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Crimson Echoes Beta Testing / Sarkany's Beta-Stuff
« on: March 06, 2009, 11:54:58 am »
Sorry that I wasn't here for such a long time, but I had basic training + special training at our federal army, and I will be there for even longer, sadly our barracks don't have any internet connection. I try to get some UMTS stuff to be more online and helpful here, but I can't promise, so until then I will only be online on weekends, meaning I can't promise to have used the newest panch, nor that the stuff I mention hans't been said already. And sorry for not using the bug submit formula but I don't have much time today, so I think its better posting it this way now than the other way later.

Lets get started, I used the 02/28 patch

Casual bugs:

- slot machine: didn't get the price money the first time I won, yet got it the second time(didn't test it twice)  JP NOTE: I can't repro this

- coliseum: bad items stay on character  JP NOTE: This has been reported by pretty much every beta tester..haha I guess i better do the work to fix it...

- mystics don't sell anything special, yet porre refuses you to shop if you choosed to help mystics, intentional?  JP NOTE: hm...i suppose we can look into this

 - Robo/Lucca Chapter in dinopolis: you are not able to jump down if you approach the last room from the north, intentional?  JP NOTE: I'm guessing this was intentional chrono'99 can probably comment

- Crono/Glenn/Magus Chapter: "key" you find in the 3 gigasaur area is not shown in the inventory, but still works,intentional? Also, I'm not sure if it's possible to get it without fighting the 3 Gigasaurs. You should definitely have to fight them.  JP NOTE: It's only after the fight

- During ayla's party, some sprites are dark, some aren't  JP NOTE : :( I know....

Mapping stuff:

- future: domes after station look weird, so does the central regime(you can see that there are some tiles missing, not sure if it is intentional), can't enter northern dome

- there is a cave on the OW map of 2305 AD, any purpose?  JP NOTE: For future expansion if we choose

- Kashmirs Lair: can't use the left stairs in the first hall(where ozzie throws you upwards)  JP NOTE: that was random...

Text stuff:

- new text at auction? It seems somehow boring  JP NOTE: Zeality can comment, when i made the auction i wanted it to be reminiscent of FF6's auction

- rephrase nu question in zeal?, I first answered "floor" :/  JP NOTE: atleast you eventually got it :) (just kidding lenophis)

- change name of singing mtn Boss(currently nizbel, or intentional?  He has a different sprite thou) Definitely wasn't intentional I tihnk it even has Lebniz in the dialogue?

- fay arrow needs item description("might cause confuse")  JP NOTE: oh wow.....i finally looked into this and it was super duper easy to do.... :?

- cedric calls it dinopolis, people in snaking forest terra tower

- Crono/Glenn/Magus Chapter: the grey reptites at dinopolis say something like "it is you guys" even before being at the tournament, doesn't seem right, because you are not known yet  JP NOTE: I always thought this was weird too, Zeality?

- Kashmirs Lair: Treasure says Eniku Hide, but I think you get an Aidoneus

Enemy suggestion stuff:
~I tried to somehow catch the way of a casual gamer, so I just noted things I found extremely easy/hard or boring.~

- Kashmir: less counter(add wander command to counter moves?)and/or move the characters around him, so not only Glenn is attacked?, also less hp   JP NOTE: ther'es not much wiggle room here since he replaced cyrus.  I got rid of the counter and lowered HP

- def doesn't decrease/no shock status when green reptites are shocked, intentional? makers them hard and mp consuming to kill  JP NOTE: intentional since I wanted them around for the 3 reptite chapters

- new nizbel ai? how about playing with ice/water(because someone in the village said the cold may extinct the reptites, being cold blooded)? problem would be if someone didn't bring glenn and marle, might not be a problem anymore if party can be changed at chronopolis(see the other point), and/or let him change ai after like 50% of damage(the player thinks its a nizbel clone, and after his ai is changed, and he might even counter lightning, the player will be confused and needs to think about a new strategy), so it won't be the same like in CT again  JP NOTE: counter lighting by casting it right back at you.  Counters 20% of all hits, and has new AI at 50% HP.

