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I have been considering an idea for a new fan game for chrono trigger. I am a complete doofus at programming however I am presenting this idea in case someone decides to use it for a fan game. The idea incorporates elements from Chrono Cross and modified ideas from other fangames Such as Chrono Alter, Prelude to a Dream and the abortive Chrono Crisis Project. The Plot ideas are also taken from several RPGmaker and other fan-made games as well as ideas that were inspired by other video games and even from movie plots. Although many ideas have been changed.

Here we Go:

Proposed Time Periods
11975 BC
7600 BC
1 AD
1025 AD
1600 AD
1999 AD
2325 AD
End of Time
Dimensional Vortex
2100 AD (Lavos Timeline)
Darkness Beyond Time.
Prehistory and the Middle ages periods may or may not appear in the story: I just haven't figured out how to advance a plot for those eras as their main plots had played out by the time you finish Chrono Trigger.

Proposed Main Characters so Far:
Xavier Ashtear (1999 AD)
Matison Embree (1999 AD)
Celia Guardia (1999 AD)
Queen Nadia/Marle (1025 AD)
Zack Squall (1600 AD)
Princess Aurora (1600 AD)
Paul Debrune (7600 BC)
Janus/Magus (11975 BC)
Lancelot of Medina (1 AD)
Ishtar Aquilea (2325 Ad/Originally 12000 BC)
Schala (11975 BC)

Proposed Villains so Far:
Kain Highwind (1600 AD)
General Viper (1025 AD)
Dalton (11975 BC)
The Emperor (7600 BC)
General Havoc (7600 BC)
Sorceress Asteria (7600 BC)
The Exarch (1 AD)
King Zeal (Darkness Beyond Time)

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