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General Discussion / On Cooking
« on: April 07, 2006, 11:36:02 pm »
Cooking is one of the things I love best, so I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes.  I live in Nova Scotia, so my tastes tend toward traditional maritime fare.

The first dish is fish chowder.  Unfortunately, it is difficult for some people to obtain fresh seafood where they live.  I like to put haddock, scallops, shrimp, and lobster in my chowder.  However, if you can get frozen cod or haddock fillets, those work fine.

Fish Chowder


1 lb cod fish fillets (or whatever you want to put in)

2 tbsp. butter or vegetable oil

1 onion, sliced

1/2 c. celery, diced

2 c. potatoes, diced

1/2 c. carrots, sliced

2 c. boiling water

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper.

1 c. milk or blend cream


1.  Cut cod fillets into bite sized pieces.

2.  Melt margarine in large saucepan.  Cook onion and celery until tender.  

3.  Add potatoes, carrots, water, salt, and pepper.  Cover and simmer 10 to 15 minutes until vegetables are tender.

4.  Add fish and cook 10 minutes.

5.  Add milk.

6.  Reheat, but do not boil.

Serves 4

If you like thicker chowder, you can use some flour or corn starch to thicken it up, but be careful while doing this.

General Discussion / Intellectual Property
« on: January 29, 2006, 01:36:49 am »
In the Old and new Consoles thread, discussion recently turned towards copyright and ROMs.  I was wondering if anyone has an oppion on the existence so called intellectual property.

First of all, I disagree with the notion that someone can own an idea.  Once information is communicated, others should not be prevented from freely expressing it.

  • Patents:  I think patents do more to stifle innovation and competition than promote it.  The sort of underhanded dealings going on today, like submarine patents, have been around for decades.  For example, look at Henry Ford's troubles trying to start his automobile business.

  • Copyright:  All I'm going to say is before copyright existed, we had Shakespeare and Michaelangelo; now we have RIAA lawsuits.

  • Trademarks  I'd say the ability to uniquely identify businesses and products is necessary.  However, trademarks should not be applicable to things like colours, or be used by businesses to try to monopolize otherwise public information (e.g. Lego).[/list:u]

General Discussion / Post Your Desktop
« on: January 09, 2006, 06:34:15 pm »
Remember to use thumbnails!

Here's a shot of my totally awesome desktop:

General Discussion / Which Myth?
« on: November 19, 2005, 10:47:18 pm »
If you could choose a traditional theistic mythology to be real, which would it be.

This is not a debate about the existence of any particular dieties or your personal beliefs.

For example, I would have to choose Norse Mythology for a variety of reasons: a relaxed concept of morality, a bunch of kick-ass gods, and the chance to the see the universe end in a blaze of glory.

Edit:  Modern religious beliefs also count as mythologies.

General Discussion / Describe Your Utopia
« on: November 13, 2005, 11:43:26 pm »
What is your perfect world?

I believe that, so long as our civilization exists, the extend and depth of human knowledge will continue to increase exponentially.  We will inevitably conquer mortality, scarcity and inequality.  We will transcent the limitation of our archaic bodies and minds, leading to ever greater levels of happiness and prosperity.

In Chrono Cross we know that characters have purposefully lied to conceal what's really happening in the story.  Belthasar is the worst offender, but anything FATE, the Dragon Gods, or anyone else states could be entirely fictional.

Presumably, every event observed in Chrono Cross was essentially fabricated, so we cannot be positive of the validity of visible evidence.

In an RPG, there is no omniscient narrator, and we do not experience any character's first person perspective.  How much of Chrono Cross, or the entire series, can we take at face value?

What do you think we should do?

Accept all information given unless it is proved false.

Judge the reliability of information based on the number and trustworthiness of the sources.

Be highly skeptical of all sources.

General Discussion / The Literature Thread
« on: October 11, 2005, 12:34:01 am »
Discuss your favorite books, authors and literary genres.

Here are some of my favorite books and series.

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.  This is a classic tale of love, betrayal and revenge set in 18th century France.  Most of you have probably seen a film adaptation of the novel.  Although it is over 400,000 words, this story kept me on the edge of my seat every minute.

The City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clark.  This is a science fiction story about a young man's efforts to rekindle the curiosity and ambition of a once glorious, but now stagnant and isolationist society.  This is the book that introduced me to serious sf at a young age and really influenced my personal outlook.