- in the Huacan factory: green reptite is used for countering instead of robot(r seris throws chara to reptite and back, yet he should only throw it to another r series), the green reptite also does no "throwing back" animation  JP NOTE: I think the AI is something like "if another enemy exists" do throwing animation.  Since in the game you never had R series with another enemy this was fine.  Would you rather have no throwing animation at all?

- in the Huacan factory: fight with panel, green reptite and 2 proto 2s: proto 2 heals robo sometimes, same with a different fight including panel, green reptite and a proto 2  JP NOTE: You've mentioned this before and I couldn't repro it...still can't?

- Robo/Lucca Chapter in dinopolis: some fights seem a bit too difficult, for example the one with 2 leaper(which seem to strong anyways) and a Gigasaur(this fight is rather easy when you approach the gigasaur, because there is a hole between him and the leapers, intentional?)   JP NOTE: I think chrono'99 put the hole there on purpose and other beta testers have complimented the "strategy" of fighting the enemies on the other side of the hole.  I'll lower the strength of the leapers 

-or ape+grey reptite+gigasaur, because you can hardly heal the damage they do, even with heal beam+dash ring for Robo and speed belt for Lucca 

- Robo/Lucca Chapter in dinopolis: boss: counter-heal of 10 seems some kind of...nonsense, also, it seems too fast(considering our characters), so it uses confuse, and attacks to cancel
it without the character even having a turn  JP NOTE: thanks for the feedback I'll look into it (it only heals for 10 haha.....sheesh)

- Crono/Glenn/Magus Chapter: cave apes are hard to kill, so they should give a more EXP 

- Crono/Glenn/Magus Chapter: "special boss"(Black Tyrano) is he finished or just a current replacement? any Item?(I fastforwarded to kill him, so I didn't pay attention after finishing him), if he is not a replacement...make him stronger, he was no problem for my party  JP NOTE: It'll be a tyrano but I"ll give a new AI any suggestions?

- 2nd Marle Chapter: stronger porre guards/different enemy

important bugs:
- No matter what side you choose at Mystics Den, the next scene is always the same(side with mystics), it freezes when you side with porre  JP NOTE: I can't repro this...if you can please send me an SRM if possible.  Also are you using zsnes?

- Marle Chapter: blackscreen when I tried to go eat in the last snaking forest screen(where the 2 guys are), wasn't able to reproduce it  JP NOTE: if you can repro it please let me know.

Other Suggestions/Stuff:

- free heal in prehistory?  JP NOTE: hm...we got rid of the drinking water?  JP NOTE 2: ok we did have the water but the entrance to the meeting site wasn't working fix'd now.

- be able to re-change party when you return from Chronopolis to prehistory?(like the party meets back at Chronopolis, even without
having finished the quest) or at least change their equipment? Because, for example: you might come to the conclusion that Robo and Lucca in the same team are a bit slow, yet you can't change it back. You might be stuck there because with a certain team it is too difficult/takes to much leveling to progress.  JP NOTE: This would be a bit of a pain to code, and a little bit corny.  We do force them to have a lightning member in each party and I feel like we give them pretty ample warning (so they can make a back up save)

- Marle Chapter: lost woods, first fight: let marle and the 2 kilwalas move to the centre of the screen so they aren't hidden behind the information window during the fight

- Marle Chapter: speed tap at upper left screen of lost woods?

- Marle Chapter: cinderella hat maybe to strong? switch for a different item

- Marle Chapter: when defeating the final enemies(2 green reptites + 2 apes) get some kind of reward? like you can get a chest behind the table which is something good(maybe ice/water absorbing armor? to hint how the reptites survived in this cold era?), maybe, after collecting the chest, the boss comes again and defeats marle(without a battle, maybe a scripted one?) . You can easily win this fight when using a shield+cure(or even aura/mid tonics), and have rage band + fay arrow(confuse) equipped

- Marle Chapter: the small box to the left bottom of the OW says 1, shouldn't it be 1 A.D. or even 0? Because it is in the year of guardias foundation(which was at the first day of the 0th year), wouldn't year 1 mean the second year  JP NOTE: Hm... i guess 0 would make more sense.  I'm not sure how often we mention 1 AD in dialogue?  probably neve rhuh?
- in the Huacan factory: lower left fight with acid and alkaline(first area): move enemies after engaging fight to the center, otherwise they are hidden behind the info window

