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First off, I'm elated to see the Compendium is back (again)

Second, Zeality, I'm sorry to bug you over a trivial matter, but can you remove my real name fro teh writting credits of my Radical Dreamers review? I like to avoid using my real name online if possible, just replacing it with 'Cliftor' would be nice.  You see, my father, with whom I avoid speaking to for personal reasons, searched the web for my name and found the review, and tried to use it as a conversation opener, and that made be uncomfortable.  So, if my real naem coudl dissappear, that'd be awesome.

Lastly, and most importantly, I've stopped writing my other two reviews at this time b/c I was hit with one of those 'does my effort really matter' writers blocks.  I'm planning on giving Trigger a 10 out of 10, and I don't see the point, as so many either agree or will soon agree.  The only motivation I see for continuing is that I may change minds, but the kind of people who come to this site agree already anyway.  Also, I'm planning on giving CC a 6/10, something I know most DON'T agree with.  I feel the task of changing minds in that regard is futile, and ultimately pointless.  So I get someone to agree that its mediocre.  What change for the greater good have a affected?

Anyone have any words of wisdom to knock me out of this slump?

Articles / Compendium & Chrono Break
« on: January 23, 2004, 12:27:27 am »
My premonition (or hope) for Chrono Break is a more down to earth universe.  Taking up where Cross left off, it may contain dimensional travel or time travel, but these plot devices would be non-commital. I belive they can continue the use of these complex premises without necessarily making a complex plot.  Hopefully Break will explore loose ends and feature teh reapperence of many missing faces from Cross; I picture a plot revolving around atonement, with Schala as the main character, and her quest to mend the wrongs and heal the wounds her actions in Trigger caused once and for all (complete with reunions with Chrono, Serge, and Magus).  A loaded wish, but its just a wish.

It seems to me that there are lots of people on forums I've visited who would thrive in the environment here, if coaxed enough to visit.  Having more people on board and seeing more full forums would definately be a nice thing.  Is there anyway the 'word' could be gotten out besides just putting the URL in our sigs on other forums? Like, making deals with other Chrono websites to have a link to this site if you provide links to theirs? It just seems to me that there's something that coudl be done for recruitign purposes, the end being even more lively discussions due to idea volume.  Of course, I have no idea what should be done.  MetalKnight or Zeality, do you read me?

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