The Lensman Series by E. E. Doc Smith.  Yes, this is where my username comes from.  A guilty pleasure of mine are early pulp fantasy novels like Tarzan or Conan.  The Lensman series is a roller coaster ride, chronicling the conflict between the Good Guy Galaxy and the Bad Guy Galaxy, that will blow your socks off.  These books have everything: super secret agents with psychic powers, really alien aliens, intergalactic drug smugglers, 1 million ship space-fleets co-ordinated without computers, antimatter planets thrown about, exploding stars--all written before the first atomic bomb or artificial satellite.

I find that the series, and Lavos in particular, is reminiscent of the Lovecraft Mythos.  Lavos bears a striking similarity to the Elder Gods.  Does anyone think that Lovecraft was a source of inspiration for the series?

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Timeline & Dimensional Clarification
« on: February 18, 2005, 06:56:51 pm »
The timeline charts show the unifed dimension originating in 1020 AD as a combination of Home and Another.  I think it is more likely that Home was discarded, and a new timeline was created in Another where Serge lived.  The only reference to the dimensional unification  I could find was this segment from the ending.

Time, which has been divided, will be unified again now. The time for farewells has come... You will lose all memory of this whole adventure and return to your own time.  But this time you will be able to live your own life!

I am curious what people think about this.

I also made this chart, which I think more accuratly protrays the dimensions as space-times and not timelines.

Edit: Fixed broken link.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Plot Analysis
« on: February 12, 2005, 12:22:31 am »
This was originally posted on GameFAQs.

It is possible to defeat Lavos anytime after the travelers reach the End of Time, but this is not reasonable in the context of the story. The purpose of the time travelers' journey is to gain the power to defeat Lavos. Gaspar says that the travelers will die if they enter the bucket, which is true. After the Ocean Palace disaster, Gaspar lists even more tasks the travelers must complete to ready themselves. The existence of the bucket-portal is one of the items which gives the player remarkable freedom in an otherwise linear game.

The planet is dying, and it is reliving its experiences--the history of the world--through the actions of the time travelers. The inhabitants of the world do not need saving. The intervention of the Entity did not change the outcome of history: the humans prevailed over the Reptites due to the ice age. Zeal was destroyed by Lavos, and Guardia defeated the Mystics. Only in the future when the time travelers saved the remaining humans from genocide did they have an effect on events, but this time-line was destroyed when Lavos was defeated.

The Entity did not create the Time-Gates to change history. The planet is using the events of its past to shape the character of time travelers, to give them the power to defeat Lavos and more importantly show them why they should fight. The results of the time travelers' actions are directed inwards, to empower themselves. The only lasting changes to the time-line are events which affect the travelers personally. Ayla gained an insight about the Reptites' nature. Magus achieved his revenge. Frog restored his honor. Marle reconciled with her father. Lucca resolved her purpose in life. Robo learned to experience human emotion. And, if I may project my own feelings onto Crono's character, his reason to fight was his companions, who were the driving force for his every action in the game.

Chrono Cross is exactly the same. Schala is imprisoned by the Time Devourer in the Darkness Beyond Time. The Entity is indifferent to the eventual destruction of the universe because the TD is completely beyond the scope of the planet. Only Balthazar had the power to act, and his only goal was to rescue Schala and prevent the destruction of the universe. The sole purpose of Chrono Cross was to combine Serge with the Chrono Cross to defeat the Time Devourer. All of Serge's actions leading up to the final battle are irrelevant because they are undone upon the completion of his mission. These events serve only to empower Serge who, as the arbiter of time, is the only person capable of defeating the Time Devourer. I think the Time Crash and the following events actually had an overall negative effect on the time-line. Serge's actions ultimately benefit himself and not the people he is trying to protect.

The Dragon Gods were originally a singular plasma life-form... ...A living accumulation of
the planet's energy! Originally it was a biological machine used to control the powers
of nature in the future society of the Reptites. In order to control the natural energy
itself, FATE divided the one Dragon God entity up into 6 weaker plasma life-forms...

The Dragon Gods were originally a machine created by the Dragonians to control the natural energy of the planet, which I presume is related to the use of Elements.  In the Reptite dimension, there were no elemental colors.  The natural energy processed by the Dragon God encompasses all properties of the natural world.