- Crono/Glenn/Magus Chapter:  a tab at the northern end of the area the smithy sends you

- the choice to save ayla or attack king zeal, does it have any relevance(the outcome seems the same)  JP NOTE: Immediate outcome is the same....:)

- 2nd Marle Chapter: Maybe "reactivate" the chests with different Items, so they won't be opened if you did it in the first marle chapter,   JP NOTE: I think that might already happen?  Not different items though

- 2nd Marle Chapter: item when going back to cedric? because you don't really have to, something like a symbol for her being worthy of the name guardia or whatever?  JP NOTE: You talking like a key item?

- Missile Base: the room 2 doors to the right of the lasers is empty, maybe a fight and a chest? Or tab?
- Missile Base: any differences if you answer differently?  JP NOTE: the ending sequence of that chapter is different

- The Epoch scene seems a bit short, should be a bit more like "wow, like in the old times", and shouldn't it be gotten a bit later? because you don't really seem to need it(unless I missed something)  JP NOTE: you talking about the epoch taking down the missile? or them seeing the epoch for the first time? 

gaming notes:
-leveling up to 17 at singing mountains(2 Avian Rex, so I don't waste any MP for fighting), and 20 in marles chapter at 4 volcanoes near the end(to kill the final enemies here with rage band+fay bow for confuse counter)(they should give less exp, so it won't be that fast to level up), to lvl 23 with lucca and robo at a savepoint with 2 alkalines and an acid(to get robos heal beam and a few mid ethers)(also less Exp, because one fire Punch kills them),
- most of the time enemies dodged, just checking here and there if I can still beat them without major problems and fighting most enemy constellations at least once, yet wanted a rather low level to check difficulty

- side with mystics(others didn't work), fast forward and no real text reading(I want to save that for the real game :P)

- choose to fight zeal the first time, save ayla the second

- didn't hit any switch in dinopolis(left head open/lower switch activated)

Wrote this rather fast, so if there are any questions, go ahead asking them.

Don't forget to look at the pics in the attachment.

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Frog's Theme Orchestrated?
« on: May 23, 2007, 09:08:47 am »
The one presented in the last chapter of this Flashmovie. I know that the Magus Orchestrated Theme was made by bLind, yet I didn't find this one anywhere.

Anyone knows where to find it?
And I already searched Google and The Compendium, but I think, if it is available here, it's some kind of remix not listed under Frog's Theme(because it wasn't there). Searching 'Frog's theme Orchestrated version' didn't bring any results, too.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Level Zero
« on: May 14, 2007, 04:37:09 pm »
I'm not sure if there has already been one topic about this, but I didn't find anything in my(to be honest short) search.

If you don't know what it is, you can find it out here.

It's late and I don't even know how many played it, that's why I'm gonna start with something short, my progress:
I finally finished the Black Omen for the first time(I will do it another 2 times for stealing purposes), after like 5 tries I needed for Queens Zeals Final Form, and finished all different Attack Modes from Lavos. Tomorrow Lavos 1st, 2nd and 3rd Form is going to give me a hard time(at least I hope :) ).

So, feel free to say anything related to this hack, or ask questions to other players or whatever comes in mind.

I recommend this hack to anyone who searches for a new difficulty in Chrono Trigger, because a lot of party are real hard compared to the original. Most Techs also got a different formula, that's why "old" strategies might not work and/or you need to consider a few more factors, so it be a bit more challenging. I Hope you give it a try.

Crimson Echoes / Enemy Modification
« on: August 15, 2006, 04:39:04 pm »
Yep, I got a new job.
Here will be all enemy Modification sorted by location, they will have all stats, Items you can win etc..

(JP)  This topic will server as the hub for Cybersnarkany (heir to the masamune), Maelstrom (from the infamouse Level Zero hack), and myself (from the infamous Coliseum hack)  to assure that the game is challenging.

