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Fan Fiction / Crimson Cold War: Agency
« on: February 17, 2021, 01:54:10 am »
This is a story I wrote about my fan game.  It will help shed light on the events leading up to the game.  If you don't know where agent 86 is from than you could probably have a good time playing Flame of eternity.  It's a other chrono trigger game that I like a whole bunch.

Crimson Cold War: Agency

It wasn't a moment ago that Agent 86 was fighting to protect the timeline from certain change when he emerged in a small poorly lit room.  This small room marked the beginning of a thousand ends. He yanked open the door and before him stood a man dressed in the same uniform as him. The architecture looked to be magically cut stone from zeal but the computer console built into the wall belied this being the magical kingdom of Zeal. 

Agent 86 was suprised when the man before him spoke in an accent foreign to anything he had heard in his entire life.  "Took a bit of tumble there eh boy?" The agent said quickly

"I'm not sure." Agent 86 met the gaze of the other agent and he found they looked nearly identical.

The other agent laughed "Lord Tunderin', I'm you and you're me.  Now right yourself eh boy?"

Agent 86 didn't want to make too many assumptions at this point but he had to find out what he could if he was going to get back to the mission.  "How many of uz are zere?" He asked

"Oh gosh! A handful or two.  I'm the welcome mat."  He said than motioned toward the door. "The gurus are here they can explain it more what I can.  Talk to them through here."  He opened the door for the new arrival.

Without a word he stepped into the main chamber of Zeal's version of Chronopolis. Other Agent 86 copies worked feverishly at the consoles. At the end of the room was a tunnel into which was a familiar purple distortion. The edge of the tunnel was filled with machinery that was holding open an aperture through time. It was more than that.

Gasper reached his hand out as he approached.  "Greetings stranger, I'm not surprised to see your kind here." he laughed.  His aged face was trustworthy but he spoke sternly and seriously. "you are likely eager to get back but it isn't that easy.  You are from an alternate timeline.  You are here because we tried to build something to catch objects lost in time.  At first we wanted to build something to test all possibilities but... It seems to just bring more Agent 86's."

Agent 86 pointed at the portal.  "Vat about zat? does zat still vork?" he asked.

Gasper closed he eyes and sighed. "I don't know.  In reality that portal could go a anywhere. It likely isn't a safe trip." he said gruffly.

A stalwart agent to the end Agent 86 started walking toward the portal. "excuze me guru I must return to zee mission."  He said as respectfully as he could but he knew this was not his guru.

Melchoir who was classically dressed in zeal finery blocked his path. "Please... It isn't safe.  If you are going to step into certain oblivion..."  He said holding out a gun by it's barrel and offered it to Agent 86. "No world is perfect.  This is a prototype dream gun.  In this age there else is nothing like it. This is all I can do to help.  You are a brave soul to charge in.  Braver than your peers.  They are working together to try to calibrate the portal and create a way to return to their specific timelines.  Where ever you end up... Be safe."  He cleared the way for Agent 86 when the new weapon was received.

The third Guru, Belthasar smiled meekly but shook his head.  He thought this was foolhardy. No man should step through.  If he steps through he might step through a thousand times.  There was no question that a man could step though. The question was whether there was another timeline to meet him or not.

Agent 86 didn't hesitate. As he walked the distortion got further away. The walls repeated and became foggy.  He looked back to see himself looking back. Quickly he turned his head forward again fearing to meet his own gaze once again.  It didn't take long for him to walk into something.

Falling backward he found himself in the same dark room as before.  Perhaps he was simply transported back to the same place.  Collecting himself he opened the door.

A mean square jawed gaurd standing next to what looked like a Lasher.  The gaurds coat of arms was from the nation of Porre.  The two soldiers noticed agent 86 right away.  Drawing weapons they approached.

Agent 86 had no time to think.  He fired the dream gun at the Lasher, killing him. As the Lasher fell bright bolts exploded in rapid succession around the doorway he was using for cover. Pulling the door halfway shut for more cover he returned fire.  Bright flashes of indeterminable colour ripped through the guard's armor and turned a section of his chest into jelly.  He hollered and fell dead against the wall.

It was the same building.  It wasn't under control of anyone with good intentions though. There is another portal.  There is always another portal. The situation he so brazenly walked into was going to repeat. Each time is was going to get worse.

Find out what happens next but beating Crimson Cold War and Reptite Rage. 