When FATE separated the Dragon Gods into six entities, the powers of the Dragon God over the natural energy of the planet was divided in an arbitrary way.  The natural energy used by Elements is thus divided into six colors.

[The Chrono Cross] has the power to draw on the sounds of the six colored Elements to produce
a healing harmony... It has the power to combine the sounds of the world into one

The Chrono
Cross... It alone can combine the sounds of the planet that the six types of Elements

Harle was a product of all the Dragon Gods, and represents the original state of the Dragon God, controlling a combination of all natural forces, the Chrono Cross element.

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Broken Formatting in Forums
« on: January 25, 2005, 12:35:51 am »
Some of the quotes and fonts don't look quite right, particularly in the oldest messages.  This is what I mean.

Fixing this should be a simple matter of editing the messages.

An Elemental Model for Character Abilities

The members of the Chrono Compendium have developed a rigorous model describing the function of magic and elemental energy in the Chrono Series.  The universe is controlled by the four elements, which act on a deeper level than the observable laws of nature.  The power of the elements may be harnessed using magic or technology to produce indistinguishable elemental effects.  The Elemental system of Chrono Cross is based off the four elements and produces non-elemental effects classified based on their physical properties.

However, some phenomena in the Chrono Series cannot be explained using this model.
  • Lavos' apparent power is not consistent with the travelers' abilities.  Lavos can withstand an impact with the surface of the earth with the same energy as 100 teratons of TNT, yet Crono's Luminaire damages it.
  • Characters have physical abilities which appear to violate natural laws.  “Normal” humans achieve supernatural strength and speed.
  • Characters without magical abilities can produce elemental effects and have inherent defense against elemental attack.  Ayla's Tail Spin attack produces non-elemental magical damage.
  • [/list:u]
    I hypothesize that all supernatural abilities are based on elemental energy.  Crono can become strong enough to fight Lavos as an equal in power because the makeup of the elemental energy in his body allows him to do so.  In response to the stresses of his journeys, Crono's elemental energy adjusted to give him physical traits beyond the capabilities of his biological systems.

    Physical energy (heat and light) is not the same as elemental energy.  Physical effects only occur as a result of the interaction of the elements.  Since the physical traits of powerful entities are predominantly determined by their elemental makeup, physical energy will not have a great effect.  The impact of Lavos, though tremendous, did not necessarily have significant elemental energy.  The type of energy which is released is more important than the quantity.  A hydrogen bomb wouldn't hurt Lavos because negligible elemental energy is released, but Lucca's mega-bombs are based on elemental energy and have the potency to harm Lavos.

    All supernatural physical or magical techniques are based on elemental energy.  When Crono attacks Lavos with his sword, the force of the blow is defined by Crono's own elemental energy and elemental energy of his sword (forged by Melchior using magical means).  Crono's attack is directed at Lavos' elemental energy in such a way as to cause damage.  Any physical reaction is only a side effect.

    The nature of a technique is determined by the form of the released elemental energy.  The elemental effects of magic are based on a single element.  Physical and non-elemental effects are based on a combination of all elements and are differentiated by how the elemental energy is directed.

    Crono's Luminaire can damage Lavos because his attack is comprised of elemental energy and is directed at Lavos' elemental energy. The physical results (heat and light) are only insignificant byproducts. The other travelers can stand in the blast radius unharmed.  Ayla can perform her Tail Spin attack because the elemental energy composing her body produces a non-elemental effect.  Physical and Magical defense are two aspects of the same property, which is an innate resistance of all entities with significant elemental energy to elemental effects.

    Physical death is meaningless. If Crono's physical body is damaged to the point that his biological systems fail, Marle can restore him while his elemental energy remains.  Healing is simply the reinforcement of an entity's elemental energy.

    Supernatural phenomena may also be elemental in nature. Magus can transcend death (with his necromancy) by magical means.

History, Locations, and Artifacts / The Frozen Flame
« on: August 03, 2004, 05:18:05 pm »
Quote from: GrayLensman
In Chrono Cross, the Frozen Flame is stated to be a splinter of Lavos' shell which separated when Lavos crashed into the earth. Around 3 million BC, it was responsible for the evolution of human intelligence. It follows that the FF could be involved with the manipulation of all life on earth by Lavos, but that is never confirmed.

There are two possible scenarios:

1.) The fission of the Flame was an accident which may or may not have benefited Lavos.

