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Lavos, the Planet, and other Entities / A Theory About Lavos
« on: September 05, 2012, 06:47:28 pm »
Theories seem to suggest that Lavos has either naturally emerged on another planet or was created. I propose a new theory all together, that Lavos actually never originated from a planet, or fro anything for that matter. I propose he is a being that has always existed and can never not exist because it has a higher purpose. Lavos could very well be the counter measure for sentient life, where as life becomes sentient, Lavos comes down to the planet and absorbs the DNA into himself for a "record" of some sorts and to absorb their powers(similar to Braniac of DC Comics). He then keeps tabs on the planet's life forms to ensure the growth does not tip the balance of the Universe and as the become too powerful for even him, he eradicates them and sends his spawn which is just a copy of himself(That is backed up by asexual reproduction) to keep the tabs on another planet. I think that Lavos was the first primordial being of "him" and was originated for this purpose, to destroy earth to keep balance throughout the Universe. If you do not believe that there is another purpose, similar to forest fires, he destroys the life on the planet and the planet itself to allow the new to grow(Such as Galactus from Marvel). The reason that he never originated is he is a spectral being, or an "eternity being" meant to serve a specific, higher purpose in the Universe, so either he never was born and just always was, or a counter argument could be made that he was born with the Universe. What are your thoughts, does this seem logical or is it not a good theory.   

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