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Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Did I miss out on Lucca's Orphanage?
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:22:10 am »
I've defeated FATE and inmediately go to do the Starky's ship quest.

Now, Kid is not in Hermit's Hideaway and I have no idea why...

Can anyone help me to figure out what i've missed?


I'm in quertymondo's server on discord, he is the guy improving the Chrono Trigger MSU-1 patch to add support to PS1/DS cutscenes in it, but he need help about some informations about FMVs, such as the placement of the cutscenes - namely in what endings and where exacly the last FMV and Fall of Guardia plays in the game.

If anyone here played the PS1 and DS versions, please contact him via his Discord server at or in forums (the thread about his hack is here).

Thanks in advance!

Since no admins moved or closed the previous thread posted on CC modification by mistake (sorry again) i recreated it in the correct forum.

Since that the only thing i find close to what i imagined is this tool; but its unfinished and it only can change instruments in the same ROM; nothing more. The good thing this is for several Square games, and if anyone could finish the tool a lot of work patching the roms to replace music could be done in a few clicks.

I would love to be in an official Compendium server in there.

For anyone doesn't know what is Discord: is basically a centralized IRC on steroids, with (optional) support of audio channels (just like Mumble/TeamSpeak/Skype) and with a nice friend system.

Hi! I'm following the tutorial attached to this article, but i mess up everything trying to find offsets and such (I'm using frhed as a hex editor).

So, i want to know if is there any tool to automatize the injection process in the game.

No need to have a GUI, a CLI program is enough.

Thanks in advance!

General Discussion / DiscordApp
« on: September 07, 2016, 12:47:04 pm »
Anyone using this messenger??

I'm very addicted to this, for those who do not know Discord is a brand new messenger which blends IRC features with TS-like voice chat features, plus having Twitch/OBS support.

For now i'm just sticking with text (IRC) funcionalities, i have a pt-br private server (the name discord gives to groups) and i formely had a Chrono Series server, now defunct.

Any thoughts or someone wanting to create a english server for ChronoCompendium? Or any portuguese-speaking folks to join my server?

According to RPG Maker Web Facebook page, RPG Maker MV will have 50% discount until May 30.

Check here the MV's Steam page to buy.

And in the bundle "RPG Maker Millennium Collection" beside MV another versions also get up to 75% discount!

Another thing Degica released was a promotion with the following prizes:
  • 10 Limited Edition RPG Maker Posters
  • $100 in Steam Credit X 5
  • $100 in RPG Maker Web Store Credit X 5
  • Your choice of an RPG Maker VX Ace or MV DLC Pack X50
  • Your choice of a Degica Games Title X25

A great opportunity for someone trying to make an RPG (even a Chrono related) yep?

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / An (proper) introduction
« on: May 23, 2016, 06:46:14 am »
Hi all!

Its a long time since i registered here, became mostly a lurker, and i only came here to (try to) advertise my former  Chrono series portuguese community project, ChronoMania, or to get help about web developement, that is, never went here to actually talk something util with all you or about the series de facto.

But due to the failure to achieve these goals, and the project taking too much of my life in vain, i decided to end, at least for a while, the project.

The site will be deactivated soon (for a while the domain redirects to here), i just need to get through the burocracy, so if Zeality put this on any list, you can mark it as dead for now.

So, with more time left for me without the pressure to bring any hot topic to another place, i can really frequent this forum to discuss the series mythos. I dont see any offtopic section in the forums, but if exists, i will frequent a lot too, mainly if related to other RPGs.

Well, when i return to play the games, i will make sure to went here to ask about anything, from gameplay mechanics to theories (so much) i still dont understand.

Thanks all in advance!

Hi all.

I'm wondering after reading this post in a Facebook group about RPGs in general:

Translation: "The world is too small for these two. Or you are Cross or you are Trigger".

This kind of thing is what breaks the fandom in Brazil. So I made sure to publicize this image on ALL social networks where the ChronoMania (my brazilian fancommunity created based on ChronoCompendium) makes presence. And even here.

Did i do wrong. In your opinion, whats the best way to deal with people like these?

Thanks in advance!

I take the liberty of burrow this very interesting topic from GameFAQs. Sorry if something similar already exists here.

What would you do? Given the large game world, I would imagine there is something to keep you entertained for a while at least.

Hi all!  :D

Some time ago i already said of my project of making a brazilian portuguese version of ChronoCompendium (nicknamed "ChronoMania), and my intentions of making a website similar to yours.