If the Flame was not responsible for the majority of Lavos' genetic manipulations, there is no reason for it to need the Flame to advance human intelligence. We know that human intelligence resulted directly from contact with the Frozen Flame. If the Flame was not part of Lavos' plan, then the evolution of human intelligence was accidental and perhaps even opposed to Lavos' plan. This makes sense because the Zeal Kingdom--the direct result of human intelligence and supremacy--posed enough of a threat to Lavos that it had to be destroyed. If this is the case, the existence of the Flame may have been one of the factors which allowed Lavos to be defeated and the Time Devourer to be created, as opposed to all the other planets infested by Lavoids.

2.) Lavos deliberately created the Flame as part of its plan.

The Frozen Flame was the instrument by which Lavos manipulated the evolution of all life on earth, however the Dragonian/Chronopolean Researches only saw the need to document the evolution of humans. The Flame may have been an essential physical link between Lavos in the Pocket Dimension (which opens to the interior of the earth) and the biosphere of the planet. Evolution was manipulated through direct contact with the Frozen Flame, perhaps even through the release of biological agents.

Quote from: Doulifee
or 1+2=3

FF was an accident and Lavos finally decided to use it in his scheme to avoid side effect -like Zeal accident happen anymore-

Quote from: Zeality
Both have interesting repercussions. The Frozen Flame is indeed a tool that grants access to Pocket Dimensions and control over other temporal phenomena, but from what I can see, Lavos has the ability to enter and exit Keystone PD-1 as he wishes. This would classify the Frozen Flame as a threat, as it would allow possible assailants into his Pocket Dimension, or give them temporal power. However, this would require that it is under the human's control, a debatable fact in itself -- for Lavos is the other side of the Flame's communication link. Also, in the way of threats, Cross suggests that, as mentioned above, it allows arbiters considerable power over time, while Dreamers suggest that coupling it with a Time Egg device would result in near total control over the flow of time.

We should weigh the benefits of it. The Frozen Flame evolved humans at a rate so accelerated and hasty that it resulted in flawed beings, as Chronopolis states -- contradictory creatures that are in a state of constant stress. Notwithstanding, the Frozen Flame also advanced the genetics exponentially in comparison to what the natural evolution seemed like, doing in 3,000,000 years what had not been done in a period of time nearly 22 times that. Not only does this speed Lavos's mission, it grants him access to DNA of creatures with, initially (and later when the Magic Innate is awakened in the party), the full capacity to rival him. This brings us to an important point on which the matter may hinge.

Lavos clearly operates on some kind of schedule; if I had to make a guess, I would say that Lavos overtakes a planet when its capacity to destroy him reach a certain extent. Zeal was mighty, and its magic superior, but it was fairly easy to destroy, and I believe this is why Lavos did not fully surface -- he could take out a simple civilization with little effort. However, I propose that Lavos erupted in 1999 A.D. because, unlike Zeal, which was easy to destroy and whose residents could be denied the innate magic trait as easily as it had came to them, the civilization of the future covered the earth and its science was on the verge of posing difficulty itself. No longer was it a nuisance that could be dispatched and localized; the threat was global, and, judging from the Keystone Timelines, an institution that researched and experimented in controlling time itself was just around the corner.

I may have gone off on a tangent; the evidence I've presented can work both ways. Lavos has seemingly infinite patience; he could easily wait for the apes of yesteryear to evolve on their own, or accelerate them in a faster pace. This grants Doulifee's option some merit; even if the Flame were accidental, it would nonetheless benefit Lavos to use it if my previous theory is correct -- that Lavos erupts only when technological threat is globalized and nearly on par with his own powers.

Quote from: GrayLensman
OK Zeality, I still hold that the Mammon Machine, when powered up to its maximum capacity by Schala, drained Lavos' energy at a dangerous rate and was a serious and immediate threat of injury or death. The technology (and massive population and industrial base) of 1999 AD may have posed a potential threat but Queen Zeal was actively carrying out a program which in the very least caused Lavos enough irritation to destroy the Kingdom. If Lavos were to compare the two eras, 12,000 poses are more direct threat (at least based on what we know). The Day of Lavos came as a surprise to the Dome Supervisor, so I don't think they were planning anything which would target Lavos, unlike the Zeal Kingdom. Since Lavos did nothing to prevent the use of the Mammon Machine, I don't know if it puts that much forethought into when it appears. Lavos "slumbers" beneath the earth.

