions of Serge and other characters. Anyone care to straighten me out?

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