I was able to launch the forum part, but after having several struggles to emulate the another parts of the compendium, and i simple give up and just keep the forum.
My blatant issues was, firstly, how to make a layout persistent (or at least, similar) across all CMSs.

This part was partly resolved: i established all layouts for every cms need to be based in bootstrap v3 (to make easy of "normalize" all differences).

But isn't just that: I dont know how could be the best approach to "integrate" the forums and the homepage, specifically the News feed posts being selected forum posts being showed outside the forums (which seems like to be operated by SMF). Other thing is if the accounts are or not the same to access both parts of the site (forum and wiki, or perhaps the home too).

Some time ago i read in some place here the homepage engine was changed for something perl-related, which crawl mediawiki to show Term pages and the forums to show the latest news. I never seen anything similar before.

So my question is (of course only if its desirable by Zealty and other admins): Are there any documentation about the inner workings of the site? I looked across all About page and found nothing about this.

Additionally, can i contact any admin to ask some questions about these issues? To cast some light for the developement of my site.

I'm truly sorry if this thread are very unwelcome and against rules.
Peace for all and long live to Chrono series!

News Submissions / Recruiting to ChronoMania Project!
« on: December 20, 2015, 10:31:28 pm »
Hi everyone!  :D

It took me a while to come here to this proposal, as most here do not speak Portuguese and, obviously, already have a point to talk about the series. Still, I decided to take courage and ask.

I, as many already know, run a portuguese-speaking community called ChronoMania, and my ultimate goal is to create a "replica" of ChronoCompendium dedicated to pt community.

And that's where the problems begin.

My biggest issue now is the lack of people interested in partnering for the site's development. So far, just me are committed with the idea. I've had brief partnerships, but none of them wanted to go through with it.

The project currently are organized in this manner: Three modules (Forum, Wiki and Blog initial), and i intend to use one CMS for each: Wordpress for blogging, MediaWiki for wiki and phpBB for the forum.

I of course have some knowledge of Wordpress themes with the system, but know nothing of the other CMS and learn alone is quite complicated for me (lack of time mainly).

If there were more people developing, tasks could be divided: one is left with the layout, another with integration with CMS, and so on.

Therefore, i seek people who know Back (PHP) and Front (HTML/CSS/JS) Ends to partner with me in this challenge. You can enter just to test your skills!

And if you dont know nothing about development or dont want to partner, any suggestion or advice is welcome.

So, is this: if someone forum find the interesting project and want to participate, please reply or simply PM me. If you have any questions, same thing.

And anyway, if the topic has violated any rule of the Compendium, I'm truly sorry. Please forgive it.

General Discussion / "Revitalizing Existing IPs" and other rumors...
« on: October 21, 2015, 09:10:06 pm »

I just found this thing... posted on a brazilian gaming community ( what you guys think?

Let's get milking

Back at E3 this year, Square Enix announced probably the most-requested remake from the company's back catalog, a remake of Final Fantasy VII. According to a recently released annual report, Final Fantasy VII is just the start of a future in which the company plans to remake a bunch of its older games.

Interestingly, Square Enix also discusses new ways of revitalising those old titles for new audiences, singling out the idea of adding VR support to remakes of old games. So, which Square Enix games would you like to stick your face directly inside?

Second, a admin for a "sister" facebook page (about Marcy) of mine told me he has a friend working at Square, and she told him they going to remake ALL the games of Chrono Series (including Radical Dreamers)...

I don't like rumors, so i decided to post here to verify if this would be a hoax or not.

Hi for all members! Thanks for accepting me!

I own for a while a little network focused on Brazilian fanbase of the series, and i have a couple of questions, mainly about the content of this site.

Since i setup a couple of facebook groups focused on discussing the story, i began translating material from several sites, including ChronoCompendium.

When i began to read the Condensed Plot Summary, I realized that the content of Compendium can only be reproduced with the permission of ZeaLitY... I'm so sorry about this, first time i see the "About" pages of this site i remember to read the content here is GPL or Creative Commons licensed, so when i noticied my infringiment, i came here to asking about.

I saw the ZeaLitY email in that document, but i'm afraid it can't be the right place to ask this (because the last update was in 2009).
So the first thing i'm making here (after finally received the activation link) is to ask what and how i need to do to be able to translate the articles here to brazilian portuguese, or, if already translated and i cant find it, to reproduce the content on my network (if possible at all).

The material here is the most fine existing on the internet, and i'm afraid to need to remove all content, but if ZeaLitY wants this, i will cope.

Anyway thanks a lot for keep this site aboard for all these years, and with so much information.

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