Submissions / Chrono Trigger Galactea 3rd project.
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:31:03 pm »
I am working on a 3rd installment of my FPS chrono trigger fan series.  This will be a battle between Agent 86, Agent 86, Ayla and a new character I have named Lori, if you have a better name or input I welcome it.  An important part of the story is the statues that appeared throughout the first two games.  These statues never had a character sprite that could walk around and attack the player.  So I am making this and more. I would like to ask the community if they would like to help in this regard.  I have a base model that i will use and i'm using the 64 by 32 pixel grid with 3 tone colors on the sprite 3 color tones per color used.  This has proven to be a challenge as statues are stone. so if you have a submission that is better I would really love to include that.  I need the statue Enemies to be muscular and have the red/purple glowie sort of cracks.  I would like to have a male and female version.  The female ones will likely be modeled a little after ayla and use an all 4's style run animation.  Also I think something is wrong with my version of Crimson Cold war as a default wall texture or an unknown texture can be found near the end of one of the levels. I'll post a screenshot of that.  Also i'm pretty hammered when i work on this project because i don't want to remember the levels before i play them, so if you want to be a level designer i do welcome that.  If you have any wall panel edits you would like to do that is also welcome.  Below is the resource i'm using for the statue sprite.  This game will not be about separate timelines.  It will take place in the cataclysm caused by the events of the first two games in a reality that agent 86 doesn't belong in.  so roughly 15 weapons will be needed as there will be 3 characters that you will play as in this next game.

Submissions / Next FPS: Reptite Rage
« on: October 22, 2019, 01:42:57 pm »
I made another game. I'll leave everyone else to piece the story together. Here are some of the new screens.  All levels and stuffs done except music and testing.

News Submissions / Reptite Rage
« on: October 23, 2017, 12:31:29 pm »
Agent 86 is still lost in an eruption of space and time.  His friends are only shadowy mirrors of their former selves.  As he walks through the event accumulating fractures of his own reality he realizes that the event had been caused by simultaneous time travel attempts to the same point in space and time.  Some have even eeked out a meager existence within an explosion of unreality.

So far this game is 12 levels of 20 complete, the first one was 17 levels. all the assets are done and most of them are new and shiny.  This is just in case there is no chrono trigger and you need to go ripping through time again.  I plan on giving this one out soon when the levels are done and the challenge areas are tested.  Shouldn't take long. 

Working on the doom 2 wad prompted me to re-look at Crimson Cold War.   I would like to Overhaul the first 5 levels of the game which contain gratuitously long corridors.  the ending is fine, I don't want to change that.  The last two combat levels will be changed, and I might make the "zeal Chrono base" prettier.  It is possible to add all of the characters and even have them follow you around, but this works off the enemy ai, so i think that would be stupid.  there is a door in the 2nd timeline that kind of goes into no where and i really missed it.  I don't know if anyone played it, aside from a few friends who promptly pointed out the flaws. 

so here is summery Nu :roll:

+Redesigned levels
+More Enemies (not new ones)
+More things for to do shootings be
+Corridors that make sense
+Possibly change Lasher death animation
+Possibly Change Porre Gaurds 1600ad to porre agents 2000ad  (will use the blue green color scheme and display the serpent crest I designed to represent the poor nation.)
 to be done in a month or two or next week, sometime within there. Time permitting.

News Submissions / Chrono Trigger: Crimson Cold War completed
« on: February 20, 2014, 12:40:12 pm »
Hello, i'm nearly complete a little project i'm doing.  I need a sound effects guy/girl looking for midi files other than the ones i got from VGmusic.  Now.  I'll take resumes for testing, but otherwise i'm pretty sure i can do that all on my lonesome. 

Manifest of currently complete tasks:

Enemies done
In game menu done (i'm really happy it looks and feels chrono triggery.
NPC's sprites done
maps 7 out of 20,  mostly planned out.
anyway,  I've tested out my first 7 levels and the game looks and so far is what it is in a chrono tiggery way.  More importantly all of the weapons have been made exceeding satisfying to fire. 

AAANNNY waaayyy....
I wouldn't know where to put the finished product either.  Since i've havn't got internet and i'm going madder than Belthasar living with a Nu, Spekkio and those freaky temporal cats I saw living around sun keep.  Jesus was that ever something...  Anyway, much love to you all.  I'll see if i can't make a cool preview video or something.  Add some dazzle to it, maybe a 15 seconds of machinimatic abuse.

If have any questions that don't pertain to my particular brand of lovely and delicious insanity please don't hesitate to rethink whether or not its a stupid question.  don't suck your thumb either.... just a bit of advice.

Modified:  Game completed


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