That aside, does the Frozen Flame ever benefit Lavos? The Time Devourer in Chrono Cross cannot be considered because Lavos probably wasn't considering that eventuality when it landed in 65 million BC. Human intelligence was a major headache when Zeal rose to supremacy, and was the driving force behind every threat to Lavos: Queen Zeal in 12000 BC, Magus in 600 AD, Crono et al. The Mystics and Reptiles were never a threat to Lavos. The Robot created by humans were a mixed bag. Mother Brain's intentions were not clear at all.

In Chrono Cross, the Frozen Flame give humans considerable power over time and Lavos. Even then the Flame doesn't appear to benefit the Time Devourer. In Fact, the Dragon God, an instrument of the TD, seems to be focused on getting the Frozen Flame out of the hands of the humans (FATE included).

Aside: Could the TD have absorbed the Dragon God in the Reptite dimension before the Time Crash, and send Dinopolis into Serge's dimension to combat Chronopolis? This appears to be a scenario where the TD was opposed to the living past version of Lavos, since that version of Lavos was responsible for Chronopolis being sent back in time.

The Arbiter of the Frozen Flame was the mediator between Lavos and the world. I don't quite understand what this means, but it sounds like it affects Lavos in some way. Lavos is arguably a control freak; its success as an organism of its type depends on the ability to manipulate an entire planet. Would Lavos create anything which gave its "produce" influence over it?

Quote from: Zeality
Ah, I see your point. Though I'll still hold that an effort to cleanse the world of a possible threat is globalized in 1999 A.D. and localized in 12,000 B.C., it is nonetheless true that it seems he was in no apparent danger in the future. I still wonder why he chooses 1999 A.D.; as a condition of the Pocket Dimension, could he erupt in any era he chooses?

I must question the aside note on a matter of physics. I am under the belief that the Time Devourer resides in the Darkness Beyond Time that is pertinent only to the Keystone, and later, Home and Another, dimensions. I've held that each dimension carries its own Darkness Beyond Time, and that the TD's destruction was localized to dimensions; I deduced this conclusion from considering that if infinite dimensions exist, there must exist some in which a Time Devourer matured. I'd thus think it impossible for the Time Devourer to make that manoeuvre. Of course, this can be checked with the question of how the planet did it, and I can only answer that with 'dimensional awareness and special powers of the entity.'

As for the last paragraph, that made me think about the nature of the Frozen Flame. Whereas someone who attempted to communicate with Lavos directly would be crushed, anyone can access the Frozen Flame with little fear of that, as it is disconnected from him. Thus, it is like an extension or organ of Lavos, cut off from his body spatially and vulnerable. This is certainly a disadvantage, and makes the Flame's creation seem like an accident.

Quote from: GrayLensman
AIM discussion concerning the Frozen Flame and related topics. Edited for spelling and grammar by GL.

Zeality: I replied to the Frozen Flame; I'm not sure if I made much headway, but I'm beginning to perceive it as a disadvantage.

GrayLensman: The scope of the Time Devourer's destruction is still a contentious issue. It depends on the definition of space-time continua. I'm inclined to believe the TD is a universal phenomenon, but I can see it both ways. However, is there as distinction between Home/Another and the Reptite dimension?

Zeality: I've believed that dimensions are tangible objects in the Chrono series, and not merely weak facets of existence. This would explain how Home could "physically" split from Another, and remain the same to Serge and his party. I considered the Reptite Dimension a 'possibility,' with the reasoning that Dinopolis was the most suitable opponent for the humans.

GrayLensman: The thing is, does the Entity oppose humanity? The Mystics (Demihumans?) and Reptites opposed humans because they were competing species, but did the humans ever harm the planet in a meaningful way?

GrayLensman: Zeal depleted the Sun Stone which may be been charged with the planet's energy. That's all I can think of.

Zeality: I believe eventually, the industries of the future would become efficient. Pollution is the only threat I see. Chronopolis was originally Lavos' plan to mess up the Entity's own plan to eliminate him via Crono.

Zeality: It may have been the Entity simply safeguarding Chrono Trigger, which Lavos intended to wreck.

GrayLensman: Then Dinopolis and the Dragon God was warped in to combat the forces of Lavos, i.e. FATE. Which is ironic because FATE opposes Lavos and the Dragon God is the Time Devourer's avatar on earth.