Cyber is going to go through and make any comments he feels are necessary whether it is loading a new enemy, adding enemies or even changing enemy stats.  Maelstrom will be able to change the stats and I will make any necessary changes to the even code. (/JP)

Beast forest (level in: 1; Level out: 4)
Note: Magus is alone

Enemy 1:  Beast;  HP: 40;  Strength: 8;  Speed: 12;  Defense: 180;  Exp: 5;  G: 450;  Tech: 5; Elemental Defense: all 4
Boss Enemy: Golem Boss;  HP: 500;  Strength: 5;  Speed: 8;  Defense: 160;  Exp: 50;  G: 120;  Tech: 20; Elemental Defense: all 2

Battle 1:
Triggered: Random; in the centre area
Enemies: 2 Beast

Battle 2:
Triggered: Trying to enter the next screen above
Enemies: 2 Beast

Battle 3:
Triggered: Random, on the upper right area of the screen
Enemies: 2 Beast

Battle 4:
Triggered: random; left upper tree from the center area
Enemies: 1 Beast

Battle 5:
Triggered: running along the ice bridge(lower path)
Enemies: 1 Beast

Battle 6:
Triggered: running along the ice bridge(middle path)
Enemies: 1 Beast

Battle 7:
Triggered: running along the ice bridge(upper path)
Enemies: 1 Beast

Comments: If they appear in a group of 2, they should at least have 100 HP so both won't get killed by 1 magic attack. If some tries, he gets hurt (Beasts do charge if you attack them and they don't die) by 2 strong attacks.
The more HP is also needed if he faces only 1, because he should need a min. of 2 attacks, otherwise leveling would be to easy. They need to give less gil.

Boss enemy:
Triggered: After the chat with Dalton
Enemies: 1 Golem Boss

Comments: He needs more HP and maybe 1 or 2 added speed so people need some healing(punish them for trying to run through that game), maybe a helm or armor as reward since the Shop doesn't have anything.

General Discussion / Your opinion on suicide
« on: June 07, 2006, 02:23:42 pm »
If such a Topic has been here before, sry for that.

"Welcome everyone!

This is your Community member CyberSarkany, and you have the right timing, the discussion is about to start.
You ask why I dare to write this? Since I want to improve my english and discussion skill, I thought I might try it. Feel free to take a chair and discuss with us.

Todays topic is "suicide", but first of all, let me explain why I want to discuss this stuff right now:
I am currently reading a book from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who is a famous german author(I don't know of any of his books are in available in english) at school. The protagonist commits suicide(short summary with mistakes: he loved a person who was already planned to be married).

Ah good, now that everybody took his or her chair, let me start:
What do you think of Suicide in generell?

*a person in the backer row raises his hand*
Host: "Yeah, you please."

Person 1: "There is no justified reason to actual commit suicide!"

H: "Did you ever actually think about reasons?

An example, if you life in a country lead by a cruel dictator and your living circumstances are below everything you may imagine,(e.g. you don't get enough food, you have to work many many hours a day under unhuman circumstances, all you see is suffering and there would be no way to escape), what would you do? Go on suffering?
Or another one: There was a time, when a certain group of people was hunted down because of whatever stupid reason(skincolor, believe, favorit food etc.). If you would be part of this minority, and you know that you WILL be killed by them, seeing like everyone else you know was already killed, knowing that nothing on earth can save you, what would you do? I know these examples my sound trivial, because most people can't even imagine these situations, but at least try to understand it.

Don't think it's easy for a person to make a step towards commiting suicide! "

*a young man, abour 25, wearing a black T-Shirt with "GanstaZ" on it, starts to talk after raising his hand and getting my nod*
Man: "Even if I would accept that there are reasons, it is still wrong to commit suicide, think of all the persons you leave behind and all the saddness and anger you cause! And every least intelligent person know that it's against the mind to kill yourself!."

Host: "Woah, slow down, these are different points you are talking about.

I will first take you last point: You say it's against the mind, right?
Have you ever been amorouse? If yes, you should know this could easiely blind you.
If this person you love is for you more important than anything else, would you say this is against the mind, because you set it(the love to the person) above all else? If this person dies, the most important person of your whole live, you get in a situation where your "mind" may not work anymore, because of the shock you got.
There are many situations where you are blinded, not seeing a solution to a problem which, for you, may be existential.
You don't use your "mind" in such an extrem situation, so why even going on with discussing it?

