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Kajar Laboratories / Proposal: CT Coliseum 3.0
« on: March 26, 2018, 02:20:41 pm »
CT Coliseum was the first complex hack of CT, and it's still arguably one of the best even now. However, more than a decade has passed since its last update, and there are some improvements that can be made to it.
I think it's a good idea to refurbish Coliseum, and it's should be relatively more feasible compared to bigger projects.
I have the following improvements in mind:
1. The map design of the region where the Coliseum is located can be improved to that it looks more "natural".
2. Currently, Crono's death is marked by a new item called Flag. If someone transfer a save file from OG game, the game wouldn't know that Crono is not supposed to be available at the moment. The Crono-check should be based on the game progression flag instead, as other parts of the game do. If possible, it's probably even better to change the player's team to Marle/Luca/Frog/Ayla when Crono is gone instead of temporarily disabling Coliseum since those 4 characters will be in your team for sure. (Robo will be gone during Fiona's quest, mind ya.)
3. The readme file mentions that the dream team ending is not available. I haven't tested, but what happens when you beat Lavos in those cases then? If Ending 3 is not restored, at least the player should be teleported back to where they were before facing Lavos.

These are the ones I can come up with so far. Maybe it's good to tweak the enemy pool a little as well. What are the exact list of enemies in Coliseum, anyway? The readme file mentions Zeal, yet the only (almost) full Coliseum playthrough I can find on Youtube shows that the 7th fight in hard mode involves 2 pink Nu's.

Edit: Oh, does anyone still has a copy of CyberSarkany's proof video? I don't know if it was ever publicly uploaded.
It's probably a good idea to try to contact JP & Cory for permission as well.

As you can seen in this video, you can trigger an battle during the autoplay cutscenes by pressing X button at the right time. There are some glitch items available, and if you try to use them, the game usually crash. What is the nature and exact effects of those items though? Are there any possibilities that they could be used to create a wrong warp?
BTW, apparently you can repeat that fight indefinitely. You get exp and TP as you normally would.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Is there a list of items by index number?
« on: February 25, 2018, 05:23:53 am »
Do the items have the same index numbers in DS version?
I'm trying to find a way to tell the item my monster would be carrying upon returning in Arena of Ages the moment I send it to train by RAM watching. Alternatively, is there the formula for carrying item generation known?

Chrono Cross Modification / How does CC's save file checksum work?
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:36:53 am »
I was trying to see if it's possible to combine two save files by resetting the game while overwriting one save file with another. However, the game refuses to load the resulting save file. Is there a documentation of how sram checksum works for this game?

Is the "bonus" SFC/SNES file included in Final Fantasy Chronicles supposed to be identical to the rom of vanilla Japanese Chrono Trigger on SFC? This page ( doesn't quite answer this question.
I found a rom named "Chrono Trigger (J) (PSX Version).smc" online and tried to run it on an emulator. It turns out the texts are glitched. Is this the supposed behavior of the "bonus" file?

I have seen different descriptions about prerequisites of The Magical Dreamers ending and variations of The True Hero ending on different websites. Has anyone used hacking tools to check the actual in game triggers for endings?

I run into these arts sometime ago. I can't read Japanese so I don't know what are them about, but they sure looks great.

This question always bugs me. :picardno

It has to do with this glitch.
Unlike what this page says, if you move fast enough, you can go behind the dwarf before he faints and blocks the way. However, you should wait till he says his line to exit the screen or he will block the path to the south when you come back and make you unable to leave the marsh.
Remember to recruit Poshul before you go to the marsh, or the game will be frozen when you try to jump off the tree after recruiting Raazzly, probably because that sequence needs three team members to be processed.
After you get into the place where Razzly is jailed, you won't see Serge and Poshul right away, possibly because the animation is screwed due to the fact there are only two members in the team. You will see Serge walking slowly out of the wall if you keep pressing DOWN.

There is a Tool-Assisted Speedrun of Chrono Cross posted on Nicovideo a while ago.
The element with the 7th color is used during the battle against Dragon God. What's the exact effect of this element in battle?

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