Zeality: FATE apparently gets played to death. She does not know the full extent of Project Kid, or the ones pulling the strings.

GrayLensman: Yes, but the Dragon God does not represent the planet's interests. Humans were the defenders of the Planet, as always. Fate was a tool created by humans to help humans defeat Lavos.

Zeality: I wonder if the planet intended for the Dragon God to win, or was cognizant of the Time Devourer?

Zeality: As it was only consumed after FATE had defeated it.

Zeality: Above this all, Belthasar calculated for it to lose, I'm sure.

GrayLensman: That's why I think the TD was responsible for Dinopolis. Past Lavos was acting to preserve itself, but was unknowingly setting up the defeat of the TD. The TD was fully aware of Project Kid's outcome and was trying to stop it. If Dinopolis destroys Chronopolis the TD is safe.

Zeality: How was this accomplished? Was it a coincidence, or did the Time Devourer somehow manipulate Dinopolis?

GrayLensman: The Dragon God is an inter-dimensional supercomputer to rival FATE. If The TD absorbed all of the DG's functions and had the resources of Dinopolis at its disposal (and the Dragonians under the DG's control) it may have been possible.

Zeality: The only conflict that I see is that it would require his reaching across dimensions somewhat, and...let me check the script. I'm trying to find proof for the notion that the Dragon God was consumed only after he was defeated safely in the Keystone Dimension.

GrayLensman: If the Entity summoned Dinopolis it was probably intended to lose. The Dragon Tears are needed to make the Chrono Cross, but a victorious Dragon God would be disastrous. No Serge means no project Kid.

Zeality: Whereas, if the Time Devourer summoned it, it would have the intent to win?

GrayLensman: Yes, but Belthasar would have had to foresee that too to get the Dragon Tears.

GrayLensman: Why do you think that each dimension has a separate DBT. Home and Another share the same DBT.

Zeality: I've held that that is a special case due to Home's branching off Another. I really don't understand how Kid doing a routine time traveling mission to save Serge split the dimensions.

Zeality: But other than that, it's just been the proof that if infinite dimensions exist, then some must hold Time Devourers who have been successful, and have destroyed everything. The destruction could still be localized to dimensions, but if the DBT were the same for all, we'd see these Time Devourers.

GrayLensman: Here is one possibility. Let's say there is a dimension for each possible configuration of the universe with no duplications. One configuration out of an massive but finite amount could have made the TD possible. Dimensions are not universes (i.e. they are not completely independent). All the dimensions we see have the same laws of physics and physical constants. All alternate dimensions exist in the same space-time, separated by a single higher spatial dimension.

[Some clarification: In this case there may still be infinite universes, but they are completely independent and contain separate DBTs. Any Time Devourer type beings existing in one universe cannot affect the others. --GL]

Zeality: Would this prevent any other beings from coming into existence with the power to destroy the continuum?

GrayLensman: Only one version of Lavos could form the TD in this scenario, but it does not exclude other beings of the same type. The formation of a TD class being could be so rare that it can only happen once in a universe.

GrayLensman: Remember that the TD absorbed the Dragon Gods as well. Duplicate Time Devourers could end up combining into a single being for all time.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Harle and the Dragon God
« on: August 03, 2004, 05:10:59 pm »
Quote from: GrayLensman
Since the Dragon God was absorbed by the Time Devourer before the events of Chrono Cross and Harle is part of the Dragon God, does that mean Harle is an agent of the Time Devourer? Is Harle trying to steal the Frozen Flame, not primarily to free the captured Dragon avatars, but to protect the Time Devourer from FATE and the arbiter? If Kid represents Schala's "good" half within the Time Devourer, is Harle the representation of Schala's "bad" half, corrupted by Lavos?

Quote from: Zeality
Harle is naturally at odds with the other Dragon Gods, as she takes a liking for Serge but ultimately cannot join his side. Additionally, Harle disappears from Cross by shrinking into the Frozen Flame, which seems like a bit of a red flag. The entire plot of the Dragons also does conveniently raise Serge's largest obstacle, barring the Time Devourer itself.

Quote from: GrayLensman
Then, if Harle is part of Schala, could her inherent goodness have caused her to oppose the Dragon God/Time Devourer's plans? If Harle disappears into Frozen Flame, could she have been reabsorbed by the Time Devourer?

Quote from: Zeality
Since the cutscene does not depict her being absorbed by the Dragon God, that's a good guess.

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