For you first point: Yes, it does make people around you, the ones who may have loved you, sad and angry, but would you be angry at a person who you don't even know and say "What a fucker, he killed himself!"? Most people I asked would be, but why?"

*A sweet girl in a blue dress in the first row raises shyly her hand*
H: "Yes miss?"
Girl:"Because most people think it's wrong, whether out of religios believe or just because they never thought about such a situation, as already stated."

H: "That's exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks for that *wink*. "Wrong" says we rate something, but can we rate suicide? A lot of people claim a suicide to be a weakness, because the person was not strong enough to go on living, under what ever circumstances it is.
Lets give some examples: Someone can physically just handle a limited amount of for example virusses, some people can handle more, others less. If the virusses are to many, we break down because of an illness for example.
So is it with our psyche: Everyone of us can just handle a limited amount of everything, if it's  Joy, saddness or pain, if the amount of for example saddness becomes to high, pour psyche breaks down, and this leads to suicide.
You can't blame someone who runs 50 meters in 7 secs that he is slower than someone who needs 6 secs, that's why you can't blame anyone for committing suicide just because it's a so called "weakness".
If a person can't handle life anymore because of whatever reason, it's his right to end it, and don't even think it's an easy move. Life is the most valuable thing we have, and noone would give it away for nothing.       

First try, what do you think? I am open for critism.
Hope it was at leats a bit understandable, and feel free to correct me(whether in grammatic or content).   
And I did it in some kind of fake conversation because it was easier for me to imagine, sry for that, and does someone knows where to get a free spellchecker?

Discuss! And please, no religion stuff like "It's sin", not because i don't like it, but because that's a different case(living in heaven/hell etc.) and we know what these flame wars will look like...

btw. the audience is supposed to be the majority of people, the "normal" people how I love to call them, who are always around me, and in most cases simple minded followers
Gotto go playing lego again, have fun!

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Battlespeed bug?
« on: December 02, 2005, 07:16:28 am »
Yesterday, I found out that there seems to be a major bug with the battle speed in CT. I always thought there could be some kind of this bug, but I never bothered trying till now. I'm at my Low-Level-Game, Magus, following a strategie using 1 Barrier to survive 2 Darkmatters. However, it never worked, even with perfect timing. And because I don't like to admit that I suck, I searched for a reason, and yes, found one:

If you use Battlespeed 8(slowest), the Barrier protects you ~5 turns(not enough for 2 Darkmatters), but if you use battle speed 1(fastest), you are ~20(!!!) turns protected!

I donno if this was already mentioned, but this is a major problem if you try Magus on a Low-Level-Game with Battlespeed 8.
Anybody else ever noticed this one? This would mean playing with the fastest speed means some kind of advantage, and the disadvantage is, well, you've to be faster.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Chrono Cross controller problem
« on: November 19, 2005, 01:34:25 pm »
I'm sorry for asking such a dumb question, but i already searched in dozens of forums but i didnt find any help. You're my last hope...
I try to play CC with epsxe 1.6 again, but it doesn't work. "Doesn't work" in this case means that the controlling is totally f'ed up. I use an official Nintendo Gamecube pad with cube connector, it works fine with every other appliacation like games/emulations. I config it ingame, but when i launch the game, i need to for example press L1/2 to start a new game, rename char etc...other buttons doesn't work at all. I tried it with keyboard, but nothing works with it. I can't try another game, because i dont've one, but it doesn't work if i start the bios(or whatever u do with it), too. I tried an old epsxe version, doesn't work either, nor does reconfigurate epsxe. I donno why it doesnt work anymore(thats why i asked), but it worked on my first playthrough...

I don't think it's needed, but here the plugins/configs i use:
P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver 1.15
- 640x480 Window mode
- Stretch mode: 2
- Dither mode: 0
- FPS limit: on
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: 60
- Scanlines: disabled
- Game fixes: on [00000001]

P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.8
- Mode 1
- Volume 1
- Reverb 2
- Interpolation 2
- Enable XA playing
- Change XA speed
- Enable Sound (ADPCM)

Something i don't use

*try to sound pathetic*please help me :cry:

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